Just 29 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

    Well done everyone, but especially well done Angus.

    We made it through another week! Well done everyone!

    This week of the election campaign was dominated by a flurry of candidates resigning over their offensive comments and behaviour. There were a lot of moments that defied explanation. Below are some of the most absurd.

    1. First up, we obviously need to extend our congratulations to Liberal MP Angus Taylor after his Facebook page commented on his own post. Great move indeed.


    2. The prime minister was asked about Vegemite and the treasurer declared any changes to the spread's ingredients would be "un-Australian".

    I thought we'd reach peak absurd this election campaign #ausvotes But no. From @AmyRemeikis' unrivalled live blog.

    3. Supporters of Tony Abbott received this, umm, greeting.

    This the moment Tony Abbott's supporters were confronted by a twerking protester.

    4. Clive Palmer announced he didn't give a stuff what anyone thinks and told us all he's worth "4,000 million dollars". Thanks Clive.

    “My wealth is four thousand million dollars, do you think I give a stuff about what you personally think?” @CliveFPalmer to @Deborah_Knight. #9Today

    5. There was the whole mess over fake polling in Western Australia. Independent candidate Louise Stewart released it to a newspaper which splashed with it, only for it to transpire no-one knew where it came from. The mystery continues.

    I’ve been made aware today that a purported poll conducted in Curtin appears not to have been done by Reachtel. I’m working with Reachtel to determine the origins of the poll, which was passed to our campaign by a third party.

    6. This guy was happy with Peter Dutton for getting rid of his boss.

    “Thank you Minister Dutton for gettin’ rid of the worst Prime minister Australia’s ever had. You deserve a medal.” PMlive pub test keeping it real.

    7. One Nation candidate Steve Dickson resigned after A Current Affair aired footage of him in a strip club.


    8. His resignation letter included a very unfortunate typo. "I will no longer be of pubic interest."

    One Nation's Steve Dickson resigns. His statement says "I found the footage difficult to watch....I am also deeply remorseful for my disrespectful comments towards women." #ausvotes #auspol

    9. Sony dragged George Christensen for his music video and sent him a cease and desist letter.

    Exclusive: Sony/ATV's Damian Trotter said he found it "ironic and disturbing that an Australian politician responsible for legislation in the parliament should have such flagrant disregard for the law”. https://t.co/egdZBq61NU

    10. We had the first leaders' debate and it was very bizarre at times.

    "That's great, we've got a Prime Minister spending his time in the motor pages. That's super," @billshortenmp to @ScottMorrisonMP when quizzed on the price of electric cars. #LeadersDebate #7NEWS

    11. Especially the set design.

    12. And camera angles.

    It's about choices #Leadersdebate #auspol

    13. The Australian's Greg Sheridan declared on Q&A: "I'm not suggesting the Greens are terrorists. I'm suggesting they hate our society and are insane."

    Will the Coalition’s decision to give preferences to Clive Palmer backfire? #QandA

    14. The discourse was totally normal.

    This is an actual headline. The Liberals actually said cheaper childcare was communism.

    15. The prime minister endorsed Bob the Builder.

    Scott Morrison was asked about last night's leaders' debate only just beating re-runs of Bob the Builder: #auspol #ausvotes

    16. Peta Credlin and Alan Jones did this.

    Sky News

    17. It was dancing, apparently.

    Alan and Peta show off their samba moves for the Dirranbandi locals with some jewelled and feathered dancers. MORE: https://t.co/XfKwvG9XRz

    18. I honestly don't have a funny caption here, all you need to know is this is someone running for parliament in Australia.

    Reading about what's going on in Australian politics

    19. Some candidates had problems with their buses.

    Compare the pair - Warren Mundine bus version 1 pledging to increase the age pension, version 2 goes for building our economy. PM says version 1 is accurate because of indexation. The bus might need an asterisk.

    20. Some had problems remembering their job.

    Gaffe-prone Chisholm Liberal candidate Gladys Liu has blamed "nerves" for claiming at two public events a fortnight apart that she is an AFL multicultural ambassador. She resigned from the voluntary role last year. #ausvotes https://t.co/YHXsyB4hgH

    21. Senator Eric Abetz handed the prime minister a wooden carving of the PM's face.

    Eric Abetz has prevented the PM with a personalised wood carving

    22. Incredible.

    23. The deputy prime minister declared young people in Australia don't know how good they've got it.

    Michael McCormack: "One of the biggest problems we've got in this election is the fact that we've got a lot of young people voting for the first time - and this sounds dreadful - who have probably never known how good they've got it." #auspol #ausvotes

    24. The Guardian compiled candidates for the United Australia Party all reading the same script.

    View this video on YouTube


    25. The party is on track to win government apparently.

    Full page ad in the Oz. “Men and Women of Australia. The United Australia Party is on track to win government at the next federal election. Australians should not read or believe fake news.” #AusVotes19 #auspol #ausvotes

    26. With the help of China.

    Think Clive Palmer wants to Make Australia Great? Read the fine print on his corflutes... made in China. The bloviating billionaire can’t even give printing jobs to Australians. @9NewsAUS @auspol

    27. An economist's house was egged after disputed costing of Labor's climate policy was released.

    Economist Brian Fisher's house has been egged in the wake of the new modelling he's released on the cost of Labor's climate policy #auspol

    28. Climate change was again one of the main topics of debate. People, and dinosaurs, were very passionate about it.

    Liberal MP Craig Kelly denies threatening to punch a climate change activist dressed up as a dinosaur. "I may have gesticulated and pointed but raising my fist? No." Mr Kelly did not deny telling the man to "f--- off". https://t.co/kdSgvNCLos #auspol #AusVotes19

    29. It's been a long week.

    Joel Carrett / AAPIMAGE

    Make sure you return for more fun next week. The election isn't till May 18, so there will be plenty more to come.

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