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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Y'all mind if I enter my 16th minute of fame?"

    1. Maisie Williams laughed at a throwback:

    2. Justin Timberlake shared a Game of Thrones take on this classic meme:

    3. Zendaya still doesn't want to talk about it:

    Still don’t wanna talk about it.

    4. Noah Centineo shared a memory:

    Pokémon owned my soul for like 8 solid years

    5. Lil Nas X had a simple request:

    y’all mind if i enter my 16th minute of fame?

    6. Chrissy Teigen finally ran out of content:

    well I’ve done it. I have officially watched everything ever made

    7. Joe Jonas tweeted pics of HIS WIFE, Sophie Turner:

    8. Brie Larson shared a picture from the Avengers: Endgame set:

    Love you 3000 and many many thank yous to everyone who came out to see #AvengersEndgame 💖💖💖

    9. Mariah Carey tweeted so many people she had to make a thread (I highly recommend clicking on it and reading the whole thing):

    10. Lana Condor took a BuzzFeed quiz:

    11. Anna Kendrick had an important theory:

    Theory: the country has gone to shit because we stopped selling Viennetta.

    12. Karlie Kloss FaceTimed from a Diana Ross concert:

    Best time to FaceTime your mom is 💯 at a @DianaRoss show 💁🏼‍♀️ @HAIMtheband

    13. Maggie Rogers was a hero:

    I 💙 earth and it’s slowly dying. made this glitter water bottles for my band + crew to use instead of plastic. theres a few last ones up on the webstore now. 🕊🌎 also here’s a pic of me appreciating the mother this morning

    14. Lin-Manuel Miranda's son had a great soundtrack for his first steps:

    15. And Ariana Grande shared a drunk rehearsal video:

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