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    19 "Game Of Thrones" Memes About Season 8, Episode 4 That You'll Probably Enjoy More Than The Show

    "Tormund and Ghost coming to HBO fall 2019."

    1. This one that makes a very good point:

    2. This one that makes Daenerys look more like a Carol:

    4. This one that's just pointing out facts:

    5. This one that pours salt in the wound:

    6. This one that would be believable, TBH:

    7. This one about the real spinoff we want:

    8. This one about a common ground:

    9. This one that's, LOL sorry, too soon?

    10. This one about historical fact:

    11. This one about what Drogon probably thought:

    12. This one that's ridiculous, but, like, believable at this point:

    13. This one about Bran NOT doing the most with his powers:

    14. This one about THAT now infamous coffee cup:

    15. And this one too:

    16. This one about how bad everyone is at keeping secrets:

    17. And this one about Sansa's secret-keeping skills in particular:

    18. This one that's way harsh (BUT TRUE):

    19. And finally, this one about the changing landscape of King's Landing:

    H/T: /r/freefolk, @asoiafmemes

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