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    "The Walking Dead" Comic Just Did Something Crazy That'll Even Shock Fans Of The TV Series

    WARNING: Contains spoilers from the TV and comic series!


    If you watched Season 9 of The Walking Dead, you saw what wound up happening to our beloved Rick Grimes.

    If you need a refresher, Rick blew up the bridge he was on to take out a horde of walkers, sacrificing himself to save his friends and family.

    While it momentarily appeared that Rick was dead, we eventually saw him taken somewhere via helicopter, and that's the last shot of him — alive, but no longer on the series.

    Now, in The Walking Dead comics, things have been very different.

    In their most recent issue, The Walking Dead #191, Rick gives a speech to a group of communities known as the Commonwealth, and it seems everything is all peaceful and whatnot.

    He even delivers the epic line, "We are not the walking dead!"

    However, at the end of the comic, Rick is sleeping when a character named Sebastian enters his room.

    Sebastian holds Rick at gunpoint, angry at him about some earlier drama. You assume Rick will talk Sebastian down and things won't escalate, but:


    While Rick isn't officially dead in the comic, the issue ends with him bleeding from the chest and mouth, so it's looking like there's a good chance that this is how he goes.

    Creator Robert Kirkman has said in the past that he knows how Rick will die in the comics, and he did say "it's possible that there will be some differences there between the comic and show."

    Fans will have to wait until June 5 for Issue #192, which features Carl standing among bodies of walkers.