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    Euron Greyjoy Is Literally The Worst Villain "Game Of Thrones" Has Ever Had

    He seriously needs to die asap.

    We need to talk about Euron Greyjoy. Namely, how is this murderous Jack Sparrow wannabe still a thing??!!

    I'll admit, when Euron Greyjoy was first introduced, I thought it was a little late in the game to commit to a new villain, but I was willing to go with it because Book! Euron is interesting in a really disturbing way.

    Going into Season 7, actor Pilou Asbæk even suggested Euron Greyjoy would make Ramsay Bolton look like "a little kid". It seemed like we were in for a scary ride.

    Instead, we got a completely one-dimensional character who prances around making crude jokes, and whose sole motivation seems to be wanting to fuck the queen?

    His character and plot have made no sense since the beginning. Like, he demanded his men build him 1,000 ships on an island with NO TREES and somehow they did this, and really quickly, too???

    And I get that he's supposed to be some hot-shit captain and all...

    But how has he and his whole freaking armada snuck up on Dany's fleet not once, not twice, but THREE times?!

    Like, the fleet arriving at Casterly Rock makes no sense unless they can literally teleport.

    And how did Euron manage to sneak up on Dany's fleet near Dragonstone when she was LITERALLY IN THE AIR and should have seen him?! And he still managed to have a clear shot of Rhaegal? MULTIPLE clear shots of Rhaegal?? From a MOVING BOAT?!??!

    It all makes even less sense when Euron then somehow missed Drogon entirely, despite him being closer and a bigger target. It's...almost like the writers are just imbuing Euron with certain abilities and actions when it suits them. Huh.

    The writers of Game of Thrones are dumb as fuck.

    Like they needed things to go down a certain way but had no idea how to get there in such a short space of time so every time they got stuck they were like, "welp, better send Euron in!".

    Euron is supposed to be so scary, and yet he didn't even kill or torture Yara? Not that I wanted to see that...but it made no sense he'd keep someone alive who was such a threat to him.

    Basically, Euron is a terrible villain. He's not even fun to hate because he's so damn flat. And he's not nearly as funny as the writers seem to think he is.

    I seriously can't believe we had to endure this exchange.

    Cersei was wrong, Euron is boring AF and the fact he's playing such a major part in the endgame is just one of the many reasons this season of Game of Thrones feels so damn unsatisfying.

    A LOT of people are sick of Euron..

    It’s truly unfair that Euron Greyjoy gets to be a more important villain than the Night King

    When I see Cersei Lannister and Euron Greyjoy #GameofThrones

    Euron Greyjoy looks like a can of Axe body spray

    How the fuck y’all survive the NK and get taken out by bitchass EURON GREYJOY

    Euron Greyjoy has achieved ludicrous levels of plot armor and it is legit making me angry. Yeah, you’ll totally be able to sneak up on a flying target with your ships on a clear sunny day, sure buddy. Some great fucking writing right there.

    I want Euron Greyjoy to experience the most brutal death ever for killing off Rhaegal #GameofThrones #GOTS8E4

    Euron Greyjoy sucks. Thanks. #GameOfThrones

    Here's hoping he dies at the beginning of the next episode, because this hollow husk of a cartoon pirate deserves no more time or energy from ANY of us.

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