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    32 Things To Reward Yourself With After Getting Through Finals

    Because the satisfaction of a semester full of learning is... not enough.

    1. A Sriracha keychain — after weeks of responsible studying you deserve to spice up your life again.

    2. An inflatable kayak so you can drift off into the water like you drifted off during your psychology exam once it started asking about maladaptive daydreaming.

    3. A book on bad taxidermy that'll make you feel a whole lot better about how your test scores looked.

    4. A diploma frame for the lucky ones who just finished their final finals.

    5. A cookie shot kit because no hangover has ever felt worse than the one you had after finishing three tests in eight hours — cookies and milk are about all you can handle at this point.

    6. A floral bathrobe to replace those graduation robes with something sleek and silky.

    7. A ouija board, because those tests made you feel dead inside... might as well try talking to others who understand.

    8. A college kid cookbook filled with inexpensive recipes and simple tips that'll help you stuff your post-finals face when you're full of feelings but your bank account isn't full of that sweet cheddar.

    9. A crossbody bag you can ~takeout~ with you anywhere (now that you can actually go out again).

    10. A clock that'll show everyone who comes over that you're having the ~time of your life~ with finals finished.

    11. A cupcake pump or cotton candy pin, because you deserve something sweet after all the sweet, sweet scores you got.

    12. A pair of banana earrings for anyone who's ready to ~monkey~ around now that the responsible part of life is momentarily over.

    13. A spell book so you can replace your trigonometry book with one that you actually plan to use in your life.

    14. A boyfriend pillow that'll make up for the fact that your double major means your dating life is in a major crisis.

    15. A kneading massager you are ~knot~ gonna want to miss out on when you've been carrying around a shelf's worth of textbooks everywhere for weeks.

    16. A movie poster with Elizabeth Bennet's outfits from Pride and Prejudice for English majors who feel completely and perfectly and incandescently happy every time they pick up a Jane Austen novel.

    17. A pack of tastebud tablets that'll make sour foods sweet... you'll just wish they could do the same thing to your art history scores.

    18. A snazzy yoga mat so you can create a zen space and stretch away the semester's stress.

    19. A gorgeous pack of tarot cards for fimding out what a post-finals future will look like.

    20. A cookie bouquet to reward yourself and all your ~buds~ for all your hard work.

    21. A paper shredder that'll destroy all your work for some nice catharsis. Even though you didn't have a ~shred~ of a doubt that finals would be a breeze...because you studied so diligently, of course.

    22. A candy ring pin, because you deserve something simply for getting through such a stressful time...even if your grades were a little sucky.

    23. An inflatable beer pong table because you just dealt with enough multiple choice questions and don't want to have to choose between A) beer pong or B) the pool.

    24. Or a cabana shirt pool float if you plan on laying out and relaxing like every day is casual Friday.

    25. A shower beer holder so you can relax in a steamy shower after your last final and really drink it all in.

    26. A mini golf pool table because your business major is going so well it's time to drop the textbooks and pick up a golf club.

    27. A cosmos pendant necklace to throw on and let everyone know you've finished your finals and will officially be ~spacing out~ until next semester.

    28. A portable projector so you can immediately start binge-watching on a big screen from the comfort of your dorm (until your parents pick you up to bring you home, to a real big screen, for the summer).

    29. A jellyfish lamp you'll deserve to splurge on when your grades end up being so great it feels ~fishy~.

    30. An Oculus Go, so you can immerse yourself in a world where finals don't even exist.

    31. A butt scrub, because you just worked your ass off and this'll give it the respect it deserves!

    32. And finally, an Arya Stark prayer candle so you can pray to the Seven that next semester won't be as rough.

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