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April 24, 2019

A Veteran With PTSD Is Charged With Attempted Murder After Police Say He Intentionally Drove Into A Crowd Of People

Witnesses told police the driver didn't attempt to veer away and sped his vehicle into the crowd.

Foi assim que a Cultura, maior livraria do país, beijou a lona

Como um pequeno negócio familiar virou um colosso varejista e, depois, foi sufocado por dívidas e maus negócios. Além da crise financeira, a Cultura enfrenta agora uma crise de reputação com alegações pesadas de assédio contra funcionários.

109 Dog Tweets To Mindlessly Scroll Through While You're Bored At Work

*bookmarks for a day when I really need some doggage*

Witch Character From "The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Are You?

Sit down for a spell and take this quiz. ✨

I'm Low-Key Tearing Up At These Pics From The Final "Big Bang Theory" Table Read

"I'll forever cherish these moments with my TBBT brothers and sisters."

Are These Real "Riverdale" Characters Or Did I Just Make Them Up?

From Papa Poutine to Soup Nutz, who knows what's real anymore?!

37 Horrible TV Moments That Actually Caused People To Stop Watching The Show

"It was so ridiculous that Fitz would wage war to save Olivia on Scandal."

The Parents Of A 5-Year-Old Boy Whose Body Was Found In A Shallow Grave Have Been Charged With Murder

Authorities had been to AJ Freund's house 10 times in the last five years and had documented the concerning, "unacceptable" conditions he and his brother had been living in.

Facebook Set Aside $3 Billion For A Penalty. Then It Grew By $40 Billion.

Facebook will set aside $3 billion to cover expenses associated with a fine from the Federal Trade Commission over its privacy practices. All good here, say investors.

Here's What Del Taco's Tacos Made With Beyond Meat ACTUALLY Taste Like

They're made using Beyond Meat's vegan beef crumbles.

日本のネット上の売上が米中企業に大量流失している 衝撃データが初めて明らかに


Everyone's A Mix Of One "Star Wars" Character And One "Avengers" Character — Here's Yours

May the Force be with you ... and an Infinity Stone or two.

Qual álbum do Arctic Monkeys representa sua personalidade?

"I just wanted to be one of The Strokes, now look at the mess you made me make."

A 45-Year-Old Man Shared An Emotional Reaction To Putting On A Bandage In His Skin Tone For The First Time

"This was one of the first things that made me aware of 'race' when I was a kid," one user wrote.

The New May Netflix Titles Are Here And There's So Much Good Stuff

Casper! The Matrix! Wedding Crashers! Riverdale!

These Haunting Photos Capture The Vanishing Wildlife Of Africa

"The destruction of the natural world is far more complex than we think."





21 Facebook Statuses From Old People You'll Feel Like 1% Bad For Laughing At

Once again, the 😂 emoji does NOT imply sadness.

A Federal Court Is Considering Whether To Allow Trump’s Policy Forcing Asylum-Seekers To Wait In Mexico

“The stakes are very high. If the government is granted a stay, then they will keep expanding this policy, returning more people in more locations."

19 Questions I Have After Watching The Latest "Game Of Thrones" Episode

If they cut off Bran's marked arm, would the Night King still be able to see him?

This Mom Perfectly Described What Being A Working Mother Is Like In Today's Society

"Go back to work 6-8 weeks after having the baby. The baby that you spent 9-10 months growing inside of your body..."

54 Gifts That'll Make Mom Say You're Her Favorite Kid

Get ready to say "sorry, not sorry" to your siblings.

How Popular Are Your Opinions When It Comes To These 19 Divisive Food Questions

Important Q: can something every be **too** chocolatey?

TESTE: qual Bolsonaro disse isso?

O presidente Jair? O senador Flavio? o vereador Carlos? Ou o deputado Eduardo?

Quão pesada é a sua consciência?

Não tem dieta que resolva uma consciência pesada.

Only A "Game Of Thrones" Expert Can Get 20/22 On This Really Hard Quiz

If you nail this quiz you get bragging rights forever.

Some Amazon Sellers Are Paying $10,000 A Month To Trick Their Way To The Top

An emerging black market offers Amazon sellers pricey ways to cheat the marketplace and mislead customers, according to documents obtained by BuzzFeed News.

17 Estrenos de Netflix en mayo que te van a tener haciendo maratón

¿Una serie nueva de los creadores de 'BoJack Horseman'? Sí, por favor.

Kevin From "The Office" Opened Up About Filming That Chili Scene

Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner shared behind-the-scenes stories on AM to DM.

"The Bold Type" Season 3, Episode 3: Recap Poll

Would you react like the characters?

Border Patrol Agents Found An Unaccompanied Migrant Toddler With A Phone Number Written On His Shoe

Agents found him "alone and crying" in a cornfield in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

Half Of Americans Think The Smell Of Weed In Public Is A Real Problem

Canadians hate it even more, according to a new major survey on cannabis.

FitFlop Is Having A Major Sale And My Feet Already Feel Great

FitFlop shoes = actual contoured heaven for your feet.

Why Hollywood Desperately Needs “Avengers: Endgame”

Studios just haven’t released nearly enough hit movies this year.

People Are Accusing Moschino And Sephora Of Stealing This Woman-Owned Makeup Brand's Idea

The Crayon Case CEO Raynell "SupaCent" Steward tells BuzzFeed she was devastated after seeing Jeremy Scott's Moschino makeup collection with Sephora.

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party Is Outspending Bigger Rivals On Facebook In A Push For Voters Over 40

The popularity of Farage's own Facebook page is also helping to raise the insurgent Eurosceptic party's profile ahead of the May 23 poll.

A 69-Year-Old Woman Was Convicted Of Killing Her Husband For Watching Porn

Her husband's porn watching was a “personal affront to [Patricia Hill] and her god," her attorney said.

The Original Avengers Had Their Handprint Ceremony And Chris Hemsworth Had A Total Thor Moment

Both the Chrises kind of struggled with writing their names.

Hay una MUY buena teoría sobre el Night King y el próximo capítulo de 'GOT' que no vas a querer leer

La Batalla de Winterfell puede no ser para nada lo que imaginabas.

A Woman Died After She Fell Into A Meat Grinder At Work

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the horrific accident.

28 Things From Barnes & Noble That Make Great Mother's Day Gifts

Mom upside down is wow, so wow her with these gifts!

If You Were A Marvel Villain, Which One Would You Be?

Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives.

The Best Coachella Story Actually Happened Outside Of The Festival, And It Involves Kid Cudi And Popeyes Chicken

"Honestly our clients were thrilled to have some good old-fashioned great tasting fried chicken and shocked that a celebrity like Kid Cudi would think of us."

17 Tumblr Posts For People With A Random Sense Of Humor

There's no theme here. The theme is you laughing your butt off.

Este quiz te dirá si eres una persona malhablada

¿Cuando algo te pone mal te enojas o te emp*t@s?

This Teen Had A Crazy Allergic Reaction But She Actually Thinks It's Pretty Hilarious

Twitter jokes kept her company while she was in the hospital.

Vete a comprar ropa de la paca y adivinaremos tu edad exacta

La chamarra ochenterísima que elijas nos dirá mucho sobre ti.

Conheça o Chuka Goma Dango

Uma clássica sobremesa chinesa muito fácil e gostosa!

India’s Top Judge Has Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment. But The Supreme Court Wants To Investigate A “Conspiracy” Against Him.

The woman who made the complaint says she is full of “fear and anxiety” over whether she’ll receive a fair hearing.

The Priest At Lyra McKee's Funeral Asked "Why In God's Name" It Took The Death Of A Journalist To Unite Politicians

"I dare to hope that Lyra’s murder on Holy Thursday night can be the doorway to a new beginning," said Father Martin Magill.

Teve até líder do governo dizendo que pobres vão pagar mais na reforma

Trapalhadas da base atrasaram votação da reforma na Previdência em sua etapa mais fácil; após aprovação na CCJ, centrão mostra força e ditará rumos no Congresso.

16 Out Of This World Pictures From An Actual Mars Training Facility

Located in the arid isolation of the Gobi Desert, the C-Space Project Mars simulation base offers visitors a taste of what it's like to travel to the red planet.

21 Worst Gifts Ever Received From A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

"He gave me treats for my guinea pig. Nothing for me."

The 2 Best Times I’ve Fainted As A Grown Man

I picture myself as a detached intellect, cool under pressures both real and imagined. My history of infrequent but unavoidable fainting proves that definitively untrue. (An essay from Josh Gondelman's Nice Try.)

Movie Critics Are Going Nuts For "Avengers: Endgame"

Marvel fans, get hyped. Possible (?) light spoilers ahead.

Twitter Will Let Users Report Tweets That Mislead Voters

The tool will be rolled out in India, where general elections are already underway, and in the European Union, which holds elections in May.

Britney Spears Has Responded To Conspiracy Theories That Say She's Being Held In A Mental Health Facility Against Her Will

"I am trying to take a moment for myself, but everything that's happening is just making it harder for me. Don't believe everything you read and hear."

Qual é o seu alinhamento moral?

Em 1974, Gary Gygax publicou o primeiro livro de Dungeons & Dragons e, com ele, a tabela de alinhamento moral.

Listen, You Need This $17 Fedora Because It's Trendy And Goes With Everything

Under $20 for this hat?! I...guess I have to get one in every color now!



Tory Members Suspended For Anti-Muslim Bigotry Are Privately Being Told They Can Be Let Back In

Exclusive: Emails seen by BuzzFeed News reveal the previously opaque Tory disciplinary process, and raise questions over the party’s claims to have a “zero tolerance” policy on Islamophobia.

"Game Of Thrones" Actually Revealed Something Huge In Season 8, Episode 2

Bran revealed something big in Season 8, Episode 2.







スマホをだらだら見ちゃうの、もうやめたいよね? ね???

仕事しなきゃ! → ツイッター閉じる → 机に向かう → ツイッター閉じる → YouTube閉じる → パソコン開く → ツイ……

Morning Update: All The Crying Chrises

The Supreme Court's questions, what climate change scientists can do, Lemonade is available for streaming. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 24.





「スター・ウォーズ」ファン待望! 米ディズニーランドに新エリアがオープンするよ

大人気作品「スター・ウォーズ(STAR WARS)」シリーズの世界を体験できる新たなテーマランド「スター・ウォーズ:ギャラクシーズ・エッジ」が米国の二つのディズニーリゾートに登場します。気になるアトラクションやフードメニュー、グッズなど、詳細をまとめました!

Can You Pass This Panic! At The Disco Trivia Quiz?

All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah! 😈

フリーだから狙われたのか パスポートを取り上げられた記者が国を提訴


I Guarantee You Will Find Your New Favorite Dress In This Post

Just when you thought you'd NEVER find the perfect dress... here it is.

Which Country Should You Go To? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Want to travel more? We've got you covered.





波紋広げる山口真帆さんのNGT48卒業 現役アイドルプロデューサー「一度グループ解散させるべき」


"It's A Terrible River": Murray-Darling Gets The Blame For Political Troubles

Ex-pollie calls famous river "very poor", while Tony Abbott sees red over Speedo piss-take.

This Is How Technology Is Being Used In Violent And Controlling Relationships

The key thing to understand about technology-facilitated domestic violence, one expert said, is that it is so common because it is “old behaviour with new tools”.

髪の色が違うから校則違反って、いつの時代のルール? #だって令和だもん

新元号になるんだから新しいことしようって流れ、あるよね。学校のルールも何とかできないのかな? なんていうか、令和なんだし......


30分5400円は高い?妥当? 他社の状況も聞きました。



How Trash Are Your Cereal Opinions?

If you're one of those people who pours the milk before the cereal, now's the time to voice your opinion!

Do You Look EXACTLY Like Your Mom? Show Us!

"Omg, you look just like your mom!" — Everyone

14 Facts About Time And History That'll Totally Blow Your Mind

Cleopatra was born closer to the premiere of Friends than to the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

I Know When You'll Get Married Based On How You Answer These Relationship Questions

Love is in the air, but what's important to you for that love to show up?

What's The Cringiest Sext You've Ever Received?

Well, I don't want to see THAT.

I Can't Stop Laughing At How This "Game Of Thrones" Moment Has Been Turned Into A Meme

Honestly, the memes have been the best part of this season.

Which Character From "The Avengers" Said It?

Test your knowledge of The Avengers.

21 "Overheard" Gay Conversations That Are Guaranteed To Make You Gay Cackle

"I fell asleep with my Grindr open. There should be an alert like Netflix... 'Are you still looking?'"

24 LOL-Worthy Mother's Day Gifts For Moms With A Sense Of Humor

We've all heard of dad jokes, but what about mom jokes?

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