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19 "Game Of Thrones" Memes From This Week That Will Make You Laugh More Than You Expect

Beric the Beric-ade.

1. This one about how used to horrible things we've gotten:

2. This one about how Episode 4 might play out:

3. This one about all our theories turning out to be shit:

4. This one about our favorite Clegane dad:

5. This one that's way too real:

6. This one about Jon choosing Bran/the fate of the world over Sam:

7. This one about what Bran was REALLY up to:

8. This one about the real MVPs of this episode:

9. This one about a new hero:

10. This one that's a real good callback:

11. This one about the show's "cost cutting:"

12. This one that works eerily well with Disney:

13. This one you can practically hear:

14. This one that was all of us during the episode:

15. This one that's a perfect mashup:

16. This one that makes a very good point:

17. This one about how we were all ~so shocked~:

18. This one that's just stating the facts:

19. And finally, this one that's way too soon:

When she finally pays attention, and you ain’t look fresh. #GameofThrones

H/T: r/freefolk, @asoiafmemes, @EverythingGameOfThrones

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