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    Here's What Happened When We Got Anne Hathaway And Rebel Wilson To Interview Each Other

    The stars of The Hustle told us about their first impressions of each other and the biggest acting challenges they've ever faced.

    We all know Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson are both seriously funny people, so when we heard they'd be starring in a new movie together — The Hustle — we knew there was no way it wouldn't be hilarious.

    Well, we got the chance to meet with Anne and Rebel in London recently, and they told us all about their first impressions of each other and what it was like to work together on The Hustle.

    Spoiler alert: The whole thing basically ended up being a huge compliment fest, and it was the best.

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    Anne Hathaway: Rebel, what was your first impression of me when we met?

    RW: If you weren't an actor, what job would you love to do?

    AH: Rebel, what is the most challenging role you've ever played?

    AH: So, what is one career ambition you would still love to accomplish? Not just in acting, but just in life.

    RW: OK, what were you most apprehensive about when it came to playing your character in The Hustle?

    Thanks for chatting with us, Anne and Rebel! You can catch The Hustle in cinemas from today.