Just 19 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

    The election is next week and things are getting serious. Except, they also aren't.

    We made it through the penultimate week of the election campaign! One more week to go!

    This week was dominated by a newspaper story about Labor leader Bill Shorten's mother, more candidates resigning over their offensive comments, and the never-ending fight over costings.

    There were a lot of moments that defied explanation. Below are some of the most absurd.

    1. The prime minister was called "the Energizer Bunny on steroids".

    Scott Morrison is like the Energizer Bunny on steroids.

    2. The prime minister used his tried and tested "I'm going to stick to my current job" line while calling the bingo, again.

    .@ScottMorrisonMP calling the bingo at the Panthers Club in Port Macquarie The marginal seat of Cowper is held by the Nationals, but is at risk of falling to Independent Rob Oakeshott @2GB873 @NewsTalk4BC @3AW693 @6PR @1395FIVEaa

    3. The prime minister got inventive with his use of tense.

    "We've brought the budget back into surplus next year"

    4. Space Invaders jokes wouldn't stop.

    The Prime Minister on Bill Shorten, via 2GB: "He was talking about space invaders the other day. The only space he's going to invade is people's wallets." #auspol

    5. A former prime minister arrived early for an interview proceeded to go very off-script.

    That moment when a former PM surprises you on air @andrewprobyn: You snuck up behind me Paul Keating: I've done that a bit of that in my life

    6. People were told to take a joke.

    .@billshortenmp: If you win you'll have more people to promote because so many of your current ministry is leaving. @ScottMorrisonMP: No need to get nasty. Smile Bill, it was a joke. Watch live: https://t.co/WPRu9HztQ6 #ausvotes

    7. Handshakes were refused.

    Tense moment between @SenatorWong and @Birmo at the SA debate. Birmingham says Keating's China comments show Labor lacks consistency on the issue. Wong is fuming, accuses Birmingham of politicising foreign policy. Refuses his offer of a handshake at end of the debate.

    8. Praise for the royal baby was immediate.

    Huge congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, on the birth of their baby boy today. Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys of life! #RoyalBaby


    Chloe and I are delighted for Harry and Meghan on the arrival of their baby boy. They are a lovely couple and will make wonderful parents.

    10. And a tad OTT.

    The front page of tomorrow's The West Australian #royalbaby

    11. Someone really fancied Bill Shorten's Labor party to win next weekend.

    One punter has today laid $1 million at $1.23 on Labor to win with @ladbrokescomau. Biggest single bet with the online bookie since it entered the Australian market in 2013 #auspol

    12. Shorten tried to explain a meme.

    Bill Shorten tries to explain an Obama meme/cartoon - not sure he had the room with him though. Explaining memes is always pretty impossible #LeadersDebate #auspol #ausvotes


    @CaseyBriggs It’ll be this meme format

    14. Home affairs minister Peter Dutton said older Australians were waiting with baseball bats for Bill Shorten.

    Peter Dutton: "I think older Australians, in particular, are waiting with baseball bats for Mr Shorten because they don’t want their retirement plan wrecked." #ausvotes #auspol Via - https://t.co/5Vk4gGip1z

    15. The newspapers had a week of it. A columnist blamed the voters for the "toxic election".

    I BLAME YOU FOR THIS TOXIC ELECTION #auspol https://t.co/2p2t1WQmZa

    16. And a reader reckoned Shorten deliberately enticed the Daily Telegraph's widely condemned story on his mother.

    Whatever the previous best-ever conspiracy theory was, it’s only second-best now:

    17. Malcolm turned up.

    18. Someone tried to egg the prime minister and the egg just rolled off his head.

    .@tomwconnell: It looks like the egg basically bounces straight off @ScottMorrisonMP. This has just happened at the Country Women's Association. MORE: https://t.co/cnxAXrLKY3 #newsday

    19. And New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern was named Australia's most trusted politician. What a time.

    Survey says the most trusted leader in Australia is.... Jacinda Ardern? https://t.co/uuRRwT0r6p

    Check back next week for all the latest madness as we edge towards May 18 and election day.