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This Picture From Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner's Wedding Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today

I only want to get married if I can also take my wedding pictures sitting on a pink Cadillac.

By now you must know the big news: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are officially married!

The couple, who have been engaged since late 2017, tied the knot after leaving the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas on Wednesday night, heading straight to the Little White Wedding Chapel when the show wrapped up.

Guests included Khalid and Diplo, who livestreamed the wedding on Instagram, as well as Joe's brothers, Nick and Kevin. Oh, and of course the whole thing was officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator.

While official pictures from the wedding have yet to be released, some have begun to emerge on social media, and I'm not lying when I say the whole wedding looks iconic.

Just look at how much fun they were having!

And what's a wedding party if the bride and groom don't jump into a hot tub fully clothed?

Joe and Sophie celebrating their wedding. 📹 ig (credit goes to owner) May 1, 2019

Turner and Jonas didn't hang around in Vegas, though. The couple jumped on a jet and flew back to LA the following morning, with Turner pictured wearing a "just married" sash.

According to reports, Turner will take Jonas's last name, making her Sophie Belinda Jonas. Yes, I didn't know her middle name was Belinda, either.

And apparently the Vegas ceremony isn't the only thing the newlyweds have to look forward to. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Elvis impersonator who officiated the wedding said that the couple was planning another ceremony overseas.

The Elvis impersonator, whose real name is Jesse, also revealed that the couple had hired out the wedding chapel a week in advance and that they left the venue in a pink stretch limousine. Sounds like #goals to me.

Hilariously, somebody posted a side-by-side of Nick's, Kevin's, and Joe's weddings. Tag yourself; I'm very Team Joe.

The Jonas Brothers and their Wedding Photos

Anyway, I'm off to redesign my wedding scrapbook so it includes pink limousines and an Elvis Presley impersonator. Bye!