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    19 Of The Best "All Right, All Right, All Right" Jokes In Reaction To Matthew McConaughey Becoming A Full-Time Professor At UT

    Professor McConaughey would be proud.

    On Wednesday, the University of Texas at Austin announced the official addition of a certain individual to their faculty: Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey.

    Yep. THE Matthew McConaughey. He'll be kicking off the fall semester this year as an official professor of practice at the Moody College of Communication.

    Naturally, Twitter reacted beautifully and appropriately by paying tribute to the line that's basically synonymous with the man himself:


    Alright, alright, alright... This fall, award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey will take on a new role: professor at the University of Texas at Austin


    Matthew McConaughey: alright, alright, alright Professor Matthew McConaughey: all right, all right, all right


    Imagine walking into film class at UT and Matthew McConaughey comes in saying “Alright, alright, alright let’s get this class started” 😭😭


    New grading scale: Alright, alright, alright Alright, alright Alright D F


    *Matthew McConaughey kicking off an exam* All write, all write, all write


    @C2CLiberal if he doesn't start every lecture with "alright... alright... alright..." demand a refund.


    Matthew McConaughey becoming a teacher: Everybody get out a pen.... all write all write all write


    The registrar is going to struggle to quantify 'alright alright alright' as a calculable GPA score


    Sooo submitting my transfer application to the University of Texas! The Longhorns seem alright, alright, alright 😂😍😏🔥❤️🙌🏼


    @josalonek Monday rolls around Alright, alright, alright, class let’s take the book and go to chapter 6 😂😂


    Alright alright alright.


    What does Matthew McConaughey ask students to send him as proof they read the syllabus? Their favorite "alright alright alright" memes?


    can u imagine walking into class and just hearing “alright alright alright open your textbooks to page 5”


    Hey man, how’d your film course go today? Alright, alright, alright.


    What a university class taught by Matthew McConaughey would sound like...


    yes Matthew McConaughey teaches a class in my college, yes there’s a possibility i can run into him, yes i’m going to make sure that happens. Alright Alright Alright


    There will be no A, B, C grading system. Just “Alright, alright, alright” if you pass and “It’d sure be cool if you did” for not passing.


    Is he going to be a good professor or bad professor? He's probably going to just be alright, alright, alright.


    Me: Hello, @UTAustin? @UTAustin: Yea? Me: Yea, I'd like to change my major to RTF. @UTAustin: Uh, well, our records show that you graduated more than 15 years ago. My Brain: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me: Alright, alright, alright

    Anyway, in closing:

    I went to the wrong school.

    Anyone else wanna go back to school specifically UT Austin???