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April 16, 2019

ICE Deported The Husband Of A Soldier Killed In Afghanistan, Then Quickly Reversed Its Decision

Jose Gonzalez Carranza doesn’t know why ICE moved to deport him after his case had been closed, or why he was suddenly allowed back in.

18 Tweets That Prove Cats Can — And Will — Overthrow The Human Race


Angus Taylor Has Threatened To Sue Journalists For Sharing A Twitter Thread

Two prominent journalists have received legal letters from energy minister Angus Taylor.

Only 25% Of Millennials Are Passing This Quiz — Will You?

Sorry, millennials, but you win some, you lose some.

15 Hacks From Starbucks Customers That Are Truly Game-Changing

You haven't lived until you've had a brownie in your oatmeal cup.

EXCLUSIVO: Aliados de Toffoli acham que procuradores da Lava Jato tentaram armar para cima dele

Para aliados do presidente do Supremo, Marcelo Odebrecht foi pressionado para citar Toffoli como o "amigo do amigo do meu pai" — informação que foi parar na reportagem censurada pelo STF.

31 Things From Walmart Your Kitchen Seriously Wants You To Buy

Just like your mom, your kitchen is always right.

Here's Everything Coming To Hulu In May

Including the much anticipated book-to-series, Catch-22!

19 Ridiculous Eats From Coachella This Year

"If they think I’m paying $20 for one of these...they’re absolutely right."

US Measles Outbreaks Are The “New Normal” Thanks To Europe’s Epidemic And Anti-Vaccine Campaigns, Experts Say

“Under-vaccinated areas in the US are the kindling and the huge numbers of infections overseas are the spark that ignites outbreaks here.”

Se olharmos para o passado, veremos que há esperanças para a catedral de Notre Dame

Se a história nos ensinou algo, é que a catedral de Notre Dame pode sobreviver.

This Dad Says Father/Daughter Dances Are "Sexual" And He Refuses To Take His Kid To One

"I love my daughter with all my heart, but I don't want to date her."

TESTE: você censuraria estes posts como o STF fez?

O ministro Alexandre de Moraes mandou bloquear as redes sociais de ativistas de extrema-direita que publicaram posts atacando o STF. Você faria o mesmo?

This 78-Year-Old Artist Just Became Coachella's Oldest Performer, But She's Actually Been Making History Since 1955

The Trinidadian icon wrote her first hit "Glasses Thief" in 1955 and has been making history ever since!

17 Hilariously Awkward Signs That Weren't Proofread At All

Basically it was type, type, type...IMMEDIATELY print.

A 71-Year-Old Man Is Accused Of 100 Counts Of Rape

Harvey Joseph Fountain was arrested earlier this month in central Louisiana.

17 Foods That Didn't Exist When Your Parents Were Growing Up

Imagine growing up WITHOUT cookie dough ice cream???

22 Of The Best Products For Dry Or Damaged Hair

A bunch of products to make your hair bounce back with a vengeance!

Here's Why Boys All Over Social Media Are Proudly Calling Themselves "Softboys"

#Softszn has brought out the softbois of TikTok, but the word has a longer history.

Tell Us Your Fan Questions For Patrick Starrr

Get ready for a Starrr-studded puppy interview!

These 14 Before And After Pictures Show The Devastation Of The Notre Dame Fire

"We will rebuild Notre Dame because this is what the French expect, because this is what our history deserves, because it is our destiny." - French President, Emmanuel Macron.

23 "Game Of Thrones" Memes From The Season Premiere That Are So Funny They Should Be Illegal

Bran: "Feeling cute. Might sit out in the courtyard staring into people's souls later."

Throw Out Your Old Underwear, Because Aerie Is Having A Big Sale

Get your butt into gear and score 10 pairs of undies for $35.

10 "Would You Rather" Questions Millennials Won't Be Able To Answer

Would you rather eat a krabby patty or a naco?

A Man Was Offered $200 To Beat A Transgender Woman As A Crowd Cheered On, Police Say

The attack is being reviewed to determine whether it meets the criteria for a hate crime, police said.

Estas fotos revelam a destruição dentro da Catedral de Notre-Dame depois do incêndio

Um incêndio enorme engoliu a mundialmente famosa catedral de Paris na segunda-feira.

Which Member Of Queen Are You?

Don't stop me now!

A 15-Year-Old YouTuber And Influencer Has Caused Anger And Concern After Suggesting She Was Married And Pregnant

Danielle Cohn’s Instagrams, tweets, and videos caused a firestorm of heated reactions. Her mother told BuzzFeed News her daughter did not legally wed her teen boyfriend.

Summer Salmon Dinner for Two

Summer Salmon Dinner for Two

Democrats Who Really Like More Than One Presidential Candidate Have Found A Temporary Solution: Give Them All Money

A BuzzFeed News analysis shows that donors are willing to give to multiple Democratic presidential candidates, suggesting that voters aren’t worried about a drawn-out primary.

18 Hilarious Tweets About Pregnancy To Read During Your Parental Leave

"Is 9 at night really a good time to start a fight with your pregnant wife?"

Take This Quiz To Find Out Which "Aquamarine" Character You Are

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid... In that case, always be a mermaid.

A Heroic Priest And Human Chain Saved Priceless Holy Relics From The Notre Dame Fire

Father Jean-Marc Fournier, the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, led the charge to retrieve the cathedral's precious artifacts.

Top 10 Zombedies That Will Have You Dying Laughing

Who says zombies can’t be funny?

People Are Searching For The Man And Girl In This Heartwarming Photo Of Notre Dame Before The Fire

"I took this photo as we were leaving Notre Dame... I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had."

Estas são algumas postagens em redes sociais que levaram o STF a usar Lei de Segurança Nacional contra críticos

Polícia realizou buscas na casa de donos de perfis alinhados à extrema-direita. Nas postagens, desde promessas de jogar ovos em ministros até pregação de fechar o STF.

31 TV Moments That Completely Stressed People Out The First Time They Watched Them

"I didn't realize I was holding my breath until the episode was over."

In Bayern steht eine Anti-Abtreibungskapelle und Die Linke fordert, dass der Landkreis etwas dagegen unternimmt

Lokalpolitiker und ein Vertreter des Bistums Regensburg haben in der Abtreibungskapelle an Veranstaltungen teilgenommen. Bundestagsabgeordnete Cornelia Möhring zeigt Unverständnis darüber, dass die Kapelle nach wie vor geöffnet ist.

Photos Reveal The Damage Inside Notre Dame Cathedral After The Fire

A massive fire engulfed the world-famous cathedral in Paris on Monday.

Going To Prom? Find Out What Type Of Date You'll Be

Everyone is one of these types of prom goers.

What's An Easy Recipe You Come Back To Over And Over Again?

Tell us your quick and yummy go-to's!

G. Willow Wilson’s “The Bird King” Is BuzzFeed Book Club’s May Pick. Here’s A Sneak Peek.

In the last days of the empire of Al Andalus, Fatima, a court concubine, races to save her friend Hassan from the Inquisition.

15 Of The Best Dog Toys You Can Get At Walmart

Treat your pup like royalty without having to increase your subjects' taxes.

You Can't Eat Chocolate Again Unless You Pass This Delicious Quiz

It's time to put your sweet tooth to the test.

Which "Mad Men" Lady Are You Most Like? Plan A Party To Find Out

"Only boring people are bored." —Betty Draper

18 Pruebas de que los acentos son MUY importantes

Aguas, porque no es lo mismo "mamas y bebes" que "mamás y bebés".

Este quiz de bebés chulísimos te dirá cuándo tendrás a tu primer hijo

No podrás pasar este quiz sin decir "awwww" 897 veces.

Here Are All The Clues Taylor Swift Has Dropped About Her Upcoming Album

From rainbow emojis to Scrabble to nail polish — nothing is a coincidence.

These Women Are Only On Facebook For The Groups

Private Facebook groups have been a respite from online toxicity, even as the social media giant continues to suck at combating misinformation and abuse.

Aqui está tudo o que você precisa saber sobre endometriose e fertilidade

Até um quarto das mulheres com endometriose não apresentam sintomas.

Wendy Williams' Husband, Kevin Hunter, Has Broken His Silence, Following Wendy Filing For Divorce

Kevin Hunter has spoken out after reportedly having a child with his girlfriend.

Solo un godínez lomo plateado ha vivido 36 de estas 43 horribles tragedias

Como cuando se te chorrea el tupper dentro de la mochila.

12 fotos do Instagram da Céline Dion extremamente icônicas

Muito além da trilha sonora do Titanic.

Dax Shepard Just Told The Story About The Time He Had Sex With Jell-O And It's Wild

I never thought I'd read the sentence “In the kitchen, I enter the Jell-O," and yet here we are.

Passei um dia com Juliana Paes nas gravações da próxima novela das 9

Entre glamour e perrengues, corremos atrás de uma estrela do horário nobre.

Bilionários franceses vão doar 300 milhões de euros para reconstruir a Catedral de Notre-Dame

O presidente da França, Emmanuel Macron, quer lançar uma campanha para arrecadar fundos — e dois magnatas da indústria de luxo já anunciaram sua contribuição.

Which Music Group Do You Belong In? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Who wouldn't want to be in these iconic groups?

If You Were A Teen Girl In The '90s, You Definitely Did These Things The Second Summer Break Started

Didn't we ALL crush on Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You?

29 Aggressively Optimistic Products That Might Actually Cheer You Up

Ya know what? I really think this smiley face sticker is gonna turn things around for me.

What Is Your Biggest Personality Trait?

Find out who you are inside.

If You Already Knew These 101 Behind-The-Scenes "Game Of Thrones" Facts, Then You Belong On The Iron Throne

Kit had a black eye during his Game of Thrones audition because he'd gotten in a fight at McDonald's after another diner spoke disrespectfully to his date.

Monte uma refeição nojenta e bizarra e ganhe um elogio gostoso

É como escrever um filme de terror, mas, em vez de fantasmas, tem bastante maionese.

These Tech Execs Faced #MeToo Allegations. They All Have New Jobs.

Silicon Valley says it’s committed to improving diversity, but high-profile male executives accused of sexual misconduct are getting second chances. Some advocates are wondering why.



Morning Update: Throwing Our Arms Around Paris

Notre Dame's catastrophic fire, Bernie Sanders' tax returns, Twitter's flawed approach to death threats. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 16.


BuzzFeedの海外記事を英語と日本語でお届け!素敵で、リアルで、美しい。(英文の下に翻訳文あり)maternity: 妊婦の labor: 陣痛 embrace: 抱擁

ドンキで見つけた“中毒スナック” 完全にヤバいお菓子だった…!


23 Skincare Products That Are As Gentle As They Are Effective

I know you're tired of having tight skin after cleansing your face. These will help.

YouTuberが配信中におにぎりの一気食いで窒息、死亡 医師は「早食い」に警鐘



ローソン(LAWSON)で発売された「あんこ天国」が「ああ天国だわ」レベルに美味しいです。ほどよい甘さのあんこがぎっしり入ってて、最初の一口から最後の一口までずっとあんこあんこあんこあんこあんこ! それでいて150円(税込)とかもう安すぎる…。

「やよい軒」おかわり一部有料化 他におかわり無料のチェーン店はどこ?




Your Answers To These Questions Will Determine Your Perfect Date With Noah Centineo

If you've seen A Perfect Date, you know it'll be good wherever it is...

ALSの患者に「時間稼ぎですか?」 文字盤コミュニケーション中、市役所職員の発言に抗議










Buy Some Clothes At Dolls Kill And Get A Non-Coachella Music Festival To Attend

Festival season never ends. Dress for the occasion.

Indigenous Traditional Owners Drilled Parliament Lawns To Show Politicians What It Feels Like

They say they want to let politicians know how it feels to have unwelcome machinery on your land.

インターネットメディア協会が発足 「業界利益のためでなく、社会的責任果たす」


ノートルダム大聖堂で大火災発生 その時パリの人々は


Which OG Avenger Are You?

Which of the original Avengers does your personality most align with?

Here's What Jon Snow Might Do About Daenerys On "Game Of Thrones"

Could we see another dance of dragons? Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Politicians Have Spent Another Day In The Field Trying To Appear Normal Before The Election

Healthcare spending, tax plans, and the Notre Dame cathedral fire dominated the agenda today, but no-one came up with a proper explanation for the way prime ministers sit in front of the TV.

The Ultimate Battle — "Friends" Vs. "The Office"

Let's settle this once and for all.

コストコで話題の「青汁」?! 飲んだから買う前に読んでみて


23 Things You'll Want To Share With The Person You Love

Because you and your love deserve the VERY best.



What's Your Unpopular Dessert Opinion?

Red velvet is overrated, tbh.

French Billionaires And Corporations Have Pledged At Least 600 Million Euros To Rebuild The Notre Dame Cathedral

Luxury goods tycoons and major corporations cited national pride and culture in making the pledges.

14 Unexpected Things You Can Make In Your Blender

From nut butters to homemade mayonnaise.

28 Tumblr Posts About "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: Part 2" That Are A Real Mood

In this house, we stan, appreciate and respect Nicholas "You Taught Me How To Love" Scratch.

31 Gadgets You Didn't Realize You Needed In Your Life Until Now

"You, you got what I need." —Biz Markie, and probably you to this article.

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