"Avengers: Endgame" — The Russo Brothers Have Finally Answered Why Bucky Did Not Get Captain America's Shield

    Sorry in advance, Stucky fans.

    If you haven't seen Avengers: Endgame get the heck out of here. I don't have it in me to do a nice SPOILER WARNING anymore. What are you still doing here?! I SAID, GOOD DAY.

    Also — while I'm at it — DISCLAIMER: Let's get one thing out of the way, Stucky fans...don't shoot the messenger. K, thanks.

    Okay, just to reCAP (get it, "Cap") — after defeating Thanos and mourning Tony Stark's death, Cap goes back in time to return all of the Infinity Stones to their rightful locations...but then decides to remain in the past and live out his life with Peggy.

    A very elderly Cap then meets up with his dear friends Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes in the last minutes of the film to reveal his choice to them, and he passes the literal shield and metaphorical mantle of his "Captain America" brand on to Sam.

    This choice shocked a lot of fans who believed that BUCKY was more deserving of the honor and led to quite a bit of chatter about the "why" of it all.

    So this week, when asked just how MUCH discussion there was around who would get the shield in that moment on SiriusXM, directors Anthony and Joe Russo laid it all out on the line.

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    Cap/Bucky/Sam talk starts around 7:05.

    "There was a lot [of discussion] fueled by the books. There are two versions of who gets the shield, Sam or Bucky," Anthony said. "And we talked about it, but it became pretty clear to us early on. Cap and Sam just share this character connection."

    "Not that Cap and Bucky don't!" Joe interrupted.

    "I think the real attraction between Cap and Bucky is that their relationship — they started more as opposites, and that's how they complemented each other," Anthony said. "Whereas I feel like Sam and Cap are more kindred spirits."

    "Also — this is important — Bucky has a damaged mind...I don't know if you want to give another weapon to that guy."

    "It makes sense," Joe said. "Bucky has his bionic arm, and that symbolizes who his is as a character. As we've left him in this universe, his mind still CAN be corrupted and he KNOWS that."

    So there ya have it! While I am — personally — excited to see a Sam Wilson version of Captain America, I do hope that some of the logistics of Cap's decision are explored more in the Disney+ series currently slated for these two characters.