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    34 Backstage Instagrams From The Met Gala That Are Better Than The Red Carpet

    Let's just say the stars SHOWED UP.

    1. While Lady Gaga, co-chair of the most extra fashun event of the year, didn't post any backstage IGs (as of yet), her talented makeup artist Sarah Tanno posted a BTS video of her crazy-elaborate lashes — Gaga is the bawse for keeping these on for eight hours alone, and I won't hear otherwise!

    2. Serena Williams, another fabulous co-chair, let us in on a special part of her getting-ready process: watching Beauty and the Beast with her (and my) favorite bb, Olympia.

    @serenawilliams / Via Instagram: @serenawilliams

    3. But before she got into the glam chair, she literally ~served~. 👑

    @serenawilliams / Via Instagram: @serenawilliams

    4. After all of that involved prep, she showed off her fluttery yellow-and-pink Versace frock before hitting the red carpet — she's beauty, she's grace, she's friggin' SERENA WILLIAMS.

    5. Mark Ronson did us all a huge favor by posting this cute snap of co-chair Harry Styles (who should Instagram more, ahem) and Julianne Moore. Sadly, no nips in sight.

    6. And Justin Theroux threw up this black-and-white photo of Harry and Alexa Chung holding up...a basketball hoop?

    7. Zendaya gave us literal behind-the-magic material for her light-up Cinderella dress — are we, like, backstage at Disney World right now? Because my dreams are coming true rn.

    8. Kylie and Kendall Jenner also went for the Cinderella theme, but wicked stepsisters style. Hello, feathers! Hello, matching purple hair! Hello, complementary colors!

    9. Priyanka and Nick made their ~official~ and ~married couple~ Met debut (while reminiscing about THAT Met Gala two years ago*) and looked positively wicked! 😍

    10. Awkwafina gave us a lil' sneaky peek of her Met Gala getup with designer Joseph Altuzarra and stylist Shirley Kurata. AZN DREAM TEAM.

    11. And then broke the no-selfies rule by snapping a quickie with her frands, Constance and Priyanka. Again, AZN DREAM TEAM.

    12. Before the rule-breaking madness, Constance Wu served mega glam with her '20s-inspired hair prep and bedazzled nails. I stan a beauty queen.

    @constancewu / Via Instagram: @constancewu

    13. Mindy Kaling went blonde, and I gasped! Wig or not it goes perfectly with her gold-sequined dress, which is veeery similar to the one she wore in Ocean's 8 — talk about turning fiction into reality!

    14. But if we're talking about ~best~ hair, Ciara claimed that throne and probably twerked on it. Both her bigger-than-life (and life-giving) afro and chic puffs left me speechless.

    15. Yara Shahidi bling-outlined her eye with crystals representing her astrological sign, Aquarius (as a single wavy line instead of two parallels). Someone invite me to a party so I have an excuse to replicate this, thx.

    16. Let us just take a moment to admire the train on Halsey's Prabal Gurung number. Just WOW. She could be posing next to a dumpster and still look flawless.

    17. Lena Waithe was all of us trying to pick ourselves up during a Monday afternoon slump — that is, if we were also going to the Met Gala.

    @lenawaithe / Via Instagram: @lenawaithe

    18. And then stunned us with her tribute to black drag queens who paved the way for this year's camp theme. Mic drop.

    19. Rita Ora wasn't going to let a dancing opportunity escape her before getting into her ~full lewk~. She knows how to get pumped up, ok!

    20. Charli XCX, one of the Met Gala newcomers this year, shared a classic towel moment and gave us a sneak peek of her killer pink eyeshadow situation. That coupled with the pink hair tips? UGH, PERFECTION.

    21. Karlie Kloss went straight-up futuristic with this space-bubble-helmet situation at her Georgia Louise facial — yeah, there's not a chance that an ounce of that hydrating goodness is evaporating!

    @karliekloss / Via Instagram: @karliekloss

    22. Billy Porter, king of red carpets, wasted no time with pre-Met Gala celebrations by raising a glass of rosé in his crazy glam gold-sequined eye mask!

    @theebillyporter / Via Instagram: @theebillyporter

    Please see his complete Egyptian king lewk because it'll take your breath away. What. An. Entrance.

    23. Janelle Monáe yet again slayed the red carpet with her literal winking dress and leaning tower of hats — Dali and Picasso, the inspirations for this surreal ensemble, would truly be proud.

    24. And in the realm of iconic writers, Danai Gurira tipped her hat to Oscar Wilde for her getup — so basically this photo contains two works of art!!

    25. Queen of Instagram Eva Chen shared her worst nightmare...

    @evachen212 / Via Instagram: @evachen212

    26. ...but obviously averted her fears and emerged with a super-colorful beat and updo. I love!!!

    @evachen212 / Via Instagram: @evachen212

    27. One more, because of this train, city view, feathers, and Tiffany & Co. baubles, and EVERYTHING.

    28. Michael B. Jordan revealed the secret to hallway modeling: looking at the wall. HOT TIP. (My tip is to just be him.)

    29. Lana Condor's dreamy pink dress was such a floofy masterpiece that she actually lost her purse inside it!!!

    @evachen / Via Instagram: @evachen212

    Spoiler alert: They called her phone to see if she could feel her purse vibrate and then when she couldn't, Charles Melton pulled out his flashlight and went underneath the table to find her purse. AZN DREAM TEAM(WORK).

    30. Katy Perry shared a sneak peek of her chandelier-to-burger accessories, but the real money shot is the WHOLE burger costume. My stomach actually just growled — so life-like.

    @evachen212 / Via Instagram: @evachen212

    31. And this might be one of the weirdest photos of the night: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner holding Jared Leto's head, Jeff Bezos (lol), and the real, not-decapitated Jared Leto.

    @jaredleto / Via Instagram: @jaredleto

    32. Ok, I need EVERYONE to click over to the second photo and admire the literal masterpiece that is Ashley Graham's blinged-TF-out hair!!

    33. Lily Collins probably had an intense internal debate about calling it a night vs. heading to an afterparty — either way, I think she killed her Met Gala debut, so both options are deserved!

    34. Gemma Chan, on the other hand, definitely went into afterparty mode and transformed from Elizabeth Taylor to gorgeous lady in pink.