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Met Gala


Kristen Bell Told The Story Of How Dax Shepard Embarrassed Her In Front Of Beyoncé And Jay-Z

Kristen was left facepalming while Dax "talked Jay-Z's ear off" and recited his own lyrics to his face.

A New Clip Of Kim Kardashian Getting Ready For The Met Gala Has Just Been Posted And Lord Have Mercy, It's A Lot

"Dear God, please help Kim to breathe and be calm and to look her absolute most gorgeous."


Alex Rodriguez Says Kylie Jenner Told People At The Met Gala "How Rich She Is" And OMG

"Kylie was talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and how rich she is."


You're A Met Gala Theme — All You Have To Do To Find Out Which One Is Create A Forever 21 Outfit

This outfit will be easy. It's the Met Gala costume that needs your attention!


See If You're Invited To The Met Gala By Designing A Cake

Maybe you could dress up as the cake.

18 Seriously Genius Pro-Black Details You Might Have Missed At This Year's Met Gala

A detailed breakdown of all the symbolism, nuances, and references that made this gala the blackest one yet!


Find Out Which Part Of Harry Styles's Met Gala Look You Are

He really puts the "style" in Styles.

¡Que alguien nos explique POR QUÉ JoJo Siwa no fue a la Met Gala!

NECESITÁBAMOS A JOJO SIWA (y también a Rihanna).

Here's How Different 23 People Look From Their First Vs. Latest Met Gala

For everyone who likes looking at a good then & now.

17 Cosas a las que se parecieron las celebridades en la Met Gala

La Met Gala más memeable de la historia.

Kim Kardashian West Took Us Behind The Scenes Of Getting Into That Met Gala Dress And It’s Wild

A corset that took three men to lace up? Check. A dress you can't sit down or pee in? Check. Mini doughnuts the morning after? Check x 24.


We Need To Talk About JoJo Siwa And The Met Gala

WE NEEDED JOJO SIWA (and also Rihanna).

The 2019 Met Gala Had Strict Rules But These Celebrities Broke Them Anyway

Because well-behaved celebrities rarely make history... That's how the saying goes, right?

French Montana Got Cultural For The Met Gala To Mark The First Day Of Ramadan

"When you’ve got Met Gala at 7pm but Taraweeh at 9pm."

Esto es lo que usaron las celebridades en la MET Gala vs en la fiesta después

Porque todos sabemos que la fiesta chida es la que viene después.

41 Personas que de verdad se comprometieron con la Met Gala de 2019

Los más locos, entregados, comprometidos y legendarios looks "camp" de este año.

We Need To Talk About The Celebrities Who Didn't Stick To The Met Gala Theme

"Anna Wintour needs to stop inviting Kim K to the Met Gala. She NEVER adheres to the theme."

Here's How Everyone Dressed At The Met Gala Afterparties

Because after the party is the...yeah, you know.

Here's The Best Hair And Makeup Looks From The Met Gala

Lady Gaga, Billy Porter, Lupita Nyong'o, and so many more epic moments.


24 Of The Best Tweets About The Met Gala

“Shawn Mendes is only 20 so I kept tequila in here just for him.” —Miley Cyrus

Here's How To Turn A Tablecloth Into A Fancy Party Dress In Less Than A Minute

Today I learned something actually useful in my life for once.

Rihanna Just Trolled Everybody Who Asked Why She Wasn't At The Met Gala

Even when Rihanna's not at the Met Gala, everybody's still talking about her.

Jennifer Lopez Walked In On Katy Perry Dressing Up As A Burger In The Met Gala Toilets And It's Hilarious

"Don't mind me, just casually dressing up as a burger." —Katy Perry, probably.

37 People Who Really Committed To Their Look At The Met Gala This Year

From the incredible to the straight-up weird, these were the most daring Met Gala looks of the night.


Poll: Rate These Met Gala Looks

Which Met Gala look do you love and which do you loathe?

Here Are The Celebrity Couples Who Attended This Year's Met Gala

Serena and Alexis, Priyanka and Nick, Miley and Liam, Kim and Kanye, and more!

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