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May 5, 2019

18 Starbucks Baristas Revealed What Famous People Order

James Franco and I are coffee twins.

I Am 99.99% Sure You Can't Spend Less Than $120 At Forever 21

Ugh, just add one more thing in the cart. OK, another. *sigh* another.

Can We Legit Guess Your Star Sign Based On The Avocado Toast You Order?

It's all in the cards, I mean... the avocado toast.

Seven Satisfying Dinners That Come Together In 30 Minutes Or Less

Making a delicious dinner shouldn't take all day.

Share Your Most Creative Promposal

Promposals are my fav!

I Bet You Didn't Know These 11 Actors Were In Both "Game Of Thrones" And "Harry Potter"

Bet you didn't know Slughorn appeared in Game of Thrones!

14 People Who Honestly Should Be Running The Government

The true geniuses of this country.

17 Times Gay Twitter Was Hysterical This Week

"I believe all gay men are beautiful, no matter twink, bear, otter or Android user.:

Are You Actually A 10?

There aren't a lot of 10s out there...

35 Things That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

Just some sound investments you'll be grateful you made in a few months.

41 People Died After A Plane Caught On Fire In Russia

The Aeroflot plane made an emergency landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport on Sunday. Thirty-seven people survived by escaping through the plane's emergency exits.

How Well Do You Know Your Childhood TV Shows?

Let's see if you were paying attention.

Which 2000s Disney Channel Show Are You?

You get the best of both worlds!

Choose An Outfit To See Which Jonas Brother You're Destined To Be With

Let's see which J-Bro is your match made in heaven.

32 Things That'll Do Jobs You Didn't Know Needed To Be Done

Rubber wine glasses, dress weights, shoe stretchers, and 29 other products that'll solve everyday (and not so everyday) problems.

Create An Outfit From Urban Outfitters And We'll Reveal What's Missing In Your Relationship

Chances are, you probably can strengthen something in your current relationship.

Trump Just Picked This Obama-Era Border Patrol Head To Lead ICE

Mark Morgan has emerged as a vocal supporter of the president’s immigration policies.

27 Diagrams That Make Going Vegan Way More Approachable

Here's everything you need, from cooking and baking swaps to super-simple recipes.

22 Hilarious Tweets About Just How Truly, Truly Awful Dating Is

"Can't believe I just have to keep dating until someone likes me back or I die."

29 Things To Keep In Your Purse So You're Always Prepared

Tiny versions of life-changing things (like a migraine stick!) that you can take with you wherever we go.

This Disney Princess Quiz Will Separate The Millennials From The Gen Z'ers

Traditional Disney princess, or modern day Disney princess?

40 Must-Have Organization Products Under $20

"I mean, I've won awards for my organization skills." —Monica Geller and you after reading this post



23 Products That'll Help Bring Dead Hair Back To Life

Time to flip your mane from D: to :D.

どうしてこうなった…パスタに起きた最悪の悲劇 25選


痩せたい人にオススメ…!食欲が一気になくなる激ヤバ画像 12選



ファミリーマート(FamilyMart)の健康菓子シリーズ「大豆チップ チリサルサ味」を食べてみました。サルサの辛味と酸味が効いていて、とっても美味しい上に低カロリー、低糖質、高タンパクの超優秀なスナックでした!

This Quiz Will Reveal What "Selling Sunset" Realtor You Are Most Like

Are you more of a Chrishell or a Christine?




【書評】「セイバーメトリクスの落とし穴 〜マネー・ボールを超える野球論」は、単なる野球マニアのための本ではない。

Can We Guess Your Dating Status Based On What You Eat?

The way to your heart is through your stomach! Yum.



Put Your Marvel Movie Knowledge To The Test With This Quote Quiz

Dude, don't embarrass me in front of the wizards.

Which "Frozen" Character Are You Based On The Songs You Choose?

"For the first time in forever, I'm getting what I'm dreaming of!"


フェリシモから販売されている「そこで寝ちゃうの? だら~ん猫の傘タグ」。めちゃくちゃかわいいので毎日雨でもいいくらいです。

抹茶とわらび餅を合わせた“究極の和パンケーキ” もちもち食感がクセになる!


Answer These Questions About Your Childhood To See Which "Toy Story" Character You Are

"You are a TOY! You are a child's play thing!" — Woody



Let's Test Your Ariana Grande Trivia Knowledge

God is a woman, and she might be Ariana Grande.

Which Track From Vampire Weekend's "Father Of The Bride" Are You?

Are you more of a "Flower Moon" or a "Stranger"?



Which Badass Lady From "Grey's Anatomy" Are You?

"You are anything but ordinary." - Ellis Grey


中国は、イスラム教徒のウイグル人たちに対して厳しい弾圧を行っているが、それを非難するイスラム教国は多くない。BuzzFeed Newsの調査では、中国を批判する数少ないイスラム国であるトルコの国籍を持つ人たちも、複数名が中国で行方不明になっていることが判明している。ただし、トルコ政府はそのことを公式には認めていない。



Only An American Has Done 20/26 Things On This List

Is "The Star Spangled Banner" your most streamed song on Apple Music?

18 Tweets About Kids Being Hilarious (But In A Totally Oblivious Way)

"My daughter just asked me if the word 'encyclopedia' comes from the word 'Wikipedia.'"

23 Shocking, Gross, And Wild Horror Stories That'll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

"We were hooking up, and he accidentally SHARTED in my mouth."

32 Things You'll Literally End Up Using Seven Days A Week

Did I mention how useful these products are?

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