17 Drag Queens From Down Under That Need To Be On "RuPaul's Drag Race"

    Courtney Act walked so these queens could strut.

    So by now, you've probably heard that there's going to be an Australian version of RuPaul's Drag Race.

    While we don’t know who will host yet, or when exactly in 2020 it’ll air, we DO know which talented queens we’d love to see sashay their way into the werkroom down under.

    1. Art Simone, Melbourne

    2. Vanity Faire, Sydney

    3. Chocolate Boxx, Brisbane

    4. Scarlet Adams, Perth

    5. Karen from Finance, Melbourne

    6. Eve Elle, Adelaide

    7. Jojo Zaho, Newcastle

    8. Tayla Mac, Sydney

    9. Cherry Kills, Sydney

    10. Sellma Soul, Brisbane

    11. Felicia Foxx, Sydney

    12. Sabrina, Melbourne

    13. Scarlett Fever, Brisbane

    14. Aysha Buffet, Melbourne

    15. Xai, Adelaide

    16. Fembot XYZ, Melbourne

    17. Prozac, Melbourne

    Who would you love to see on Drag Race Australia? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!