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May 10, 2019

Tell Us About Your Husband Or Partner's Delivery Room Fail

Forgive them, ladies — they know not what they do.

Here Are 21 Of The Most Powerful Photos From This Week

From another fatal school shooting in Colorado to the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from the past week.



Constance Wu Didn't Seem Pleased That Her ABC Show "Fresh Off The Boat" Was Renewed

The Crazy Rich Asians actor who stars on the ABC sitcom later appeared to walk back the negative comments she made on social media.

Ehis Osifo • 35 minutes ago

This "Game Of Thrones" Quiz Knows Which House You Truly Are

I believe Game of Thrones can be understood by all, even those of us who have NO idea what's going on.

A Huge Pile Of Unsold Food From Amazon Go Was Found In A Seattle Landfill

Asked about the trash with its logo on it, Amazon told BuzzFeed News that community partners who have received donated, unsold food may have discarded a heap of its individually packaged meals and grocery items.

15 Moms Who Probably Had A Worse Mother's Day Than You

Sorry, moms. We don't deserve you!

27 Moms Share The Moment They Knew They Were A Good Mom

These are the moments that make it all worth while.

17 Embarrassing Stories Peoples' Parents Cannot Stop Reminding Them About

"I stuck rocks up my nose when I was dad mentioned it at my wedding reception."

Esta é a produção do Carlos Bolsonaro na Câmara do Rio desde que o pai virou presidente

Neste ano o vereador já tuitou 636 vezes, mas na Câmara não apresentou nenhum projeto de lei — só pedidos de poda de árvore e reparo de calçadas. Ele diz que não apresenta projetos “só por apresentar”.

"Anna Delvey" Says She Isn't Sorry For Any Of Her Scams

“I’d be lying to you and to everyone else and to myself if I said I was sorry for anything."

Pesquisa da tilápia, elogiada por Bolsonaro, vai ajudar nas cirurgias genitais das mulheres trans

Usada com sucesso como curativo de pessoas queimadas, a pele do peixe será transformada em prótese biológica para as cirurgias de correção e redesignação sexual.

Which Music Video Was Your Sexual Awakening?

So much shimmying and hip shaking.

"Detective Pikachu" Is A Movie About How Brands Are Our Friends

Ryan Reynolds voices the world’s cutest CGI creature in the new Pokémon movie, but not even Pikachu can fix your real life.

10 coisas que pessoas intersexuais querem te dizer

Entre o azul e o rosa: a existência dos corpos intersexos.

Party City Is Closing 45 Stores After Struggling To Find Enough Helium To Fill Balloons

The party-supply company said its balloon sales had been affected because of the global helium shortage.

Here Are A Bunch Of Cool Details You Maybe Missed In The "It Chapter Two" Teaser

The movie theater in Derry is closed in present day. :-(

These YouTubers Are Under Fire For A "Prank" They Pulled On Unsuspecting Walmart Employees

"I was really so crushed. I felt so little, I felt so powerless."

Strangers Keep Calling Child Protective Services On This 11-Year-Old Drag Star

Desmond Is Amazing was recently featured in a Pride ad for Converse shoes.

A Man In His Seventies Dressed Up As A Clown To Hand Out Candy To Kids On His Birthday. Then The Police Were Called.

"This guy's birthday got ruined," a police spokesperson said. "This is the world we live in now. I understand it, but it's sad."

YouTubers Of Color Who Went To Coachella For A #Sponcon Say Fashion Brand Dote Treated Them Differently Than White YouTubers

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, the company denied that it separated nonwhite girls from the rest of the talent.

I Forgive Rihanna Not Coming To The Met Gala Because Sis Just Dropped Her Luxury Fashion House

“Mr. Arnault has given me a unique opportunity to develop a fashion house in the luxury sector, with no artistic limits." — Rihanna

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at ColourPop, Sephora, Nordstrom Rack, and more!

25 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine annual heist episode happened this week!

We Talked To Parents Who Mooch Their Kids' Netflix Logins

Only fair, I suppose, considering they gave you life and raised you and all.

31 Things That Will Help You Sleep Better Than Ever

See ya', sleepless nights✌️

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Featuring some extremely pure celeb interactions!

14 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make You Smile Stupidly Large

Congrats to all the barkalaureates!!!!!!!!!!!

Elon Musk Made Fun Of Jeff Bezos's Moon Plans. He Wasn't The Only One.

The two space billionaires have previously jousted over whose rocket is bigger.

9 Books That Helped Me Through My Infertility

During my five-year struggle to have a baby, these were the stories that made me feel not only less alone, but proud of my story — with all of its complexity, trauma, and triumph.

31 Beauty Products From Walmart You Won’t Regret Trying

Skin, hair, and makeup products you'll be *so* glad you took for a spin!

Você sabe fazer contas com chocolate?

Essa é só pra quem ficava com 100% do chocolate no recreio, hein...

32 Things To Reward Yourself With After Getting Through Finals

Because the satisfaction of a semester full of learning is... not enough.

Uber Went Public Today And Things Were Off To A Rough Start

Last month, Uber hoped the public markets would value it at $100 billion. Investment bankers wanted even more.

Here's What Happened When We Got Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson To Interview Each Other

The stars of The Hustle told us about their first impressions of each other and the biggest acting challenges they've ever faced.

Si conoces estos 101 datos de "Game of Thrones", el Trono de Hierro debería ser tuyo

Kit llegó con un ojo morado a su audición porque se había peleado en un McDonald's...

¿Qué película de Disney salió el mismo año en que naciste?

¿Eres un bebé de El Rey León o uno de La sirenita?

16 Películas perturbadoras que puedes encontrar en Netflix

Ojo, porque no te van a dejar dormir.

¿Qué es lo que más odian tus amigos de ti secretamente?

Así es como te ven en realidad, aunque no te lo digan.

YouTube Has Downgraded Carl Benjamin's Sargon Of Akkad Account After He Talked About Raping A British MP

YouTube confirmed to BuzzFeed News that UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin — known online as Sargon of Akkad — has been suspended from the company's partner programme.

¿Qué integrante de NCT 127 eres?

♫ Oh baby, it's you! ♫

¿Eres digno de levantar el martillo de Thor?

¿Mjolnir te haría caso o ni al caso?

Las 19 reglas más raras que la gente tuvo en su infancia

"Cuando comíamos comida rápida, todos tenían que darle sus panes de abajo a mi papá..."

Crea tu princesa de Disney perfecta y te diremos tu trabajo ideal

Adiós Tiana, Ariel, Cenicienta, Blanca Nueves, Rapunzel. Hola, princesa de mis sueños.

Here's Everything The Makers Of "Avengers: Endgame" Have Said About Fat Thor

"We find Fat Thor as inspiring as any version of Thor because he's so relatable. It's just a very human version of the character."

35 Detalles de "Avengers: Endgame" que te harán decir: "¿Cómo no me di cuenta?"

La camisa de Korg es la misma que usó Taika Waititi en la Comic Con en 2017.

13 Reasons Why It's So Great To Be Someone's Mama

"I have a tank full of hugs waiting in the kitchen!"

The Florida Man Arrested For His "I EAT ASS" Sticker Might Sue The Sheriff's Office

This is the story of a man — a man fighting for his right to tell the world that he eats ass.

How To Destroy Your Friends Emotionally With Astrology Memes

Astrology apps like Co–Star label my anxieties and let me drag my friends.

Si tu mamá te ha dicho 41 de estas 51 frases, definitivamente es mexicana

"Algún día me voy a ir de la casa y a ver qué hacen sin mí".

Arma una telenovela y te diremos qué tipo de mamá tienes

¿Será la dulce y apapachadora o la estricta generala?

11 atores que fizeram "Game of Thrones" e "Harry Potter" e você talvez não saiba

Aposto que você não sabia que o Slughorn esteve em Game of Thrones!

Which Pokémon Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Detective Pikachu is on the case!

The Next "Game Of Thrones" Episode Will Probably Be The Most Messed Up Episode Of Season 8

The real stuff always goes down in the penultimate episode of the season.

Receitas para fazer para sua mãe

6 receitas para fazer no Dia Das Mães (e nos outros dias também se quiser).

70 Länder, in denen es gesetzlich verboten ist, homosexuell zu sein

Es ist 2019 und noch immer werden Menschen eingesperrt, weil sie schwul oder lesbisch sind.

What Kind Of Pasta Are You?

"The only guilty pleasure I have is pasta."

Which Mutant From "X-Men" Are You?

Find out which mutant you are.

Rod Rosenstein Has Left The Building

Rosenstein oversaw special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation for a year and a half, outlasting the president’s ire.

Morning Update: All Good Scams Must Come To An End

America's changing abortion laws, teachers paying for their substitutes, your weekend longreads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, May 10.

Taylor Swift Did Her First Interview In Three Years And, Obviously, There Are A Million Theories

There are cryptic pins, fan theories, and "really, really, really, really sad" songs.

27 Black Pieces Of Clothing That Are Anything But Dreary

YES I only wear black. NO I am not trying to have a photoshoot in the graveyard... OK, maybe just one picture.

100 fatos dos bastidores de "Game of Thrones" que você talvez não saiba

Para se livrar de uma multa Kit Harington contou a um policial sobre o retorno de Jon Snow depois de ele ter sido morto no final da 5ª temporada.

Tom Holland Is Also Confused About This "Avengers: Endgame" Plot Hole

"It might be one of the biggest plot holes of all time."

31 Products From Walmart That Every Adult Should Own

Buckle up, this is a one-stop train ride to adulthood. Ok, not really, but these will definitely propel you much closer to the target!





ミスドがリニューアルして10円値上げ!! なにが変わったか実食レビュー

5月10日にミスタードーナツ(mister donut)のオールドファッション3種とチョコレートドーナツ4種がリニューアル! それに伴い、価格がそれぞれ10円アップしたんです。気になるお味のほどは……?



みんなで叩くから気持ちいい? ネットの炎上を可視化し話題、BOT制作者の思い


14 Fakten über Geschichte und Zeit, die dich völlig perplex machen werden

Die Geburt Kleopatras lag zeitlich näher an der Premiere von „Friends“ als am Bau der Cheopspyramide bei Gizeh.







風疹ワクチンの追加対策に遅れ? 全国市長会らが「国が全額負担を」と繰り返し要望




「大学無償化」の対象は?上限はいくら?成績が悪いと打ち切り? 条件をまとめました。


See If You're Invited To The Met Gala By Designing A Cake

Maybe you could dress up as the cake.

26 Eltern-Hacks von Instagram, die du direkt mal ausprobieren musst

Instagram ist doch nicht immer nur Zeitverschwendung!

「令和浪漫」が素敵すぎる…! 古き良き"和洋折衷コーデ"が話題に


ジェームズ・キャメロン「#アベンジャーズ」 に粋な祝福


Just 19 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

The election is next week and things are getting serious. Except, they also aren't.



Facebook Says Page With Far-Right, Anti-Muslim Content Doesn’t Violate Its Standards

Never Again Canada, which has nearly 235,000 followers, spreads misleading content and uses a URL-masking technique to deceive its audience.

Moms Are Sharing What They REALLY Want For Mother's Day, And They Are Hilarious, Heartbreaking, And Real

"I want to go to Target alone, get Starbucks, and live my best basic bitch life for two hours."

"Orange Is The New Black Star" Yael Stone Is Witness X From The Geoffrey Rush Defamation Case

Her identity can be reported after a court suppression order was lifted on Thursday.

Chelsea Manning Has Been Released From Jail After Refusing To Testify To A Grand Jury

But Manning could soon be jailed again over her refusal to testify about WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.

Tell Us A Secret People Should Know About Teachers

We can always learn something new.

What Should You Eat For Breakfast?

It's the most important meal of the day.

If You Get Excited About Any Of These 43 Products, You Might Actually Be An Adult

Who told you your new desk organizer isn't exciting? Let me talk to their mom!

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