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Dick Smith Says Billionaires Who Don't Share Their Money Will Be Killed

“What’s going to happen to these rich people, or more likely to their grandkids, is, I’ll put it bluntly, they’ll be killed," warns Dick Smith.

Peter Holmes 4 months ago

You'd Think The Gladys Berejiklian Dux Story Would've Gone Away By Now, But Like Lazarus, It Has Risen

"Berejiklian has misled the NSW parliament and cannot be trusted after embarrassing video evidence has emerged showing her lying about her academic record," said interim Labor leader Penny Sharpe.

Peter Holmes 6 months ago

Please Join Us As We Do The Election Hokey Pokey

And you shake it all about...

Peter Holmes 6 months ago
Peter Holmes 6 months ago
Peter Holmes 6 months ago

So You Think You Know Our Prime Ministers?

"When it comes to getting stoned ... I was a complete failure," said one PM. Can you guess who?

Peter Holmes 6 months ago
Richard James 6 months ago

"Ironic And Disturbing": Sony Has Dragged George Christensen For His Latest Ad

Sony/ATV's Damian Trotter said he found it "ironic and disturbing that an Australian politician responsible for legislation in the parliament should have such flagrant disregard for the law".

Peter Holmes 6 months ago

"It's A Terrible River": Murray-Darling Gets The Blame For Political Troubles

Ex-pollie calls famous river "very poor", while Tony Abbott sees red over Speedo piss-take.

Peter Holmes 7 months ago

Here's Why The Government Lost A Day Of Election Campaigning To A Story About Water

After taking off the gloves over Easter, our politicians are back in campaign mode. We are concerned about the PM's head.

Peter Holmes 7 months ago

We Have Inexplicably Obtained Prize Night Documents From The '80s That Reveal Gladys Berejiklian Was Not In Fact Dux

"...a response was provided to the best of her recollection," said NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian's spokesperson.

Peter Holmes 7 months ago

The Media Keep Saying Gladys Berejiklian Was Dux Of Her High School, But She Actually Wasn't

"The premier has never said she was the overall dux of her school," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Peter Holmes 8 months ago

BuzzFeed Australia Style Guide

This is an addendum to the BuzzFeed Style Guide and the BuzzFeed UK Style Guide for posts written in Australian English.

Nicola Harvey 3 years ago