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    Updated on May 11, 2019. Posted on May 7, 2019

    17 Examples Of Cilantro Ruining A Perfectly Good Thing

    Seriously guys, it tastes like soap. No joke.

    1. When it dared to mess with the most sacred food of them all: the BURGER.

    u/The_Moldy_Baguette / Via

    I'm still in mourning.

    2. When this poor, perfect sushi roll suffered a cilantro avalanche.

    3. When it attacked this glorious ramen bowl.

    galaxykinks / Via

    4. When it infiltrated this happy marinade party.

    u/PeppercornBingBongBF / Via

    This poor birdie didn't stand a chance.

    5. When even the Trader couldn't escape this creature's rampage.

    6. When it decided it was the only filling this sandwich ever needed...

    7. Then, when it made vodka its next victim.

    8. When it slid into this cocktail and ruined happy hour for us all.

    Why did they have to ruin a good thing? #cilantrohate

    Kelly Hutchinson / Via Twitter: @kelhutch17

    9. When it took on some tasty Japanese Pocky-esque snacks, and the child inside of me died a little.

    u/Casarel / Via

    10. Then, when it decided to squeeze its way into this bao and there was just NO escape.

    u/Abdocia / Via

    11. When this cute ice baby was just trying to make someone happy...

    u/Runkify / Via

    ...and got marred forever.

    12. When this candle was just minding its own business, smelling like coconut, and it had to come in and RUIN THE PARTY.

    13. When it even went after tea. That's right...TEA.

    Time to try this weird broccoli cilantro tea. If you don't hear from me again, this is why

    milo_price / Via Twitter: @milo_price

    Why God, why?

    14. And when you cracked open this beer to relax after a long, hard day and then BAM. It got to that too.

    Man I usually hate coriander, but gosh darn this beer is good. #coriander #noshowerweekend #goPackgo

    TonyMonacelli / Via Twitter: @TonyMonacelli

    Because life is just THAT horrible.

    15. When it RAINED on these three gorgeous tacos, and ruined Taco Tuesday forever.

    u/NonSequiturSushi / Via

    16. And when you thought you got rid of it practically everywhere, but then it sidled its way into your guacamole recipe and caught you off guard.

    17. And finally, when it got you where it would hurt the most: your ice cream.

    u/The_Moldy_Baguette / Via

    And boy, was it horrible.

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