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Robert Downey Jr. Posted This Photo Of All The Women From "Endgame," And I Love It So Much

Talk about some Marvel-ous ladies who lunch!!!

Hi! Hello! This is another post about Avengers: Endgame, which means there are definite spoilers ahead. You've been warned!


Now, if you're still here, we're assuming you've seen Avengers: Endgame, and it's verrrrrry likely you're still thinking about that epic moment in the final battle when all the heroines came together onscreen:

~ENDGAME SPOILER~ when all the marvel women stood by captain marvel to help her get the gantlet to safety then ran in to fight together WAS SICKENING, THE POWER THAT SCENE HAD JUST WOW

that scene in endgame when all marvel women were fighting together. MY LESBIAN RIGHTS!

That Endgame scene where the Women characters all gathered to help Captain Marvel got me like

And listen, if that somehow wasn't one of your favorites scenes, well, the exit is that way ➡️.

Men with fragile mascinities see no need for a 5 second all women fight scene in #EndGame , but they ignore the fact that the majority of the 40+ hours of Marvel movie footage is all male combat... Mmk

Anyway, in recognition of the ~power~ and ~might~ that scene held, our man Tony Stark AKA Robert Downey Jr. recently posted a behind-the-scenes photos from that day of shooting, and I perished:




Like...I mean we've seen photos of all the female cast members before, but not like this!!!

So thank you, Robert Downey Jr., for doing what you had to do, i.e., sharing this blessed image with the world.

This post was translated from Spanish.