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May 8, 2019

Eat A Ton Of Cheese And We'll Reveal Your Best Quality

There's no such thing as too cheesy.

We Know Your Deepest Secrets Based On The Outfit You Build

Your shopping habits are keys to your soul.

27 Products As Precious As A Golden Retriever

Give me pure or give me death.

Only Huge Bollywood Fans Can Pass This Quiz

Think outside the (Khan) box.

A Formerly Anti-Vax Mom Posted About Why Her Kids Are Getting Vaccinated

"Glad my babies don’t need to suffer through preventable infectious diseases."

Rate The Hotness Of These "Game of Thrones" Characters And We'll Reveal Your Wedding Venue

Looks like winter is over because it's getting HOT in here.

Meghan Markle Didn't Hide Her Post-Baby Bump And Moms Are Like, "Yaaaas, Girl!"

"This is how 99% of women look after birth, and she is helping normalize it."

18 Seriously Genius Pro-Black Details You Might Have Missed At This Year's Met Gala

A detailed breakdown of all the symbolism, nuances, and references that made this gala the blackest one yet!

Wir veröffentlichen den Gesetzentwurf für eine Reform des Transsexuellengesetzes

Seit Jahren wird eine Reform des als veraltet geltenden Gesetzes gefordert. Verbände bezeichnen den Entwurf als Augenwischerei.

A Hidden Barrier To Entry For 2020 Democrats: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars For Voter Data

Early primary states and the DNC are asking for a total of nearly $600,000 from presidential candidates who are looking to buy their voter files.

What Products Make It Easier To Live With Roommates?

Let us know what helps keep the peace in your home!

35 "Avengers: Endgame" Details That'll Make You Say, "How Did I Not Notice That?!"

Korg's shirt matches one Taika Waititi wore to Comic Con in 2017.

What Are The Paris Restaurants Every Traveler Should Try?

Where should everyone eat in the City of Light?

Low-Carb Beef Stroganoff

Low-Carb Beef Stroganoff

Só quem acertar metade neste teste de cachorros pode ser pai ou mãe de pet

Você sabe diferenciar um doberman de um dachshund?

É assim que a China usa um aplicativo para perseguir muçulmanos

Pela primeira vez o app usado para coletar uma quantidade enorme de informações pessoais pela polícia na China passou pelo processo de engenharia reversa.

Harry And Meghan Shunned Royal Tradition In Unveiling Their Baby To The World

The media circus of the hospital departure is A LOT.

Choose Some Baby Names And We’ll Tell You Where To Raise Your Family

The perfect quiz for those of us who are obsessed with names.

This Is What It Sounds Like Hiding In A Dark Classroom During A School Shooting

"Attention please. Lockdown. Locks, lights, out of sight. Attention please. Lockdown. Locks, lights, out of sight. Attention please. Lockdown. Locks, lights, out of sight. "

Let's Find Out If You're Worthy Enough To Hold Thor's Hammer

"I'd rather be a good man than a great king."

25 Hilarious Ramadan Tweets That Aren't "Not Even Water" Jokes

"You call it Taraweeh, I call it sneaker shopping"

We Want To Know: How Do You Think "Game Of Thrones" Is Going To End?

Who lives? Who dies? Who ends up on that dang throne?

A Former Member Of Alleged Cult NXIVM Testified In Horrifying Detail About Becoming A "Sex Slave"

The woman, who said she was forced to take naked photos of herself, said that one day her father called her and suggested she get her own cloud-based storage account. "I found your medical pictures," he said.

This Quiz Will Reveal Which Dog Breed You Are

The perfect quiz for dog lovers!

Take This Waterparks Quiz And Find Out Which Emoji You Are

What should you put in your Twitter bio?

Jesse Williams Opened Up About His Friendship With "Grey's Anatomy" Costar Ellen Pompeo

Williams told BuzzFeed News he and Pompeo are such close friends, their families take vacations together with their kids.

Find Out Which Part Of Harry Styles's Met Gala Look You Are

He really puts the "style" in Styles.

This Dad Attempting A Backflip Is Every Dad Trying To Show Off

"He’s never successfully done a backflip ever."

31 Dresses To Keep On Hand For The Next Wedding You Have To Attend

Wait, that wedding is next weekend??? *Internally screams*

What Happens When Christian Movies Go Mainstream?

Faith-based hits like God's Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine aren't the surprise they used to be. But how will an industry fueled by a sense of neglect handle mainstream acceptance?

Which Deceased "Game Of Thrones" Character Said It?

"What do we say to the God of Death?"

¡Que alguien nos explique POR QUÉ JoJo Siwa no fue a la Met Gala!

NECESITÁBAMOS A JOJO SIWA (y también a Rihanna).

Cheesecake de unicórnio

Chega a ser até um pouco mágico!

Jungkook Finally Got To Meet Ariana Grande And It Was Everything

BTS are in the US and they're living their best lives.

Here's How Different 23 People Look From Their First Vs. Latest Met Gala

For everyone who likes looking at a good then & now.

17 Cosas a las que se parecieron las celebridades en la Met Gala

La Met Gala más memeable de la historia.

"Detective Pikachu" — Here's How The Characters In The Film Look Side By Side With Their Originals

I would very much like to catch 'em all (except for, like, four of them).

Under Siege For His Comments About Rape, UKIP’s Star Candidate Carl Benjamin Has Recruited Milo Yiannopoulos To Join His Campaign

The former Breitbart editor and conservative troll is returning to the UK for a week to support Carl Benjamin's bid for a seat in the European Parliament.

19 Amazing Books That Prove Indie Presses Deserve Your Attention

Updated Japanese folklore, an unexpected love triangle, meditations on family and addiction, and more.

Bridesmaids, Tell Us About The Wildest Thing You've Ever Been Asked To Do

With great bridesmaid power comes great bridesmaid responsibility.

Which London Tube Line Are You?

Just because you take the Northern line everyday, doesn't mean you're not Metropolitan line at heart.

21 Premium-Flachwitze

Versprochen 🤝

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Named Their Son Archie

Welcome to the world, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor!

Este quiz te dirá tu porcentaje de celoso/a

Tu pareja te está enseñando fotos viejitas y se cuela una de su ex, ¿cómo reaccionas?

What's The Spookiest Thing That's Happened To You In A Hotel?

Tell us all about your unpleasant stay.

Prepárate un torta y te diremos cómo morirías en Game of Thrones

¿Dragones o white walkers? Eso lo definirá el picante que escojas.

This Video Of Khloé Praising Jordyn Five Months Before The Tristan Drama Is Painfully Awkward

"Jordyn, I've known you forever and I'm so proud of you and the woman that you have grown into."

17 Preguntas muy importantes que nos dejó 'Nosotros'

Spoilers sobre Jason, su familia y sus dobles a continuación...

Estas teorías sobre la muerte de Cersei en 'Game of Thrones' tienen mucho sentido

Obviamente se va a morir antes de que esto termine, ¿no?

Kendrick Castillo, The Colorado STEM School Shooting Victim, Was Set To Graduate In Three Days

Castillo, 18, was a four-year member of the robotics team and would have finished his senior year in three days.

The House Judiciary Committee Voted To Hold Bill Barr In Contempt

The full House will now have to vote to hold the attorney general in contempt. The committee’s move comes shortly after President Trump asserted executive privilege to prevent Democrats from obtaining the full report.

What Do Teachers Actually Do During Their Summer "Vacations"?

Teachers are so good, we don't deserve them!

19 Websites, die dein Leben ein bisschen verändern werden

Inklusive deinem Leben nach dem Tod.

21 Times Emilia Clarke Was The Gift We Don't Deserve

"I am literally the girl with the dragon tattoo."

17 Movie Lines That Are So Cringey They Probably Should've Been Cut Out

Yes, "I have orgasms, he has wargasms" is an actual line from a film.

27 Dresses With Pockets So You Can Live Your Best Life

You get a dress with pockets, you get a dress with pockets, and YOU get a dress with pockets — pockets for all!!!

Hilary Duff Shared A Brutally Honest Post About Deciding To Stop Breastfeeding

"I was sad and frustrated and feeling like a failure all of the time. When really I’m a bad ass rock star."

Your Mom's Zodiac Sign Determines What You Should Get Her For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here, and the zodiac has got you covered.

Kim Kardashian West Took Us Behind The Scenes Of Getting Into That Met Gala Dress And It’s Wild

A corset that took three men to lace up? Check. A dress you can't sit down or pee in? Check. Mini doughnuts the morning after? Check x 24.

Morning Update: Less Than 8 Miles From Columbine

A deadly school shooting in Denver, the Trump administration wins a victory in court, Instagram's crackdown on anti-vaxxers. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, May 8.

A casa da Emilia Clarke não é nem um pouco como eu pensava


23 Stylish Tees You Need In Your Wardrobe ASAP

A good t-shirt can go a long way.



かわいすぎる…!大人気コスメブランド「スキンフード 」の新作ネイル、マジで優秀でした【全色レビュー】

日本でも大人気の韓国コスメブランド「スキンフード 」から、新作ネイルが登場!!発色◎乾きやすさ◎な優秀ネイルなんです!しかもかわいすぎるカラーばっかりだから、全部欲しくなっちゃう…!

Baby Sussex Will Be Called Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

The happy couple announced the name in an Instagram post.



It's Time To Find Out Which Disney Princess You're Nothing Like

You can't paint with all the colors of the wind.



17 Of The Best Rompers You Can Get On Amazon

Because who can say no to an outfit that takes the guesswork out of planning an entire outfit?!

【対訳付き】これまで歴史を動かしてきた抗議ポスター 見えてくるのは人々の不満だ


幸せな報告をしたラッパーと恋人。 でも、シェアした画像はネットで拾ったものだった…


17 innere Qualen von Extrovertierten, die alle Introvertierten verstehen müssen

Ja, du weißt, du neigst dazu, viel zu reden. Und nein, du hörst nicht einfach nur gern den Klang deiner eigenen Stimme.



41 Inexpensive Products With Impressive Results

You're about to get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

国籍は地球。どこから来たかって? 「母の腹から来た」しかなくない? m-floに見る「自分と違う誰か」と付き合う方法

m-floは異色のグループだ。インターナショナルスクールで出会ったボーカルのLISA、MCのVERBAL、トラックメーカーの☆Takuで結成され、1999年にメジャーデビュー。『come agein』や『prism』などヒットを飛ばす。その後LISAが脱退し、Loves プロジェクトとしてBoAやCHEMISTRYなど多くのアーティストとコラボレーションソングを発表。そして2017年末、再びLISAを迎え3人での活動を再開した。

結果にコミットする牛丼!? 吉野家×ライザップのコラボがガチすぎるwwww


















11 Hacks That Will Make Your Road Trip Significantly Less Stressful

Road trips should be about the journey, not the anxiety.

So You Think You Know Our Prime Ministers?

"When it comes to getting stoned ... I was a complete failure," said one PM. Can you guess who?



Bill Shorten Gives Emotional Press Conference After Newspaper Story About His Mother

The Labor leader called the Daily Telegraph's story about his mother "a new low".





スタバでウィンナー珈琲!? 期間限定「スタアバックス珈琲」がレトロかわいくて最高の予感


Just 31 Bathing Suits To Wear To The Pool This Summer

Get ready to make a splash with stylish swimwear!

The Trump Administration Can Continue To Force Asylum-Seekers To Wait In Mexico, A Federal Appeals Court Ruled

The 9th Circuit allowed the administration to continue its controversial policy while the case makes its way through the appeals process.

BuzzFeed tiene una nueva serie de YouTube y si amas la cultura pop te va a encantar

'Lásers y Dinosaurios' te dice todo lo que necesitas saber de cine, series, música y más.

We Wanna See How You Decorated Your Graduation Cap

Now's your chance to show off those Pinterest skills!

Let's See If You Actually Know What These Emojis Are Called

Poop or chocolate ice cream? Will we ever know?

26 Affordable Luxuries To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Live a fancy life without spending tons of cash? Sign me up!

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