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May 7, 2019

Only Someone Between The Ages Of 26-35 Can Truly Ace This Quiz

If remember reading Teen People, than this quiz is made for you!

This Quiz Will Reveal Your Male Celebrity Soulmate

Which hottie will YOU end up with?

"Put Them All In A Gas Chamber," A Militia Member Allegedly Said While Stopping Migrants At The Border

"Why are we just apprehending them and not lining them up and shooting them?" the militia member allegedly said.

Eat Some Food In Every Color And We'll Guess What Color Hair You Have

The reason you always needed to eat the rainbow.

Partido de Bolsonaro cria gabinete de crise para segurar egos e evitar armadilhas da oposição

PSL também quer apresentar emendas no projeto da Previdência para derrubar pontos rejeitados pela maioria dos parlamentares, como o BPC, evitando dar protagonismo para a oposição.

We Need To Talk About JoJo Siwa And The Met Gala

WE NEEDED JOJO SIWA (and also Rihanna).

Instagram Will Use AI To Filter Anti-Vax Content

The company plans to police anti-vaccine misinformation by flagging it with pop-ups similar to those it uses for content related to self-harm.

A Letícia ficou sem bolsa e teve que desistir da pesquisa de 2 anos sobre leishmaniose

"Não sou um caso isolado. E, com esses cortes, as chances de conseguir uma nova bolsa ficam ainda menores", disse a pesquisadora, que faz artesanato para complementar a renda.

Two Students Opened Fire On Their Colorado School, Killing One Classmate And Injuring Eight Others

"It was beyond awful and terrifying to be there during it, and several of my friends were shot," said a student who survived the shooting.

OMG, Disney Just Announced They're Making Three New "Star Wars" Films

Looks like the Force is going to be with us in the early '20s!

YouTuber Jake Paul Is Taking The Allegation Of A Woman Being Drugged At His House Party "Very Seriously," His Lawyer Says

Los Angeles authorities are investigating a woman's allegation that someone may have put something in her drink, causing her to "black out," at Paul's massive house party in Calabasas.

A Mom And Her Son Had Graduation Ceremonies On The Same Day. So One University Surprised The Mom After She Skipped Hers.

The two school presidents quietly coordinated a surprise for Stephan and Sharonda Wilson.

When Will You Find Your True Love?

You may already know them.

Kim Kardashian West Has Helped Release 17 People From Prison In The Last Three Months

“She’s using her platform to shine a light on this issue," Kardashian's lawyer told BuzzFeed News.

This Florida Couple Is Refusing Further Chemotherapy For Their Child With Cancer

Doctors told BuzzFeed News chemotherapy is the only viable choice for the child's survival.

15 Fotos, die zeigen, was Stillen wirklich bedeutet

Niemand hat je gesagt, Stillen wäre glamourös.

22 Eco-Friendly Products That Actually Look Chic

Products so beautiful you'll want to use them all the time!

Abby Kass • 6 hours ago

Google、4万円代の最強コスパスマホ「Pixel 3a」を発表! なぜ安いの? 何がすごいの?

Googleが開発したスマートフォンGoogle Pixel 3は、AIを搭載したカメラが話題を呼びました。夜景モード(Night Sight)やGoogle レンズなど、多機能なカメラは大好評。本日、発表されたのGoogle Pixel 3aはほぼ半額の値段。一体何が違うのでしょうか。

Opinion: The Real Electable Democrat Is Kamala Harris

Winning in 2020 requires energizing black voters, just like the last Democrat to win an election did. That's what the "electability" discussion should be about.

Você consegue reconhecer o episódio de "Friends" com apenas 1 segundo?

Vai ser muito fácil (se você for fã de verdade).

The 2019 Met Gala Had Strict Rules But These Celebrities Broke Them Anyway

Because well-behaved celebrities rarely make history... That's how the saying goes, right?

Será que conseguimos adivinhar seu filme da Disney preferido de acordo com suas escolhas de comida?

Relaxa que não tem insetos com gosto de galinha nas alternativas.

13 Super-Useful Baby Products Real Parents Can't Stop Buying

Trust us, you'll want to have duplicates (or triplicates!?) of these baby essentials!

Why Rachel Held Evans Meant So Much To So Many

The popular Christian writer, who died Saturday, knew that asking questions wasn’t anathema to faith. What will we do without her?

She Protested Against Campus Rape Culture After Being Sexually Assaulted. Then Her School Banned Her For Life.

Ahead of elections, women are demanding the new government in South Africa finally act to end the scourge of gender-based violence.

French Montana Got Cultural For The Met Gala To Mark The First Day Of Ramadan

"When you’ve got Met Gala at 7pm but Taraweeh at 9pm."

Alleged NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere Just Wanted To Create A "Secret Society Of Women," His Attorney Says

Prosecutors say Raniere was a predator who controlled women as "sex slaves." His attorney says he merely taught women how to be vulnerable.

Are You Peanut Butter Or Jelly?

It's peanut butter and jelly time.

Google Has Rolled Out New Pixel Phones With Great Cameras At Lower Price Points

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL are for people who want a great camera in their smartphone without dropping a grand to get it.

Google Combined The Google Home And Nest Security Cam Into One Screen

The Google Nest Hub Max is like a Google Home with a touchscreen and built-in security, plus video chat, camera.

Here Are The New Network Shows For Next Season

The broadcast networks presented their new shows for the 2019–20 season. Maybe a few of these will be good!

39 Ways To Make Your Home So Much Cozier

~Blanket~ your life in comfort 365 days a year.

A Startup Called Liquid Death Just Raised $1.6 Million To Sell Canned “Punk Rock” Water

It’s called Liquid Death, it costs $1.83 a can, and it’s literally just water.

The Rich, Black, Southern Heritage Of Hip-Hop Majorettes

The choreography of these college dance troupes makes me feel proud knowing that this artistry is so deeply embedded in black American life, there is little danger of it ever being appropriated.

Que personagem de série é sua verdadeira alma gêmea?

Spoiler: essa pessoa não é deste mundo.

A Mom Influencer Is Defending Her $175 Online Parenting Course After Followers Questioned Its Legitimacy

"Aren't your viewers getting exactly all of this from your instagram account, which is monetized as well but free to access?"

Assadeira de pão francês para o lanchinho da tarde

Quatro sabores em uma só fornada!

Sandra Bland Filmed Her Own Traffic Stop And The Video Has Just Been Released

"I will light you up," a state trooper told Bland while pointing a stun gun at her. She died in police custody three days later.

What Color Represents You?

Each color has a specific meaning.

"The Bold Type" Cast Talked About Their Firsts And I Can't Believe Katie Stevens Almost Had A Role On "Nashville"

The Bold Type cast stopped by to talk about their firsts, and I'm in love with them even more!

24 Pest Horror Stories That Will Make You Say, "Oh Hell No"

Roaches and earwigs and centipedes, oh — no no no no no.

Trump Has Pardoned A Former Soldier Convicted Of Murdering An Iraqi Prisoner

Michael Behenna was 24 in 2008 when he killed an Iraqi during an impromptu interrogation. Oklahoma officials have been pushing to clear his record for years.

¿Qué look de la MET Gala 2019 eres?

Haz tu mejor pose "camp", porque obviamente entendiste el concepto, ¿no?

Esto es lo que usaron las celebridades en la MET Gala vs en la fiesta después

Porque todos sabemos que la fiesta chida es la que viene después.

What Would You Do If A Rich Woman Promised To Change Your Life — As Long As You Married Her Son?

When a wealthy woman offers young, single mom Mỹ an extravagant summer in California, she's intrigued. The only issue is what this mysterious woman wants in exchange. (An excerpt from Helen Hoang's new novel, The Bride Test.)

41 Personas que de verdad se comprometieron con la Met Gala de 2019

Los más locos, entregados, comprometidos y legendarios looks "camp" de este año.

We Need To Talk About The Celebrities Who Didn't Stick To The Met Gala Theme

"Anna Wintour needs to stop inviting Kim K to the Met Gala. She NEVER adheres to the theme."

Here's Why There's Criticism Over Taron Egerton, Rami Malek, And Other Male Celebs' Lack Of Camp At The Met Gala

"They played THE camp legends and still dared to show up to the Met Gala in black suits..."

Here's How Everyone Dressed At The Met Gala Afterparties

Because after the party is the...yeah, you know.

22 Products That'll Make Your Countertops Sparkle

Who doesn't want all of their surfaces to be squeaky clean?

21 Things From Dermstore That People Actually Swear By

A moisturizing serum that smells like strawberry rhubarb pie? Guess I have no choice but to try it...

Este truco para cinéfilos cambiará la manera en la que usas tu cuenta de Netflix

Encontrar una buena peli se acaba de volver diez mil veces más sencillo.

Here's The Best Hair And Makeup Looks From The Met Gala

Lady Gaga, Billy Porter, Lupita Nyong'o, and so many more epic moments.

Awkwafina Is Incredible In The Trailer For Her New Film "The Farewell"

The Farewell debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year to rave reviews. The first full trailer dropped on Tuesday.

Ve a comer mucha comida japonesa y adivinaremos la primera letra de tu nombre

¿Con qué empiezas para abrir apetito: camarones o kushiages de queso?

Este quiz te dirá cuál es tu % de inmadurez

¿Te da risa cuando alguien dice que quiere un plato de pasta "penne"? Jejeje.

Prepara un delicioso cebiche y te diremos qué personaje de 'Endgame' eres

¿Cómo que el cebiche no es una de las Gemas del Infinito?

Aqui estão TODOS os looks do Met Gala 2019

Billy Porter, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga e todo o exagero e o drama a que temos direito direto do tapete vermelho do Baile de Gala do Met.

7 nervige Dinge, die Schwangeren ständig passieren

Beate ist bei der Geburt fast verblutet? Wow, bitte mehr von solchen Geschichten!

La gente dice que el episodio 4 de la temporada 8 de "Game of Thrones" es el peor de todos

¡¿Por esto esperamos dos años?! Advertencia: contiene spoilers.

47 Deutsche Orte, die du einmal im Leben gesehen haben musst

Inspiration für deinen nächsten Roadtrip.

The "Game Of Thrones" Coffee Cup Is Gone Now

Game of Thrones Cup: May 5, 2019–May 7, 2019

Nathalie Emmanuel, AKA Missandei On "Game Of Thrones," Farewelled Her Character In The Most Beautiful Way

“She represented so much for me, personally, that I have no choice but to carry the things she has taught me into my life going forward.”

24 Of The Best Tweets About The Met Gala

“Shawn Mendes is only 20 so I kept tequila in here just for him.” —Miley Cyrus

Kim Kardashian's Personal Trainer Responded To Criticism Of Her "Unrealistic" Body At The Met Gala

"I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside of the gym."

Here's How To Turn A Tablecloth Into A Fancy Party Dress In Less Than A Minute

Today I learned something actually useful in my life for once.

A New Pixel, Video Device, Voice Assistant, And AI: Here's What Google Announced Today

Google touted its artificial intelligence developments, with upcoming features like Duplex and Lens, and unveiled new Pixel models.

This Dessert Quiz Will Reveal Which Season You Are

Fall, spring, summer, or winter?

21 Products Every Skincare Lover Should Totally Own Already

These are all the skincare products you need in your life.

Police Are Investigating The UKIP Candidate Who Talked About Raping A Female Labour MP

"What Carl Benjamin is trying to do through his actions is control me and make light of the things that control women," Labour MP Jess Phillips said.

11 "Frag Mutti"-Hacks, um die niemals jemand gebeten hat

Auf einer Skala von 0 bis "Schlagsahnebecher restlos entleeren" – wie deutsch sind diese Lifehacks?

Let's Talk About Jaime Lannister's Betrayal On "Game Of Thrones"

What is Jaime Lannister up to? Warning: contains spoilers.

15 Nail Products That'll Actually Make Your Manicure Last For Once

"My nails look amaaaazing!" —you, weeks after your at-home mani

Esta teoria de fãs definitivamente deve rolar antes do fim de "Game Of Thrones"

TODOS A BORDO DO TREM DO HYPE! Aviso: este post contém alguns spoilers.





GUの“激売れスカート” 2000円以下なのにめっちゃ高見えする…!


I Know You've Heard This Before But The Next Few Weeks Could Be Pivotal For Brexit. Here's Why.

We've entered the stage that Number 10 aides and political journalists are embarrassingly calling the "death zone".

Morning Update: Does Winterfell Even Have Good Coffee

A new royal baby, America's youth court system, the question of who is beyond redemption. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, May 7.

Lawmakers Seek Review Of Whether US Funds Anti-Poaching Forces Accused of Human Rights Abuses

“The United States must not be party to violations of basic human rights,” a bipartisan committee wrote, citing a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Rihanna Just Trolled Everybody Who Asked Why She Wasn't At The Met Gala

Even when Rihanna's not at the Met Gala, everybody's still talking about her.



Jennifer Lopez Walked In On Katy Perry Dressing Up As A Burger In The Met Gala Toilets And It's Hilarious

"Don't mind me, just casually dressing up as a burger." —Katy Perry, probably.



34 Products That Will Fix Every Skin Problem You Have

These products will tackle everything from acne and scarring to dullness and dryness with relish. Who now believes in magic? Me. These skincare products = some sort of sorcery.

ニトリ通がゲキ推し! コスパが良すぎるおすすめ商品9選

ニトリ(NITORI)といえば使い勝手もデザインも良い上に、価格が安い商品が魅力! しかし商品数が多すぎて「どれを買うか迷う」「どれが人気かわからない」なんてことも。そこで、ニトリパトロールを欠かさないBuzzFeed編集部が特におすすめのアイテムをピックアップしました。便利な収納雑貨やキッチン用品、インテリアにもなるおしゃれ食器、話題のクッションなどを厳選してご紹介!



Which "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Character Are You?

"Keep up the good work, because I am going on vacation!"



Would You Live In "Game Of Thrones"?

Spoiler alert: probably not.

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Far-Right Activist Neil Erikson’s Alleged Meetings With The Liberal Party

Far-right activist Neil Erikson refers to himself as “the biggest troll in Australia”. He recently set his sights on the Liberal party.

We Spoke To People Who Can’t Vote On May 18 But Who Wish They Could

“There is a whole body of young people who would be willing to vote for better climate policy but we literally can’t.”

37 People Who Really Committed To Their Look At The Met Gala This Year

From the incredible to the straight-up weird, these were the most daring Met Gala looks of the night.

Two Reuters Reporters Imprisoned In Myanmar Have Been Freed After More Than 500 Days

The Pulitzer Prize–winning reporters walked free Tuesday morning after receiving a presidential pardon.

Estos son todos los looks de la gala del Met 2019

Harry Styles, Zendaya, Thalía, Lady Gaga (y Lady Gaga, y Lady Gaga, y...)

Poll: Rate These Met Gala Looks

Which Met Gala look do you love and which do you loathe?





26 Useful Products That’ll Make Your Life So Much Better

Everything you need to make your life a little bit better.

Here Are The Celebrity Couples Who Attended This Year's Met Gala

Serena and Alexis, Priyanka and Nick, Miley and Liam, Kim and Kanye, and more!

17 Examples Of Cilantro Ruining A Perfectly Good Thing

Seriously guys, it tastes like soap. No joke.

24 Heroes Of The Met Gala Who Deserve Respect

Not all heroes wear capes — they hold them.

34 Titles To Watch On HBO Before They Leave This Month

Bring it On, The Devil Wears Prada, and more.

Just 9 Things You'll Want To Try In May

Because we tried 'em for you in April!

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