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    13 Reasons Why It's So Great To Be Someone's Mama

    "I have a tank full of hugs waiting in the kitchen!"

    1. Kids always know when their moms need motivation and encouragement.

    My 4 year old is my biggest hype man. I was getting ready for the gym and he came in my room. So he circled me, examining my appearance right. This kid says “Your booty looks fabulous”. His constant, vocal compliments to anyone he thinks deserves one is so sweet.

    Twitter: @Alli_Cat96

    2. And kids always make their moms gleam with pride.

    I keep my kids’ devices logged into my YouTube account so I can monitor what they’re watching, and that is how I found out that my daughter leaves sweet encouraging comments on videos.

    Twitter: @noirbettie

    3. Kids do sweet things for their moms, sometimes just because!

    4. Kids know how to make their mom's bad days better.

    My 8 y.o. left this on my pillow. Inside was a ribbon necklace she made me. I’ve been feeling pretty bad today and this touched my heart so much. As a mom, you never expect to get thanked. ❤️ #sweetestkidever

    Twitter: @thethomps

    5. Kids make their moms laugh at least once a day.

    My 9 yr old son spent a day at work w me & left random post-its in my cubicle, like this one on #AidanTurner. Not cool, Nic. 😂😂😂 #funnykid

    Twitter: @MsLaineyG

    6. Some kids cook for their moms — and they're good at it!

    Just me and my 12 y/o at home tonight. I told him he could have anything he wanted for supper. So HE made ME nachos, Mac n cheese and cheesy bacon fries #LuckyMom #GreatSon

    7. Kids are always looking out for their moms.

    When your daughter gets a sticker for being great during her doctor’s visit, and she puts it on your heart & says, “Mommy you deserve this sticker because you saw a doctor this week too & I’m so proud of you,” you wear it proudly! #ProudMom #pawpatrol #luckymom #TuesdayThoughts

    Twitter: @ABC7Brandi

    8. Even adult kids know how to make their moms feel lucky.

    Came home to a clean house and rearranged cupboards. I LOVE having a 24 year old daughter. #luckymom

    Twitter: @nvonlanthen

    9. There are multiples holidays where kids get their moms the absolute cutest, most thoughtful gifts.

    10. And kids always make their mom's birthday extra special.

    My 12 yr old got up at midnight to decorate our bd rm door to surprise my wife for her bday. #sweetkid

    Twitter: @JmichaelEzell

    11. Kids are always so adorably random with their moms.

    'Mummy can you take a picture of me holding this potato' me: 'yeh sure'

    Twitter: @sumaiyyahhh

    12. Kids know the simplest gestures can make their mom's day.

    13. And kids will always take their mom's Instagram pics for free. 😉

    this is the only reason i want a kid

    Twitter: @maria_omfg

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