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Kim Kardashian's Personal Trainer Responded To Criticism Of Her "Unrealistic" Body At The Met Gala

"I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside of the gym."

Last night was the year's biggest fashion event — the Met Gala — and, of course, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West weren't going to miss it.

Kim wore a dress designed by Thierry Mugler and inspired by Sophia Loren's look in the 1957 film Boy on a Dolphin, complete with dripping crystals to emphasise the ~just got out of the ocean~ vibes.

But when Kim stepped out onto the pink carpet, there was one thing people noticed before anything else: her seriously tiny waist.

Some people said her waist was so small it was practically nonexistent.

Kim literally left her waist at home.

While others wondered where she was keeping her internal organs.

Does she get a set of ribs and an organ removed every year

Where did Kim Kardashian’s internal organs spend the night at Met Gala? Because I can’t figure out how anatomically possible it would be to fit them all inside that tiny waist.

1) I was expecting a look and this wasn’t it 2) how has Kim got room for any organs with that tiny waist ??????? #MetGala

One person said she must be wearing a "super sonic corset".

If you know me you know i stan Kim. BUT what happened to her waist?! That’s either a super sonic corset or? I dont even know 😩

But others took the situation more seriously, saying Kim's look was extreme and potentially unhealthy.

looking at kim k’s body actually scares me she has the proportions of barbie and it seems extremely not healthy??

Many people also pointed out that the look may lead to young girls having unrealistic expectations of their bodies due to Kim's huge public platform.

Soz but kim k is actually a bad example for young girls, she looks far better curvy than that last picture its so unrealistic and toxic for social media. An example of how people look better natural and their true self, if anything this should inspire people NOT to look that way

Kim Kardashian’s waist is getting smaller & smaller every year at the met gala😩 honestly this is why girls are so body conscious seeing these types of “transformations” in celebrities 😓

"Kim is beautiful and I am all for doing what you want with your body," one person wrote, "but don't feel shamed for not meeting these standards."

Just a reminder to women who look up to Kim K, your body doesn’t usually naturally look like this. Kim is beautiful and i am all for doing what you want with your body but don’t feel shamed for not meeting these standards

Others took issue with the fact that several outlets reported Kim achieved her look by eating a plant-based diet for two weeks prior to the event.

As a vegetarian I can assure you, while a plant based lifestyle IMHO is the healthiest and most rewarding way of life, that’s NOT how Kim K got her body to look like this.....don’t be dumb. We all know what she does to get her body like this.....

However, some people pointed out that calling Kim's body "unrealistic" is a form of body-shaming in itself.

@enews First of all, why are body shaming anyone? Would you body shame a 400lb person? Would you tell them they're disgusting and they need weight loss surgery? No, just like you shouldn't be saying Kim looks disgusting and is shamed for surgery. If she's happy, why does it matter to u?

But now Kim's personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara, has weighed in on the situation and defended Kim against the criticism.

In a post on her Instagram story, Melissa said that while Kim was wearing a corset under her dress, she is also "dedicated" to working out six days a week.

So I guess that's that on that.