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    27 Facts That Will Make You Look At "The Wizard Of Oz" Completely Differently

    Mind blown.

    In honor of The Wizard of Oz turning 80 this year, we thought it would be fun to highlight some interesting facts you might not have known about the film.

    1. Remember Dorothy's infamous ruby slippers? Well, they were originally silver.

    2. Oh, and her blue and white gingham dress? It was actually blue and light pink.

    3. Dorothy's dog, Toto, got paid more than the munchkins.

    4. Besides Judy Garland, Scarecrow and Tin Man were the big earners on the film.

    5. Several actors who played munchkins met their future wives and husbands on set.

    6. The real Dorothy died at a very young age.

    7. Shirley Temple was considered for the role of Dorothy.

    8. The Wicked Witch had a horrible time on set.

    9. The Wicked Witch was supposed to be a minor character.

    10. Jello was the secret behind the Horse of a Different Color.

    11. Margaret Hamilton used to sneak into Billie Burke's dressing room.

    12. The chauffeur also played FOUR other roles in the film.

    13. Frank Morgan wore L. Frank Baum's coat by chance.

    14. The Cowardly Lion's costume was made of real lion pelts (skin and fur).

    15. The Scarecrow continued to look like a scarecrow a year after filming.

    16. The original Tin Man looked completely different.

    17. The Tin Man cried chocolate syrup.

    18. Judy Garland was forced to lose 12 pounds.

    19. Judy Garland's daughter married the Tin Man's son.

    20. 3,210 costumes were made for the film.

    21. Director, Victor Fleming, slapped Judy Garland on set.

    22. Dorothy and Scarecrow were originally supposed to be romantically involved.

    23. The Wizard of Oz flopped at the box office.

    24. The snow was made of asbestos.

    25. "Over the Rainbow" almost didn't make it into the film.

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    "Over the Rainbow" was almost cut because studio head, Louis B. Mayer, thought the song was too sad. Producer, Mervyn LeRoy, threatened to quit the film if the song wasn't included. Well, we know who won that fight.

    26. There was a Disney connection to the film.

    27. L. Frank Baum wrote several sequels to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.