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    I Forgive Rihanna Not Coming To The Met Gala Because Sis Just Dropped Her Luxury Fashion House

    “Mr. Arnault has given me a unique opportunity to develop a fashion house in the luxury sector, with no artistic limits." — Rihanna

    People freaked out the other day when Rihanna didn't show up to the Met Gala. While I know she's allowed to do whatever she wants, to know that she was HOME and playing in her makeup felt like a personal attack.

    I mean, I get it...well, I don't. Sis, I was waiting for your arrival.

    Well, our Queen Rih has redeemed herself — her luxury fashion house is HERE and launches May 22. Sweet LAWD.

    In partnership with LVMH, Rihanna's new luxury Maison will give us ready-to-wear CLOTHING as well as accessories that include shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry. So pretty much, Rihanna is coming for our COINTSSS.

    Just to provide receipts, Rihanna not only has made fashion history as the first woman to create her own brand under LVMH, BUT she's also the first woman of color to lead a house under the brand.

    The good folks on Twitter, as well as myself, are excited, anxious, and shook by this moment, because first of all, Rihanna, we were NOT READY:

    I thought we weren’t going to see this in a while and now we’re barley 2 weeks away from seeing it all... I don’t know how to process all of this !!

    Even though we've been ambushed by this news, we will gather our thoughts, edges, and money, to support the queen:

    @rihanna go head and build ur empire bih!

    In fact, we're dismissing any haters because your fave could NEVAAA:

    Bye heauxs! Y’all can go on the fuck home now! Sis is coming! @rihanna @FENTYCORP

    Rihanna is, undoubtedly, the head strategist of the greatest strategy. She is THAT girl and she always gets the last laugh:

    It’s just so funny how Rihanna properly stacked her resume with these beginner partnerships with athletic brands and other “small” ended deals and now the first black woman to have an original house with NO artistic boundries. She always gets the last laugh, ALWAYS.


    I KNOW Rihanna can design a HANDBAG. ughhhhh I’m ready to be wrapped up in my fandom and stanning

    Congratulations, Rihanna, on setting a new standard and encouraging women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams!