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    27 Products From Walmart To Help Beautify Your Bathroom

    Who needs expensive spa visits when your bathroom basically *is* a spa?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A non-slip bath mat that looks significantly more expensive than it actually is. Things that look fancy but are actually affordable = heaven.


    Price: $19.99

    2. A three-piece bath accessory set because who hired an interior decorator for their bathroom? Not you! But this matching set will *almost* make it seem as if you did.


    Price: $22.88

    3. A wooden caddy tray to give your wine a place to rest whilst you bathe. Just picture it! A fizzy bath bomb, perhaps a good show streaming on Netflix, and your favorite glass of red loyally in front of you.


    Price: $37.97+ (available in four colors)

    4. A fancy glass dispenser capable of making your dollar store soap look like it was bought at some incredibly expensive high-end boutique. The kind that hands out samples at the mall.


    Price: $8.25 (available in three colors)

    5. A tempered glass vessel and bronze faucet that the remaining .1% of germs on your hands will hate, because you'll spend literal hours washing 'em just to spend some quality time with this work of functional art.


    Price: $82.99

    6. Bath towels made from 100% pima cotton, meaning that drying off after a 10-hour shower will turn into a luxurious experience that even a spa couldn't rival.


    Price: $9.38+ (available in six colors and three sizes)

    7. A set of four stackable seagrass baskets that will make your TP throne room look both cozy and organized.


    Price: $38.99

    8. A floral shower curtain infused with touches of yellow to give a bit of much-needed sunlight to your cramped and windowless bathroom. Welcome to NYC. Decent bathrooms are not in our budget.


    Price: $14.99+

    9. Magic Eraser cleaning sponges that may as well be invented by an actual magician because they are able to clean anything. That build-up soap scum residing in the corner of your bathtub? Consider it long gone. That bathtub is now brand spankin' new.


    Price: $4.94 (for a pack of four)

    10. A bronze holder to keep your toilet paper out of sight (kind of), and out of mind. No more having to scream for a sibling to get you some TP.


    Price: $6.59

    11. A spray gel for anyone whose cleaning products have been a little ~rusty~ lately. This promises to get rid of hard water rust build-up like it's no one's business.


    Price: $4.97

    12. Unscented tea light candles you can sprinkle around your bathtub for a romantic, Pinterest-worthy soak. The use of a Lush bath bomb is also strongly encouraged.


    Price: $7.87 (for a pack of 100)

    13. A sleek toothbrush holder capable of taking your cluttered bathroom sink and turning it into something slightly more organized. Where's your toothbrush? Resting comfortably right in front of you.


    Price: $4.97 (available in six colors)

    14. A hand towel holder that will make it seem slightly less daunting to wash your face at night. Both the face wash and towel are right there, just do it.


    Price: $15.65

    15. A wipe dispenser designed with a weighted plate that *gasp* makes it possible to grab just one wipe at a time. No more pulling out 11 makeup removing cloths by accident (and no more eyesore packaging).


    Price: $16.14

    16. A bathroom vanity base that will become home to all the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash you've amassed over the years. They were on sale and you needed them, okay?


    Price: $222.37

    17. A soap dish because enough is enough. Stop leaving your soap bar on your bathroom sink. It leaves a gross residue and literally gets stuck to the sink surface. (Be right back, buying this for my significant other.)


    Price: $8.16

    18. A simplehuman trash can complete with a lid because let's just say it — garbage cans without a lid are, well, garbage. No one wants to see my foundation-covered cotton balls and used tissues. / Via @simplehuman

    Price: $15.27

    19. A porcelain bathroom basin you've probably spotted on an HGTV show. Fancy sinks = the key to my Joanna Gaines-obsessed heart.


    Price: $45.99

    20. Medallion bath rugs made from a soft material that will feel like pure luxury whenever you step out of the shower.


    Price: $31.74 for a set of two (available in four colors and seven colors)

    21. A marble covered jar perfect for storing all those annoying-to-store bathroom necessities. We're looking at you, cotton balls.


    Price: $9.97

    22. An over-the-door shower caddy that will keep your face wash, conditioner, and body wash all in one neat little place. Super basic, super necessary — trust me, I've slipped over a shampoo bottle or five.


    Price: $22.99+ (available in two finishes)

    23. A ruffle diamond shower curtain to add a much-needed pop of pink to your bathroom (because you'd love to paint the walls, but that is quite a lot of work).


    Price: $36.05 (available in four colors)

    24. A laundry hamper that will probably be filled to the brim at all times, but hey! At least there won't be dirty clothes on your floor now! They'll be neatly tucked away.


    Price: $29.99

    25. A bathroom vanity designed with a white ceramic countertop, in which you can store your entire 10-step skincare routine (even though you'll likely only use the face wash and moisturizer tonight because we're all tired).


    Price: $302.43

    26. A wall mounted organizer designed with three separate slots, including one for your hair dryer which, let's face it, is usually just thrown into the bottom of a bathroom drawer leading to tangled cords and a lot of frustration.


    Price: $12.97

    27. A cruelty-free Method antibacterial cleaner that a) kills up to 99.9% of yucky household germs and b) will instantly fill your bathroom with the invigorating scent of spearmint. Go ahead. Take a deep breath. It actually smells good in there for a change.


    Price: $3.29

    Trotting to your spa-like bathroom like:


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