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Updated on May 27, 2019. Posted on May 10, 2019

17 Pictures That Show Good Intentions But Huge Fails


1. This slide that looks like an absolute nightmare for anyone with a crotch.

Ryguychu / Via

2. These stalls that ~bare all~.

Yamezj / Via

3. This drop-down menu that shows months in alphabetical order instead of chronologically.

MegaxJak1 / Via

4. This bag that is making a perfectly fine loaf of bread look gross and moldy.

chmiiller / Via

5. This complimentary kettle that's only complimentary if you don't use it.

Feelsave / Via

6. This fridge placement that would make any HGTV designer cringe.

agdietzel / Via

7. This pencil with a positive message that becomes a bad influence the more you use it.

meatpieguy / Via

8. These bags of eggs that don't look like as good of a container as, you know, a shell.

ShinigamiDady / Via

9. This sign that is trying to make this store look cheaper.

BrendanTFirefly / Via

10. This work uniform that isn't delivering the right message.

sovietmetalhead / Via

11. This zipper to nowhere.

JovanReddit4556 / Via

12. This "parking ticket" ad that's trying to make a fool out of you.

KingTripleG / Via

13. This thoughtful notification that says in the fine print that you can accept cookies by pressing "I accept" or "X."

ryfoje / Via

14. This cabinet that was only made to hold boxes of spaghetti.

onestiller / Via

15. And this sign that has a photo of the braille underneath instead of the actual braille.

BlazeX344 / Via

16. This indented cashew box full of lies and deceit.

DiggyKalborn / Via

17. And finally, this shirt that was definitely not thought out too well.

ConfusedGirlfriend / Via

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