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    23 "Game Of Thrones" Memes From The Season Premiere That Are So Funny They Should Be Illegal

    Bran: "Feeling cute. Might sit out in the courtyard staring into people's souls later."

    1. This cursed meme within a meme:

    u/preferredfault / Via

    2. This one about what Jon Snow was up to for most of the episode:

    3. This one about how totally chill and not creepy at all Bran is being:

    u/jhughes1986 / Via

    4. This one that sums up a new relationship:

    5. This very good SpongeBob recreation one:

    6. This one that's both funny and disgusting:

    7. This one that pretty much sums up all our feelings:

    8. And this one for people who weren't ready:

    u/cooperateryan / Via

    9. This one about wild discoveries:

    11. This perfect Mean Girls/Thrones mashup:

    u/0_John_Doe_0 / Via

    12. And this Curb Your Enthusiasm one, too:

    14. This one about Cersei's new obsession:

    15. This one that sums up Sam's reaction to Dany's ~news~:

    Daenerys: I killed your dad and brother Sam: #GameOfThrones

    16. This one that has Dany "questioning" that night on the boat:

    17. This one about Bran knowing what we ALL wanna know:

    18. This one dedicated to Cersei's newly revealed love of elephants:

    19. This one about that LOOK from Drogon:

    #GameofThrones Daenerys: Don’t be afraid. The Dragon:

    20. And this one about how things probably went afterward:

    u/Coraline84 / Via

    21. Oh, look, ANOTHER great Bran meme:

    u/ale_jandro / Via

    22. This one about Jaime second-guessing his decision:

    23. And finally, this one about what to expect in Episode 2:

    #GameOfThrones Bran coming for Jaime next episode:

    H/T: r/freefolk, @asoiafmemes, @EverythingGameOfThrones

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