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    People Are Sharing The Moment They Realized They Were "Old" And Just LOL

    "When I got really excited about buying a new vacuum."

    Everyone over 25 has experienced that all-important moment — the moment when you realize: "Oh no, I'm old."

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    So this week when Reddit user FuzzyCSFC9 asked, "Adults of Reddit, at what point did you realize 'damn I’m old?'" the answers hit a little TOO close to home.


    Here are just a FEW of the funniest, realest, most awkward signs of aging shared:

    1. "When I started to get excited about coupons I got in the mail."


    2. "When I realized that I have clear memories of moments I spent with my parents when they were younger than I am now. I remember how 'adult' I perceived them and I don't feel like I am 'adult' at all."


    3. "Whenever I wake up in the morning after drinking heavily the night before."


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    4. "When I realized I can't name ANY actor on a recent show and I don't know who most people on TV are."


    5. "When I got really excited about buying a new vacuum but, in my defense, that vacuum is dope!"


    6. "When a teenager called me 'Ma'am' for the first time. I realized I'm a 'Ma'am' now and not a 'Miss' anymore. Sigh."



    7. "When my co-worker told me he was born in 2001 (I'm 28 BTW)."


    8. "When the kid I was tutoring referred to Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place as 'old Disney shows.'"


    9. "When I realized 1990 is NOT 10 years ago anymore."


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    10. "When I came to the realization that I have tattoos older than some of my co-workers."


    11. "When I started grunting every time I had to bend over and pick something up."


    12. "When I realized that most athletes in the NFL are 10 years younger than me and are already making millions."



    13. "When I started vocally complaining about the volume of the music in bars and restaurants."


    14. "When a friend told me the party started at 10 p.m. and I literally said 'UGH' and stayed home instead."


    15. "When a group of teens told me their first console was the first console was an NES."



    16. "When I started having to watch every single thing I eat meticulously."


    17. "Whenever I hear that something happened 20 years ago, my first thought is 'Ah, so like in the '70s.'"


    18. "When my six-year-old asked me what the dinosaurs looked like because I was born around then (I'm 27)."


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    19. "When I no longer recognized any of the musical guests on Saturday Night Live."


    20. "When I realized I couldn't finish my ice cream because it was too sweet."


    21. "When I was watching old WWE stuff online and my daughter said, 'Wait, The Rock was a wrestler?!'"


    So, now it's your turn! What was THE MOMENT that made you step back and say, "Yikes...I'm an oldie now"? Share your story in the comments below!


    Some stories have been edited for length and/or clarity. H/T Reddit.

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