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    14 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside

    *sniffles* *wipes tear* They're so goob...

    1. This dogini sported a cute top and now we need to know where she copped it:

    I need to ask this dog where they got their cute crop top from

    2. This lil' floof was like, CANCEL 👏 THE 👏 WHOLE 👏 TRIP:

    so i was about to put my luggage in the car to head to the airport and when i looked up... this is what i saw


    This is Molly. She was born with rear-end paralysis, but just got some fancy custom booties to help her out. 14/10 she won’t stop smiling

    4. This neighborly Frenchman said hemlo:

    “aye my friend wants to talk to you” her: is he cute? me: yes he’s cute look that’s him right over there.

    5. The pupper perfected his playlist:

    me finding the perfect pIaylist for my 5 minute drive to the store

    6. This weEEEEeeeenie pled not guilty:

    Walked into this mess and a ripped up cushion...I wonder who did this...

    7. We all appreciated this very talented son!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pls appreciate my very talented son

    8. This stimk went for his Night Zooms™!!!!!!!!!!

    9. This husker SLAYED the H*CK out of her photoshoot (and Twitter did its thang):

    10. This wholesome video of Balloon Boops™ resurfaced, and thank GOD:

    sometimes i get sad and then i remember this video exists

    11. Duke here absolutely WERKED his lil' cast!!!!!!!!!

    Y’all remember when Duke decided to act up and got hit by a car?? He was so cute with his little cast :(

    12. This pupperina wagged her tail even in her sleep!!!!!!!! Very talented:

    If you say her name when she's taking a nap she will wag her tail

    13. Even though this dad's doggo passed away, this gift in the pup's memory still brought him to tears:

    My dog of 12 years (my dads best friend) just recently passed, so my mom got a pillow with his picture on it for my dad. i think it’s safe to say he’s head over heals for it....❤️

    14. And lastly, this angel showed us exactly what it looks like when your childhood dog greets you in heaven:

    this dog wearing wings has to be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

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