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    Moms Are Sharing What They REALLY Want For Mother's Day, And They Are Hilarious, Heartbreaking, And Real

    "I want to go to Target alone, get Starbucks, and live my best basic bitch life for two hours."

    Ah, Mother's Day — the day your family pulls out all the stops to celebrate all that you do for them.

    But when it comes to what you actually want for Mother's Day, sometimes your family gets it a little bit, well, wrong as hell.

    Well, a viral Reddit thread asked moms what they REALLY want for Mother's Day, and their responses were hilarious, heartbreaking, and real:

    1. "I want to go to Target alone, get Starbucks, and live my best basic bitch life for two hours."

    2. "To not be bombarded with a million questions, the majority of which are, 'Why?'"


    3. "To get my car professionally detailed. There are McDonald's chicken nuggets stuffed so deep into the seats I'm pretty sure they're mummified."


    4. "Anything but a mug — oh my god, please don't get anymore mugs. They are the mother equivalent of ties."

    5. "I want a call from my kid in which he says 'I love you' first, not just after I say it."


    6. "One night in a hotel to sleep. And to come home to a clean house that wasn’t cleaned by me."


    7. "A new PS4. I'm sick of sharing mine with my kids and my husband. I want a new one that I'll set up in my bedroom and declare a Fortnite-free device."

    8. "Just to feel like I'm appreciated. Maybe a simple 'Thank you for always doing this,' or 'Thank you for being there when this happened.'"


    9. "A hot shower — the kind where you stay in so long the water gets cold. And a good orgasm...a very, very good orgasm."


    10. "I want my adult kids to come home and visit. I want my driveway filled with cars and my house filled with noise. But since they live out of state, they'll call instead, and that will be enough."

    11. "A day off. But a proper day off, where they actually take care of everything I do — not just doing nothing on Mother's Day to do twice as much to catch up the day after."


    12. "I want a picture of my son and me. I’m a single mom, so all of our pictures are selfies, and I would love for someone to offer to take our picture instead."


    13. "An hour or two of total and complete silence."

    14. "I don't care about gifts of any kind, permanent or perishable — if I want something I'll buy it myself. I just want us to spend some time together.


    15. "For someone to take over the mental load for one day. My son has ADHD and rides the spectrum, and my mother has Alzheimer's. I would love to leave the house knowing that they are safe, without having to call several times a day to check."


    16. "A day without having to watch Minecraft YouTube videos."

    17. "To not have to see my mother-in-law this year. It always turns into her day, but hi, I'm a mom too!"


    18. "A charcuterie board and a bottle of paired white wine all to myself."


    19. "I don’t want to have to plan my Mother’s Day. I’ll take damn near anything so long as I have nothing to do with making it happen!"

    20. "To not have to hide in the bathroom to eat ice cream or sweets by myself. My 3-year-old can hear the wrapper on a Klondike bar from a mile away."


    21. "I'm eight months pregnant with a 3-year-old. A cure for heartburn, acid reflux, and leg cramps would be nice."


    22. "I’d really just be excited to get uninterrupted sleep for a night."

    23. "Just a day where I get home from work and they've done their chores and aren't bickering over anything."


    24. "For my kids to remember it."


    25. "I just want one day to be ME — not 'mom,' 'wife,' 'daughter,' or 'employee.' Every single day is spent taking care of someone else, operating on their schedule, and fulfilling their needs. I just want one day where my husband can find all his stuff on his own, my kids follow our routine without fighting, and my mom doesn't blow up my phone because she forgot her email password. I want one day to sit down at a computer, open a Word document, close my eyes, and pour out the stories I've been yearning to write for years. I'd settle for a root beer float, though."

    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.