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    Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, And Pitbull Revealed Which Songs They Wished They Never Recorded

    A world without "Pizza Girl" is not a world I wanna live in!

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    In case you somehow DIDN'T KNOW, these lovely humans / music sensations are Pitbull, Kelly Clarkson, and Nick Jonas, and they gathered together to share their ~firsts~.


    This vid is the funnest way to spend the next 10 minutes of your life, guaranteed. By the end of it, you'll be a "sucker" for all three of them.

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    While discussing their firsts, this fabulous trio revealed which song from their respective discographies they would delete.


    Oh, boy.

    Pitbull said he would axe a song from a commercial he did at the beginning of his career for some quick cash.


    Pitbull: You know, I was strapped for cash, so I did this commercial, an educational commercial, for $1200. They had me rap this song, "Learn more, earn more." It was horrible, but what's crazy enough, brining it full circle, we own schools. We build schools. We got 10 schools, 10,000 kids. Maybe that commercial lead to this.

    Nick? He said he would axe *tears up* "Pizza Girl" from his show with his fellow brothers, JONAS.

    BuzzFeed, Disney

    Nick Jonas: My brothers and I did a TV show for Disney, which was a great experience, and in that show...there was a song called "Pizza Girl," and it was about how we fell in love with the pizza delivery girl. I don't hate the song — but what I hate is when at our shows when we're trying to play our real songs, they're like, "Play 'Pizza Girl!'" Let's just put that one to rest. We can be done with that.

    But Kelly? Y'all are not ready for this one. Kelly would get rid of "A MOMENT LIKE THIS!"

    BuzzFeed, RCA

    Kelly Clarkson: Mine — oh, I'm about to get so much hate here. It's because the song was not written for me, it was written for the winner [of American Idol]. I'm not against the song, it's just not really my vibe.

    Pitbull: That was a big disclaimer.

    Kelly Clarkson: I know, because it's a pretty big song, but it's "A Moment Like This."

    Lucky for US, this was just a hypothetical question and these songs aren't going ANYWHERE!


    Be sure to catch these three in UglyDolls which hits theaters today!

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