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May 12, 2019

30 Things That'll Actually Help You Be Productive At The Office

That promotion won't make itself happen!

Here Are The TV Shows That Premiered The Year You Were Born

Honestly, TV has always been pretty great.

40 Lies Teen Girls Told Themselves In The Early 2000s

Fact: Mixing a bunch of Bath & Body Works body sprays did NOT give you a lovely signature scent.



13 Of The Most Hilarious Messages Of The Month (So Far)

"You think you can co-sign so I can get this car?" —a one-time hookup

Taylor Owens • 11 hours ago

Alyssa Milano Called For A "Sex Strike" To Protest Strict Abortion Laws And Many People Are Confused

"Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy," Milano said.

Go Camping To See What National Park Trip Is Perfect For You

Fresh air, beautiful scenery, and crackling s'mores.

STEM Students Want Change After The Colorado School Shooting, But First They Want To Mourn

"We're not like other victims where we want to just immediately go out and start campaigning," a 17-year-old STEM student said.

21 Of The Most Iconic Musical Moments In Otherwise Nonmusical Films

WARNING: Only read this post if you feel like being in a good mood.

Meghan Markle Shared A New Photo Of Royal Baby Archie For Her First Mother's Day

The gorgeous image included hints of a tribute to Princess Diana, the baby's grandmother.

Gemma Chan Explained Why She Liked A Salty Tweet About "Crazy Rich Asians" Costar Constance Wu

Chan said the like was a mistake. "Anyone looking for drama or beef, sorry to disappoint."

15 Charts That'll Make Going Keto Sooo Much Easier

From keto-friendly substitutes to a guide on correctly customizing your Starbucks order.

Promise You Won't Freak Out When We Correctly Guess Your Relationship Status?

Are you in a relationship, single, or is it complicated?

Here's The Meal You'll Be Served On 31 Different Airlines Around The World

Some airlines have you eating like a king on an economy class budget.

Amy Schumer Wrote An Honest And Inspiring Post-Pregnancy Message On Instagram

"Women are f***ing warriors and capable of anything."

Opinion: Millennials Wanting To Overhaul America Need To Come To Terms With Boomer Power

The two generations are roughly equal in number, but the massive political power of boomers will remain for at least another decade.

19 Funny College Tweets That'll Touch The Soul Of Any Current Or Former Student

"I skip test questions like I'm gonna be a different person when I come back to them."

The Cast Of "Detective Pikachu" Finds Out Which Pokémon They Are

If Ryan Reynolds, Kathryn Newton, and Justice Smith were Pokémon, who would they be?

12 IKEA-Hacks, die dein kleines Zimmer zum echten Platzwunder machen

Eine smarte METOD, damit deine winzige Wohnung nicht mehr ganz so winzig ist.

If You Score At Least 6/12 On This World Capitals Quiz I'd Be Impressed

Taking it back to middle school with this one!

These Photos Prove How Little You Know About Alaska

"Alaska gets all sorts of nicknames like the Last Frontier, but for somewhere around 730,000 people, it’s home."

Which One Of Bill Skarsgård's Characters Is Your One True Love?

Which one of these Skarsgårds do you hold in high regard?

Throw A Children's Birthday Party And We'll Tell You Your Mental Age

Your passport might say 23, but how old are you really?

28 Products That’ll Give Your Small Apartment So Much More Space

Baskets, wall hooks, and organizers galore!



26 Things That'll Help Make Your Next Flight A Little Bit Better

You can't control if your flight is delayed, but you *can* control how you feel on the flight.



30 Inexpensive Yet Stylish Pieces Of Jewelry

Turns out you don't have to spend a ton of cash to keep up with all the hip styles.


カップヌードル(Cup Noodles)「蘭州牛肉麺」を食べてみました。牛肉ベースの濃厚スープにパクチーの爽やかな風味とラー油の辛さが絶妙にマッチ!これからの暑い季節にピッタリな一品です!パクチー好きの方はぜひ一度食べてみてください!

22 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

*Extremely dehydrated SpongeBob voice* I NEED ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!













Which Decade Do You Really Belong In?

Are you more of an Ariana Grande or a Golden Girl?

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Harry Styles Hairstyle Is Your Favorite

How many hairstyles would Harry Styles style if Harry Styles could style hairstyles?


カルディに売っている「クーベルチュール ホワイトチョコレートケーキ」がSNSでも賑わせています!しっとりずっしりしたケーキはめちゃ美味しい!ホワイトチョコ好きな人は絶対買って!!







これヤバい!無印が売ってる“蟹のカレー” 絶品すぎて手が止まらなくなる…!


Can You Match All Of The "Friends" To Their Zodiac Signs?

If you get 5/6, you'll honestly impress us.





19 Of The Best Bathrobes You Can Get On Amazon

They see me robin'; they hatin'.

世界中で報道の自由が脅かされている 苦難に直面したジャーナリストたち




Which Jonas Brother Is Your Soulmate?

The perfect quiz for Jonas Brothers' stans!



「お母さん」は祖母だった あの女性歌手が毎月、花を贈る理由


18 Unpopular Opinion Tweets That A Whole Lot Of People Agreed With

They got so many "likes" they're actually kind of popular.

The Set Photographer For "Game Of Thrones" Talks About Which Photos Are Her Favorites And Why

"I think if you transported me from those days of the pilot to a day in the middle of Season 8 — I mean, they're just two completely different jobs."

42 Products With Before And After Photos That'll Make Your Head Spin

Transform your life one smart Amazon purchase at a time.

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