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    19 "Game Of Thrones" Memes From Episode 2 That Are Savage, Hilarious, And Perfect

    Gendry? More like Genwet.

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    1. This very good play on words:

    2. This reaction a lot of us had, TBH:

    4. This poetic sum-up:

    5. And this one too:

    6. This fair point:

    7. This very unexpected connection:

    8. This honest truth:

    9. This LOL-worthy update to Arya's list:

    10. This dreamlike scenario:

    11. This honest double standard:

    12. This reality check:

    13. This very good idea:

    14. This joke that's probably true, TBH:

    Via Twitter: @ThePixelFactor

    15. This sad, sad truth:

    16. This great point about the supposed "Master of Whisperers":

    17. This thought the Night King is prob having:

    18. And this one too:

    19. And finally, this sad reality about this Sunday:

    H/T: r/freefolk, @asoiafmemes, @EverythingGameOfThrones

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