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    Here's What Happened When We Got Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson To Interview Each Other

    The stars of The Hustle told us about their first impressions of each other and the biggest acting challenges they've ever faced.

    We all know Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are both seriously funny people, so when we heard they'd be starring in a new movie together — The Hustle — we knew there was no way it wouldn't be hilarious.

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    Well, we got the chance to meet with Anne and Rebel in London recently, and they told us all about their first impressions of each other and what it was like to work together on The Hustle.


    Spoiler alert: The whole thing basically ended up being a huge compliment fest, and it was the best.

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    Anne Hathaway: Rebel, what was your first impression of me when we met?


    Rebel Wilson: OK, I first met Ms Anne Hathaway at...I believe it was the Critics' Choice Awards, and I was like, "Oh my god!" I just remember you being so nice, and I did the annoying, annoying thing of asking you for a selfie.

    AH: Oh, I thought it was really charming!

    RW: There's a paparazzi photo of us taking a selfie with, like, 50 cameras around us. So we could have got any one of those photographers to take a photo, but instead I'm like, "No, no, selfie, selfie!" You were going through the whole Oscar season, and yet you still had time to stop and take a selfie with me.

    AH: With Rebel Wilson, I was such a big fan, of course!

    RW: I thought you were so charming and awesome, and then I always remembered it and thought, "One day when I get to produce my own movies and I get to choose a costar, I'm choosing Anne Hathaway."

    AH: That is suspiciously convenient.

    RW: If you weren't an actor, what job would you love to do?


    AH: Oh my gosh, I'm so bad at this question. I mean, I'd like to think that I'd be something really exotic. You know, like a—

    RW: Like an exotic dancer?

    AH: No, I wasn't going to go there, but I love that you did.

    RW: Because you can move.

    AH: [laughs] No comment. I'm blushing, and you can tell because I'm wearing a white dress. I don't know. I'd love to think I'd do something to help people, but in reality I probably would've become a teacher.

    RW: Aw, like my mum. She's a teacher, now a deputy principal. That's cool. I would be a professional tennis player, easy.

    AH: I would love to see you and Serena play.

    RW: I'll play her. I mean, she'd have to have one leg amputated for me to have a chance, but I'll play her.

    AH: [laughs] No, babe, she'd still win.

    AH: Rebel, what is the most challenging role you've ever played?


    RW: I just had to play a cat in another movie, and it was hard because it was a lot of crawling and pretending to be a cat.

    AH: Did you have to meow?

    RW: Yeah, sometimes. It's hard to do that without being cheesy.

    AH: Did you have to hiss?

    RW: Sometimes. Like, when Grizabella comes, you're like, [hisses]. But for our movie The Hustle, it wasn't that challenging, because I'm basically just playing myself.

    AH: It was so annoying how good you were. I would prep, and I'd be like, "OK, here's a funny alternative line, OK, I think I've got this." And you would come in and take after take you're like, "I'm going to pull this joke out of the air." You're so good at it. You're very good at being you.

    RW: Yeah, I think I'm the best at being me. I've noticed no one can impersonate me. You're sucked in, SNL.

    AH: I'm very easy, just get very hyper and happy.

    AH: So, what is one career ambition you would still love to accomplish? Not just in acting, but just in life.


    RW: Oh, I know this. Winning an Oscar. I mean, I know you've won.

    AH: Well, you know I think you're going to.

    RW: I had a premonition when I was 18 that I won an Academy Award. Obviously I haven't won one yet — unfortunately the Pitch Perfect movies didn't get me there.

    AH: You were robbed. I just feel like if the Academy had made a younger body earlier, the Pitch Perfect movies definitely would've pushed through.

    RW: Probably. Like, a supporting nom or something. But now with us new young people are in the Academy, like, cooler movies are probably going to win.

    AH: Like Pitch Perfect 4.

    RW: Yeah, like Pitch Perfect 4. I'd vote for it.

    RW: OK, what were you most apprehensive about when it came to playing your character in The Hustle?


    AH: I was nervous about standing toe-to-toe with you. Not nervous in a negative way, but just because I think you're one of the funniest actors out there. Your skill with improv speaks for itself, and that's not my strong suit, so I was just nervous about what happens if you're on a roll and doing a really good take and then I'm just the lame one in the corner, killing improv.

    I don't know if you ever saw that episode of The Office when Michael tries to do an improv class, and everybody's trying to get something going and he just winds up killing everybody. Like, that's his go-to joke. I was just so scared that I was going to do that.

    It was actually a really stressful job in a lot of ways, so when we got to Mallorca and it was sunny and the wine was flowing and the majority of the film was behind us — that's when I chilled out.

    RW: That was fun, Mallorca. And you are a good improviser. You always stay in character, and you don't really laugh in the scenes.

    AH: I had to work really hard not to laugh with you, because I really didn't want to ruin one of your takes. It was very hard.

    RW: I appreciate that.

    AH: Thanks, dude.

    Thanks for chatting with us, Anne and Rebel! You can catch The Hustle in cinemas from today.

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