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    13 Super-Useful Baby Products Real Parents Can't Stop Buying

    Trust us, you'll want to have duplicates (or triplicates!?) of these baby essentials!

    1. A luxuriously soft carseat cover that does, like, 30 other things and comes in the cutest patterns.


    “It's literally just a piece of stretchy fabric but it does EVERYTHING! I've used mine as a privacy screen while I'm nursing, I stretch ’em over restaurant high chairs, shopping cart seats, and the swings at the park as a cushion-slash-germ shield, I've even worn them as cute 'scarves' for myself." - Erin P.

    Promising review: "The Milk Snob goes on my top 10 list of newborn must haves. Protects from wind and weather, and keeps germs and strangers away. Baby is 4 months and still use it every where we go...perfect gift for expecting parents, too." -The Acelars

    Get if from Amazon: $36

    2. A no-fuss breast pump new moms SWEAR by for building up their freezer stash. / Via

    Promising review: "The Haaka is what I used the most after my son was born. I started with one and bought two more so I always have a clean one on hand. My supply dropped when I went back to work, so I am grateful I used the pump to build up a freezer full of milk. The ones that have the suction on the bottom and the flower stopper are the best at preventing any spilled milk!" - Sarah R.

    Get it from Amazon for $28.

    3. A light-weight baby bouncer beloved by human babies and fur babies alike!

    Amazon, Amazon / Via

    Promising reviews:

    “We got one baby bouncer for each floor so we have a place to rest the baby without having to carry both baby and the bouncer on the stairs at the same time, which was dangerous.” - Dan M.

    "Great chair! I bought three of them. One for Nana's house, one for the office and one for home! It keeps my LO very entertained!" - Geo Meadow

    Get it from Amazon for $30.

    4. A sleek diaper wipe dispenser that makes cleaning butts sooo much easier and looks great, too.

    Amazon / Via Amazon, @kathiemurphy

    Promising reviews:

    "Debated for a while about buying a wipe dispenser. Is it really a necessity? YES. The answer is yes. Stop fighting the stupid wipe packages and cheaper wipe dispensers. Spend the $20 and get one of these. They make life easier!" - Chelsea Garrett

    "I appreciate the ease in which I can grab a wipe one-handed from this, unlike bags of wipes that don't have enough weight and require two hands (one to hold the package, one to pull out the wipe) so at night I can keep one hand on baby's stomach to sooth her and use one hand to do the wiping, quick and easy." - J.Rubin

    Get it from Amazon for $20.

    5. Magical fleece booties that tiny feet can't wiggle off in the stroller. Bonus points for being super-cozy!

    Amazon / Via

    Promising reviews:

    "I bought multiple pairs of these booties! They're so cozy & cheaper than Zutanos." - Allison K

    "Buy multiples and ditch the socks and shoes! There are perfect! Don’t even mess around with socks and shoes until they are walking. A few pairs of these are all you need! - Hamidah Salzmann

    Get it from Amazon for $7-$17.

    6. Dishwasher-safe baby food containers that stack neatly in the fridge to save space (or in the freezer for those parents who are really nailing their puree-prep game)!


    Promising review: "These little food containers have been great in helping me batch homemade baby food for my little one...the little storage tray is great to keep them in order in the refrigerator. Multiple trays stack on top of each other easily. If you're looking for something to hold your homemade baby foods, I definitely recommend these" - Sarosassah

    Get it from Amazon for $10.

    7. A set of nursing tanks you’ll live in as a breast-feeding mama (if that’s the route you go).

    Amazon / Via, @erinphraner

    Promising Reviews:

    "This is the greatest nursing top, ever. I bought two sets, wear them almost everyday. The tops fit great, and feel great under work tops. I wear these daily and it's easy to pump at work and nurse at home. I would suggest this top to every new mom" - Stephany Beshara

    "The fabric is soft, does not ride up, and gives some compression but not too much (I had a vaginal delivery) my friend has these and had a C section and does love these but she has to roll it up in order to avoid her incision. They don’t pull after washing. Mine do get picked if I’m not careful with feedings if the swaddles Velcro grabs it. But otherwise, I have ordered three more because I like them." - Anna

    Get it from Amazon for $30-$36 (for pack of 3).

    8. A 100% natural rubber giraffe that babies go NUTS over for some reason.

    Via, CC

    Promising reviews:

    "We didn’t register for Sophie but got two as gifts and now we are so glad that we have more than one because baby’s OBSESSED!" - Sarah G.

    "BABY CRACK, this is pure baby crack. I used to think it was CRAZY for people to spend $20+ on a giraffe toy yet on my fourth, my 3 month old baby, I decided to splurge and go for it. He's teething and has no toys so I bought the giraffe and OH MY GOD! He love love loves it, he chews on it, licks it, and won't let it go. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" - Amber Button

    Get it from Amazon for $23.24.

    9. A set of cloth diapers that do double dooty—get it??

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review: "I've bought multiples of Gerber cloth diapers to use as burp cloths—not pretty in any way but so absorbent" - @bypattylee

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    10. A soothing toy that's 50% pacifier, 50% plushy and 100% life-changing for keeping little one's calm and happy.


    Promising reviews:

    "We LOVE our giraffe Wubbanub! I bought one before our baby was born to try it out, since I thought it was expensive for a pacifier. But it's worth every penny. It's great for keeping the pacifier close, babies love to snuggle the soft toy, and you don't lose pacifiers when your baby spits them out. I ended up buying two more Wubbanubs because I liked this one so much!" - Becky Ann

    "I am SO obsessed with Wubbanubs. I bought two for myself, and have bought like a million already for friends who are expecting or have babies...the best and cutest and simplest invention ever." - Sudipti Gupta

    Get it from Amazon for $18 (various animals).

    11. Mini lavender-scented hand sanitizers that fit into the diaper bag, stroller back, jean pockets—anywhere!—and smell like a frickin' day at the spa.


    Promising review: "I buy these organic hand sanitizers in a six pack and tuck one in every bag—keeping the baby germ-free is great but, honestly, I keep buying these because the scent is so lovely and relaxing, the smell makes me feel fancy." - Erin P.

    Get it from Amazon for $28 (for pack of 6).

    12. An ergonomic baby carrier you'll use so often it that might make sense for each parent to have their own if you can afford the $$$.

    @mommystradingpost / Via Instagram: @

    Promising review: "We got this carrier for each parent so that we don't have to keep adjusting it!"- @ninskaboo

    Get it from Amazon for $112.

    13. A different kind of swaddle for babies who sleep better with their hands up by their face.

    Amazon / Via

    Promising review:

    "When P was an infant I always had multiple Swaddle Up swaddles on hand!" - @hellokristenlong

    "Try this swaddle! This one works differently than the others. Baby’s hands and arms rest in the little wings where they are up by their face but still with limited range of motion. It Is a comfort to my baby to be able to feel something next to her face. Added bonus to babe (and caregivers) is that they’re in a more natural hugging position if you’re rocking them to sleep against your chest. Bottom line: this may not work for your baby but it’s different enough that you definitely should try it." - onetwothree

    Get it from Amazon for $35.

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