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May 3, 2019

The Actor Who Played Melisandre In “Game Of Thrones” Said Her Character’s Death Was Very Satisfying

“I always thought she would probably be killed in some violent death or something really terrible, which would’ve made sense for the show,” actor Carice van Houten told BuzzFeed News.

We Need To Talk About Gwendoline Christie's Fashion Game Because DAMN

Brienne of Tarth slaying enemies and looks.

Here Are 24 Of The Most Powerful Photos From This Week

From memorials for the Chabad of Poway synagogue shooting victims to Attorney General William Barr's judiciary hearing, these are the most striking and memorable pictures from the past week.

An Open Letter To The Night King

He's my king from this day until his last day.

Some Very Fine People Pleaded Guilty To Inciting Violent Riots In Charlottesville

Four white supremacists admitted that they violently assaulted counterprotesters during the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in order to fuel riots.

Foi assim que o WhatsApp virou um antro de propaganda nazista na Alemanha

O BuzzFeed News documentou o uso de centenas de stickers antissemitas ou pró-nazismo em grupos do WhatsApp — apesar de as imagens serem ilegais na Alemanha.

People Are Sharing The Moment They Realized They Were "Old" And Just LOL

"When I got really excited about buying a new vacuum."

Miss America, Miss USA, And Miss Teen USA Are All Black Women, And I'm All Like "OKAY LADIES, NOW LET'S GET IN FORMATION!"

Meet the three young women who rep North Carolina, New York City, and Connecticut!

The “Game Of Thrones” Showrunners Won’t Say If We’ve Seen The Last Of The White Walkers

Could the White Walkers still be a threat to the living? David Benioff and D.B. Weiss won’t say — and it’s freaking us out!

Their Son Survived The UNC Charlotte Shooting Thanks To A Classmate’s Final Act Of Bravery

"Riley Howell, I believe, is a big reason my son is alive."

27 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Nordstrom Rack, Wayfair, Gap, and more!

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

"Y'all mind if I enter my 16th minute of fame?"

The Colors You Pick Will Reveal Which Breakfast Food You Are

Are you more avocado toast or scrambled eggs?

Você daria conta de conquistar o Trono de Ferro?

Essa dança das cadeiras não é pra qualquer um.

32 Of The Best Swimsuits You Can Get On Amazon

Because no matter what the forecast says, it's not truly summer till you snag a new suit. Water you waiting for?

Para surpresa de ninguém, concorrentes aproveitaram crise da Avianca para aumentar preço de passagens

Em média, alta foi de 14% desde que cancelamentos de voo foram anunciados. Voar para Brasília ficou até 70% mais caro. Levantamento é de site que busca valor de passagens.

17 Tweets That Have Aged Very, VERY Poorly

Better hit delete on that one there.

14 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say "Wow, I Really Needed This"

"I would die for this cat." —you reading this post

What Type Of Fruit Are You?

Orange you glad you took this quiz?

Here Are The 25 Biggest TV Moments This Week That You Might've Missed

Gina Linetti made her grand return to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Opinion: No More Payoffs For Layoffs

Corporate mergers are bad news for the thousands of workers who lose their jobs. It's a different story for the CEOs who can earn hundreds of millions of dollars from the deals.

101 fotos divertidas que os atores da Marvel tiraram na última década

Aqui não tem spoiler! Só uma caminhada *alegre* pela avenida das lembranças, em homenagem a Vingadores: Ultimato.

As pessoas estão piradas com a teoria de que o Bran pode ser o grande vilão de "Game of Thrones"

E se a ameaça não era o Rei da Noite e também não é a Cersei?

“13 Reasons Why” Is At The Center Of Many Psychological Studies, But Experts Say Read Them With Caution

“People tend to sort of read the headline and jump to some kind of conclusion, when these things are really complicated,” one expert told BuzzFeed News.

Este quiz revelará qual elogio em WordArt você merece

Imagina se a capa do seu trabalho escolar de repente falasse com você?

45 Things You Should Buy Just Because

🎶 I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. 🎶

Anna Wintour Wants Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton To Attend The Met Gala

"They could leave their husbands at home. It’s the two of them I want.”

We Want To See Prom Pictures From Every State!

What does prom even look like in Idaho?

Cookies arco-íris

Cookies para trazer um pouquinho de cor para a mesa.

Which "Toy Story" Character Are You?

"To infinity and beyond!"

Facebook Is Patting Itself On The Back For Cleaning Up Its Own Mess

Facebook is taking the same self-satisfied approach to safety that it has with its products.

This New Documentary Shows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Before She Was AOC

The Netflix documentary Knock Down the House revolves around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which is its main selling point — but also a limitation.

Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, And Pitbull Revealed Which Songs They Wished They Never Recorded

A world without "Pizza Girl" is not a world I wanna live in!

Black Voters Get That Bernie Marched With MLK. They Want To Know What He’ll Do For Them Now.

“It’s been several years that this critique has been raised, and it feels dismissive of our experiences when it doesn’t matter what specific question is being asked — when the go-to answer has become, ‘I marched with King.’”

The Court Fight Over Trump’s Travel Ban Isn’t Over

A federal judge ruled that the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision that allowed the ban to take effect didn’t actually end things.

Here Is The Winner Of The 2019 “One Book, One New York” Program

New Yorkers voted — and now it’s time to get on the same page.

17 Times Tumblr Made Me Laugh And Made Me Think This Week

"We need a Nintendogs app, I'm sick of living like this."

Which Tube Line Has The Most Followers On Twitter?

You know you want to play this.

30 Dresses From Walmart That'll Have You Humming "Here Comes The Sun"

🎶Here comes the sun(dresses) doo doo doo doo🎶

Facebook Banned A Breast Cancer Nonprofit's Ad Campaign For Violating Nudity Rules

The platform allows users to post mastectomy scar photos, but has much stricter laws for advertisers.

A 43-Year-Old High School Teacher Has Been Keeping A Personal List Of "Gen Z" Slang Terms He Overhears His Students Using

"When I think of 'snack,' I think Cheez-Its," James Callahan told BuzzFeed News. "It wasn't until a month ago that I learned that an attractive person is a 'snack.'"

Voy a enlistar 17 razones por las que Sansa Stark es el mejor personaje de 'Game of Thrones'

No me arroben... O ¿saben que? ¡Arróbenme! Les digo y les repito que SANSA ES LA MÁS CHIDA DEL MUNDO MUNDIAL ALV BAI.

Finge que tomas decisiones de adulto y adivinaremos tu edad real, no la mental

La luz del motor está prendida: ¿qué vas a hacer?

Edité estas escenas de "Game Of Thrones" para que puedas ver lo que realmente sucedió en el episodio 3

Para que recuerdas lo que pasó en el capítulo anterior, pero con buena luz.

Literalmente no podrás pasar este quiz si eres heterosexual

A menos que seas un heterosexual que se pueda considerar como aliado.

19 Cosas que parecen comida pero NO LO SON

La respuesta a la pregunta "¿Esto se come?" es NO. DEFINITIVAMENTE NO.

Si eres millennial te tengo una noticia: tus ídolos infantiles tienen más de 40 años

La mitad de todos los que te gustaban en el 2000 cumplieron 40 el año pasado.

33 Datos impactantes sobre celebridades que nunca habías oído

Como que Bryan Cranston una vez fue sospechoso de asesinato.

7 Teorías de fans sobre el papel de Bran en la Batalla de Winterfell

¿Sus poderes esconden algún misterio o simplemente NO HIZO NADA?

Este quiz de letras de canciones es muy fácil para millennials y muy difícil para la Gen Z

Es 2005, estás haciendo ronda con tus amigos en el coche, prendes la radio y todos empiezan a cantar, ¿te sabes las canciones que están sonando?

Chrissy Teigen Opened Up About The Moment She Realised She Had Postpartum Depression

"People around me started telling me they saw distinct changes in my personality."

'Nosotros' es la mejor película de terror 2019 y ya te urge verla

La cinta de Jordan Peele es un nuevo clásico del cine de miedo. Sin spoilers ;)

16 Recetas con pimientos que puedes hacer muy fácilmente en casa

Esta delicia, también conocida como ají, es muy versátil.

17 Jokes That Really Went Above And Beyond

Warning: These puns may cause you to throw your phone out the window.

Todo lo que sabemos sobre la precuela de "Game Of Thrones" y su conexión con el Night King

¿Estarán guardándose las grandes revelaciones para este spin-off?

A Far-Right Party Turned This Lil’ Gay Ghost Into An LGBT Icon

He’s here, he’s queer, he’s a friendly ghost.

How Startups Like Zola Are Changing The Wedding Industry (Or Not)

Companies like the Knot, Zola, and other boutique startups promise to cater to the whims of millennials by moving the mundane parts of wedding planning online. But are they as innovative as they claim to be?

Esta teoría de "Game of Thrones" explica por qué diablos Jon le estaba gritando al dragón

Puede ser que Arya nunca hubiera logrado su cometido de no haber sido por él.

Jacki Weaver Says Anjelica Huston Can “Go Fuck Herself” For Shading Her Cheerleading Movie

“I had always been an admirer of Anjelica. And I thought, ‘That’s a bit mean and petty.’”

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With AOC? Let's Analyze The Memes

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fans and enemies are inventing a new kind of politics: fandoms and anti-fandoms that drive how we bond over candidates online. Today’s Instagram sticker is the new campaign button.

17 Packing Charts You'll Wish You Had Known About Sooner

From weekend getaways to month-long trips, these charts have you covered!

Your Childhood Determines Which Show You Should Watch Next

Netflix and c̶h̶i̶l̶l̶ talk about your childhood.

17 Dinge, die du auf Reisen immer falsch machst

Mach dich nicht fertig! Meistere diese Hacks und schon bald hast du das nächste Reise-Level geknackt!

Find Out Which Celebrity Mom You're Most Like

Momming: It's the name of the game.

How Well Do You Remember The Last Season Of "Love Island"?

Let's take a trip back to Casa Amor...

Leute erzählen von den unglaublichsten Geschehnissen, die sie auf Beerdigungen erlebt haben

„Ein Heiratsantrag an die Witwe. – Sie hat Ja gesagt.“

This Picture From Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Wedding Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

I only want to get married if I can also take my wedding pictures sitting on a pink Cadillac.

15 Of The Best Facial Toners You Can Get At Walmart

Skincare doesn't need to cost you a fortune. These will help.





Morning Update: The Grifters Are Evolving

Congress vs Trump, Facebook bans far-right figures, weekend longreads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, May 3.

UKIP Candidate Carl Benjamin Has Talked Again About Raping Labour MP Jess Phillips And Now She Wants Action

"If Facebook and Twitter can ban these people for hate speech, how is it they are allowed to stand for election?" Phillips told BuzzFeed News.

Can You Match The Lyrics To The Correct Disney Movie?

Let's see how much of an expert you are.

These Theories About Cersei's Death On "Game Of Thrones" Make A Lot Of Sense

She's definitely going to die before this is over, right?



37 Cheap Things That'll Bring You Nothing But Sweet, Sweet Relief

Sunburns, painful acne, smelly feet, nausea, and more are NOTHING when faced with these solutions.

Urban Decay's "Game Of Thrones" Collection Is FINALLY Back In Stock

I would fight many a white walker for that dragons blood lip and cheek tint...





池袋暴走「息子は安倍首相の秘書」は誤情報 国会議員もブログを拡散、謝罪




Pick Some Colors And We'll Tell You An Upcoming Change In Your Life

Have you been wondering what's coming next for you?



Just 29 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

Well done everyone, but especially well done Angus.



池袋でホットケーキを食べるならここ! 「ル・ポワール」の極厚ふわふわホットケーキ!

今流行りのふわふわパンケーキもいいけど、たまにはバターとメープルシロップのみでいただく、シンプルなホットケーキはいかがですか? 今回は池袋にある極厚ホットケーキで人気のカフェ「ル・ポワール」をご紹介。 落ち着いた雰囲気の店内で美味しいホットケーキを味わいつつ、ゆったりとした時間を過ごしてみてはいかが?



"Ironic And Disturbing": Sony Has Dragged George Christensen For His Latest Ad

Sony/ATV's Damian Trotter said he found it "ironic and disturbing that an Australian politician responsible for legislation in the parliament should have such flagrant disregard for the law".

Would You Pass Or Fail A Driver's Ed Test?

How hard can it be, right?



Which Marina Song Are You?

A diamond forever and always. 💎




Netflix(ネットフリックス)作品から、BuzzFeed Japanのスタッフがおすすめする12作品をご紹介します!


ゴールデンウィークは無印良品へ! 5月5日の特別イベント「おさがりくらぶ」に参加すると、使わなくなった子ども服同士を無料で交換できますよ。



「明らかな人種差別」 ブラックフェイスでふざけた女子大生が自主退学


How Psychic Are You?

You might already know how you'll score on this quiz.

Which Celebrities Share Your Zodiac Sign?

Did you know that Adele and Rami Malek are Tauruses??

Pop Physique Suddenly Closed Several Of Its Barre Studios And Refused To Give Refunds For Classes

“I felt like they would send out a promotion, people would buy them, and then they would close the studio.”

21 Hotels And Airports That Are Straight-Up Living In 3019

AKA genius ideas that should be everywhere.

This Candidate Who "Loves Being A Bloody Woman" Says The Daily Tele Gave Her "Free Publicity"

"It is not just a put down of me," she said. "It is a put down of the Women's Party and the Women's Party is not about me, it is about women."

21 Stunning Places Everyone Should Visit Once In A Lifetime

The world is your oyster, so what are you waiting for?

The Trump Administration's Decision To Withhold Bail From Asylum-Seekers Is Being Challenged In Court

"No matter what they say, the goal is to send the message to immigrants that they should not come to the US and apply for asylum," an ACLU attorney said.

Joe Biden Wants To Make Donald Trump Deplorable Again

Hillary Clinton made her 2016 campaign into a warning that Donald Trump was morally unfit to be president. To stop a second Trump term, Biden’s 2020 campaign is taking a similar message.

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