Taylor Swift Just Spilled Some Tea On The "Cats" Movie And I'm More Confused Than Ever

    "They're giving us a tail and ears and whiskers."

    Back in July 2018, it was announced that stars like Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Swift would be appearing in Les Misérables director Tom Hooper's movie adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats.

    Aside from the cast and the fact that it's going to be released in December this year, we don't really know much about the movie or how it's being made.

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    At a presentation for the film during CinemaCon in April, the audience was shown behind-the-scenes clips but not anything from the actual movie, as the complicated visual effects hadn't been completed yet.

    However, director Tom Hooper ~did~ say the film would be "a 2019 version that is entirely our own".

    Well, in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Swift shared some behind-the-scenes info about the movie musical, and it's safe to say I'm even more perplexed than before.

    Peggy Sirota / Entertainment Weekly

    At first, Swift explained, she wasn't sure what to make of the concept, since she was a fan of the stage show and didn't know how it would translate to the big screen.

    But apparently there were no catsuits involved in filming. All the cat stuff is being added in postproduction.

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    "They add digital fur to us," Taylor explained. "They’re completely human performances. It’s not animated. And it’s not motion capture ... They’re giving us a tail that moves naturally, and ears and whiskers."

    And, she says, she "learned a lot" from going to cat school despite having three cats of her own.

    "I just fully threw myself into the process. We had this thing called ‘cat school’ ... where you could learn about how to create the motions of cats, how to think like they think, how to sense things the way that they do, carry yourself the way a cat would," she explained.

    OK, I officially need to see this. ASAP.

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    You can read the full Entertainment Weekly interview segment here, and find Swift's cover story here.

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