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    Here Are A Bunch Of Cool Details You Maybe Missed In The "It Chapter Two" Teaser

    The movie theater in Derry is closed in present day. :-(

    Warning: mild spoilers ahead.

    1. The name on the apartment door still says "Marsh" (Beverly's last name) even though someone else (the old lady) is living there now.

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    This should've been our first tip-off that something strange was afoot!

    2. The love letter/postcard Ben gave to Beverly apparently got torn up (then taped back together) between the first movie and this one.

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    The last time we saw the post card, Beverly's dad was confronting her about it.

    Warner Bros.

    What happened in the few months after the kids "beat" It and before Beverly left Derry to live with her aunt in Portland? Why would she tear up the card, repair it, then hide it away in the wall? Did someone else actually tear it up?

    3. There are six flies on the window here — it's possible they represent the six members of the Losers' Club we see in the Chapter Two trailer.

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    Stanley, of course, is not in the trailer, but I won't get into why for *spoiler* reasons. It's also worth noting that flies often symbolize death in art.

    4. The way the old woman creepily smiles and stares at Beverly is eerily similar to the way another old woman smiles and stares at Ben in It.

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    5. The "Pennywise the Dancing Clown" cart in the old woman's photo of her dad (who looks like Pennywise) can also be seen in one of the old books Ben was looking at in the first movie.

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    It's interesting, though, that in It we saw drawings of Pennywise appearing in Derry as early as the 18th century (long before this woman's photo would've been taken).

    6. Beverly is attacked by the old woman in the same room her father attacked her in back in It.

    Warner Bros.

    Looks like the fireplace got a kinda ugly updating.

    7. The large sewer tunnel the Losers' Club walks by in the trailer is the same one from the beginning of It.

    Warner Bros.

    The large tunnel appeared in the first movie right after the prologue with Georgie.

    8. And this train bridge is the same one they walked by after getting into a rock war with the Bowers Gang.

    Warner Bros.

    Ahh, the nostalgia.

    9. The movie theater in Derry is closed in present day. :-(

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    It's hard to read what it says in the Chapter Two trailer, but the marquee now says: "Thanks for the memories, Derry!"

    10. And you can see there are new "MISSING" kids posters around town again.

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    It's been 27 years...Pennywise is feeding again.

    11. Bill is still into flannel shirts.

    Warner Bros.

    Silly, I know, but good costume detail!

    12. And Richie still likes ~cool~ Hawaiian shirts.

    Warner Bros.

    Fashions fade; style is eternal.

    13. The Paul Bunyan statue in downtown Derry has gone through a major makeover.

    Warner Bros.

    Maybe it was even rebuilt entirely?

    14. However, the town square stage looks basically the same.

    Warner Bros.

    Same decor too!

    15. And finally, Pennywise has blue eyes in this last shot...just like when he was ~charming~ Georgie.

    Warner Bros.

    Unlike the yellow he normally has when he's creeping/killing.

    It Chapter Two opens Sept. 6 and I am sooooo ready!

    Warner Bros.

    In case you want to rewatch it, here's the teaser trailer:

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