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May 15, 2019

12 Tough "Would You Rather?" Questions: The Home Edition

Would you rather live in a sprawling Texas mansion or a chic New York City duplex?

25 Times We Literally Couldn't Stand Rory Gilmore

From stealing yachts to having affairs with married men.

33 Marvel Movie Moments That Are Actually Hysterical

"I'll do you one better. Why is Gamora?"

The US Isn't Signing A Pledge To Fight Online Extremism After Christchurch

"We maintain that the best tool to defeat terrorist speech is productive speech," the White House said.

Alabama's Governor Has Signed The Nation's Strictest Abortion Law

The law criminalizes nearly all abortions, except for when the woman's life is at risk.

This Fast-Food Quiz Will Determine What Dog Breed You Are

Believe in the power of the burger.

Cory Booker Vows To Make Roe V. Wade The Law Of The Land As President

The 2020 hopeful told BuzzFeed News that recent abortion restrictions are “a threat to women's freedoms and women's rights all over our country,” not just in the states that have passed them.

Reveal Your Magical Familiar By Answering These "Harry Potter" Questions

Just pray you don't end up getting an evil Animagus.

17 Times Bridesmaid Duties Went A Liiiiittle Too Far

"One of my official duties was 'boob wrangler.' Not mine. The bride's."

Which Character From "Matilda" Are You?

A little magic goes a long way!

Here Are The Hipster Food Trends From Around The World

Avocado toast's influence reigns supreme.

The State Department Is Denying Citizenship To Some Kids Born To Same-Sex Couples Overseas. Judges Aren't Happy.

A federal judge in DC denied the government's effort to get a lawsuit tossed out brought by a lesbian couple — one woman is a US citizen, one not — whose son born overseas was denied citizenship.

California's Largest Utility Caused The State's Deadliest And Most Destructive Wildfire, Officials Say

The wildfire killed 85 people in November, nearly leveling the town of Paradise in Northern California and leaving tens of thousands of people homeless.

Hello World, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Australia’s Election

The country that got a new prime minister only nine months ago is heading back to the polls.



Estas fotos mostram a dimensão dos protestos contra os cortes na Educação pelo país

O presidente Bolsonaro ajudou a incendiar os protestos ao chamar os manifestantes de "idiotas úteis".

What Gross Thing Did You Secretly Do When You Were Pregnant?

It's nine months of secret grossness.

23 Claves que les dicen a los fotógrafos de boda si una relación funcionará o no

"Me doy cuenta de mucho si durante la sesión de fotos me ponen más atención a mi que a la otra persona".

These Conservatives Want To Stop Fighting LGBT People

They’re planning a compromise bill in Congress that would offer some LGBT rights and religious exemptions.

Here Are 19 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Netflix's "Dead To Me"

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini didn't know each other before filming began.

Gabrielle Union Defended Ayesha Curry After People Criticized Her For Her Comments About "Male Attention"

“She was honest and she told her truth, and no matter what your truth is, there are going to be people who do not like it,” Union told BuzzFeed News.

We Know If You're Elizabeth Olsen Or Scarlett Johansson

Are you more Scarlett Johansson or Scarlet Witch?

12 coisas legais para você experimentar em maio

Porque nós testamos e aprovamos!

Opinion: It's The Housing, Stupid

If renters voted at the same rate that homeowners did in 2016, Hillary Clinton would have trounced Donald Trump. So why aren't Democrats all over the housing crisis?

19 Diagnósticos espantosos de Google que nos han hecho llorar como a este gatito

Yo: No se me pega nada de lo que estoy estudiando. Google: Cáncer de teflón.

There’s No One To Root For In The James Charles Beauty YouTuber Drama

Vlogger Tati Westbrook is reaping the rewards of canceling her former friend James Charles — and cynically invoking anti-gay stereotypes to make her case.

Immigrants Are Being Forced To Sleep Outside On The Ground At This Texas Facility: "Why Do They Treat Us Like This?"

“We were all piled on top of each other on the pavement. We hardly slept,” one 14-year-old immigrant told BuzzFeed News.

Netflix's "The Society" Is The Dark Teen Drama I've Been Waiting For My Whole Life

If "The 100" and "Gossip Girl" had a baby, it would be "The Society."

How The NXIVM Whistleblower Uncovered The "Horrible Evil" Of The Alleged "Sex Slave" Cult

Mark Vicente was a loyal follower of Keith Raniere's for more than 10 years until he resigned from the organization and contacted the FBI.

"Game Of Thrones" Released Photos Of The Final Episode, But There's Only Two Of Them

We're starving for details and this is what we get? I NEED MORE PHOTOS.

47 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts Of 2019

The greatest doo-dads, gizmos, and other Father's Day gifts for the best dad ever!

¿Qué Spice Girls eres?

If you wanna be my lovah, tienes que hacer este quiz...

24 Products That Stop Pimples In Their Tracks

Adios, acne. You will not be missed in the slightest.

Hace dos años "Los Simpson" predijo lo que haría Daenerys en "Game Of Thrones" y LOL

Bart: "¡Miren! ¡El dragón está quemando nuestro pueblo!".

8 Antworten von Twitter auf die Frage, warum #Twittersperrt

Keine Algorithmen. Keine Versehen. Kein NetzDG. Twitter gibt endlich Antworten und sagt: Wenn wir Satire sperren, dann mit Absicht.

Aqui estão todas as notícias que o Bolsonaro não vai querer ler em sua viagem aos EUA

Economia despenca, investigações avançam sobre o clã presidencial e até o filho pitbull, Carlos Bolsonaro, fala em tentativa de derrubada do governo do pai.

The Political Fights Over Anti-Semitism And Rashida Tlaib Are Pushing Muslim And Jewish Voices Aside

The storm over Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s latest comments highlights how willing operators of American politics in 2019 are to leave out the actual perspectives of people involved.

Aqui estão pokémons originais vs. no filme "Detetive Pikachu"

Eu gostaria de muito de capturar todos eles (exceto por uns quatro deles).

25 Restaurants Worth Traveling To Paris For

A vacation is only as good as the food you eat.

Maisie Williams Opened Up About The Effect Of Fame On Her Mental Health And It's Brutally Honest

"Honestly, I want a normal life... I don’t want any of this crazy, crazy world because it’s not worth it."

The Harvard Lampoon Apologized For Publishing A Photoshopped Image Of Holocaust Victim Anne Frank In A Bikini

“Gone Before Her Time: Virtual Aging Technology Shows Us What Anne Frank Would Have Looked Like if She Hadn’t Died," read the school's humor magazine.

Wetten, du schaffst es nicht, alle 28 EU-Staaten auf einer Karte zu finden?

Das ist gar nicht so einfach, wie es vielleicht klingt.

“Abolish ICE” Was The Call Of Last Summer. 2020 Democrats Have Moved On.

Immigration activists are dejected by national Democrats turning back on calls to abolish or radically transform ICE less than a year after it dominated policy debates.

Este quiz te dirá cuántas posibilidades hay de que vuelva tu ex

Si aún no se quiere llevar las cosas que dejó en tu casa, tienes que hacer este quiz.

Jameela Jamil Opened Up About Her Decision To Have An Abortion

Jameela posted a series of tweets sharing her own experience after near-total bans on abortion were passed in Georgia and Alabama.

Behind Twitter’s Plan To Get People To Stop Yelling At One Another

Twitter’s leadership knows that it’s fundamentally broken, and its latest attempt to fix itself shows how daunting of a task that will be.

The ACLU Is Suing Over Ohio’s Six-Week Abortion Ban

Courts have struck down similar laws in Iowa, Kentucky, and North Dakota, and legal challenges are pending or expected in several states. No such ban has taken effect so far.

This Cheap Volumizing Mascara Will Have Everyone Asking If Your Lashes Are Real

This is very likely the last mascara you'll ever want to purchase. Oh, and don't worry. You can find a way to thank me later (some thoughts and prayers will suffice).

Este quiz de inglés básico te dirá si sobrevivirías un día en Estados Unidos

Buscas una dirección y te dicen "it's straight ahead", ¿qué significa?

What Are Some Things You Think "Harry Potter" Really Messed Up?

Neville should have been The-Boy-Who-Lived.

16 Sex Toys You Can Get On Sale Right Now

Multiple orgasms are only a sale away.

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Vegetable Opinions?

If you like asparagus, you're 100 years old.

26 Internet Games Every Millennial Played But Hasn't Thought About In Years

Raise your hand if you were banned from Club Penguin for swearing.



19 Of The Best Hair Accessories You Can Get On Amazon

...including a very large package of hair pins, because you always seem to be in short supply of those (usually in the moments when you need 'em most).


BuzzFeed の海外記事を英語と日本語でお届け!ネタバレ注意! (英文記事の続きに翻訳記事あり)be willing to:進んで〜する dispense:〜を施す dedication:献身

男性のみなさん、ちょっとこのクイズやってみて! #男の妊活クイズ


Kylie Jenner Revealed Her New Skincare Line And There’s Already A Backlash

"Do NOT pay this billionaire your hard earned money so you can tear up your precious faces with tiny bits of walnut."

Grüne fordern mehr Sicherheit für LGBT*s mit Nationalem Aktionsplan

Die Bundesregierung soll für mehr Vielfalt und den Kampf gegen Homo- und Transfeindlichkeit 35 Millionen Euro zur Verfügung stellen.

Take This "Would You Rather" Quiz To Find Out If You're A Guardian Of The Galaxy Or An Avenger

We love you 3000. (Spoilers if you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame!)

22 Multitasking Skincare Products You Should Try ASAP

It's time to shake up your skincare routine.

James Corden Responded To A "Game Of Thrones" Fan Who Wished Cancer On His Child After He Shared A Spoiler

"That is, without question, the single most upsetting thing I think you could ever say about me or my family."

Which Iconic Inanimate Object From "Friends" Are You Really?

Are you the Central Perk couch or Joey and Chandler's foosball table?



Can We Guess Your Cartoon Crush Based On The 2000s Shows You Loved?

Everyone's had a crush on a cartoon character. Don't lie!

Morning Update: Why Would You Stop Printing Money

Trump's strategy to fight back, Alabama's abortion bill, a "disinformation laboratory." Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, May 15.







Theresa May Will Reject Calls By Muslim Groups To Define Islamophobia As A Type Of Racism

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has been briefed on plans to oppose the definition on free speech grounds.

Facebook Has Tightened Its Facebook Live Rules After The New Zealand Terror Attacks

Months after the man who shot 51 Muslims to death inside two Christchurch mosques streamed the attacks on Facebook Live, Facebook wants to clamp down.





Abtreibungsgegner Yannic Hendricks zieht seine Berufung gegen BuzzFeed News zurück – wir werden seinen Namen weiterhin nennen

„Die Offenlegung der Identität ist vorliegend Voraussetzung für einen fairen Meinungskampf“, schreibt das Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf.

もしも自分が異性になったなら? 世界中で大流行中の「性別変換」フィルターの精度がヤバすぎるw

カメラアプリのSnapchat(スナチャ)の新機能「Gender-Swapped (性別変換)」が面白い! 顔面認識→ARで、ヒゲが生えたり、アイメイクが施されたり……。赤ちゃん顔になるものも面白いです。



This Tiny Remote Town Asked Tony Abbott For Better Housing — And Were Surprised When It Actually Arrived

After years of waiting for new housing, Borroloola residents credit Tony Abbott with taking action.

Kids In This Remote Community Are Wandering The Streets At Night And Sleeping For Hours At School Because Of Their Houses

In the remote community of Borroloola in the Northern Territory, some people say housing is the most important issue at the federal election.



This Young Man Is Hopeful About The Future In Australia's Worst Suicide Region

"A lot of things have been done for us, without us. That's what we're trying to change."

We Might Be Getting A National Abortion Hotline. This State Is Successfully Running Its Own

This phone line has received more than 5,000 calls since it launched a year ago.

Tony Abbott Declares Labor Has A Better Climate Change Policy Than The Coalition

We've got just three sleeps until the election, but there's still plenty going on.

The Arrest Of A Teen On An Assault Charge Has Sparked New Privacy Fears About DNA Sleuthing

Critics fear we’re on a slippery slope of genetic genealogy being used to investigate less serious crimes. “We’re right here on the precipice, sliding down,” one expert said.

25 Inexpensive Items That'll Make Your Wardrobe More Exciting

Everything you need for an AMAZING wardrobe.

遺伝性がん「家族性大腸ポリポーシス」と生きて 息子の幸せを願う母が遺した手紙


Which "Friends" Character Are You Really?

So no one told you life was gonna be this way.

How Well Do You Remember The "Twilight" Movies?

"Hold on tight spider monkey!"

This Unconventional Quiz Will Reveal What Your Dream Job Is

Now's the time for a life-changing career shift.

Alabama Republicans Voted To Criminalize Nearly All Abortions, Even For Victims Of Rape And Incest

The controversial bill, which now heads to the governor's desk to be signed into law, bans all abortions, except in cases where a woman’s health is at serious risk.

15 Moms Who Are Totally Unapologetic Geniuses

They have more creativity in their pinkies than you do in your whole body.

It's Time To Find Out If You're More Similar To Pete Davidson Or John Mulaney

Are you a "tall child" or a guy who's "140 pounds and has a problem with wind"?

Police Say A "Serial Killer" Carnival Worker Killed Two Women And A Teen Girl In Virginia

James Michael Wright allegedly claimed that the shootings were accidental, but the local sheriff said "we find that hard to believe."

Which Character From "NCIS: LA" Are You Most Like?

"Captain, you've got a killer on your ship."

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