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April 22, 2019

What Character From "The Flash" Are You?

"My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive."


何気なくつけているバンドエイドはなぜ肌色なのだろう? その肌色は、本当の色だろうか。

37 Marvel Cinematic Universe Post-Credits Scenes That Led Us To "Avengers: Endgame"

TBT to the simpler days when the Avengers could peacefully eat shawarma.

These Pictures Prove That Nature's Beauty Goes Beyond What Our Eyes Can See

"Over all these years, nature has been my profound solace, inspiration, and teacher."

私的「ゲイの平成30年史」 10年周期の勃興、停滞、そして再高揚


Meghan Markle Is Taking Her Pregnancy Into Her Own Hands

The royal couple’s decision to keep their pregnancy private is part of their broader strategy to control their own public narrative — media be damned.

Esta mãe foi condenada por ter atropelado filho de 9 anos que se recusou a ir à escola

Para o juiz, o que ela fez é "simplesmente indesculpável".

Descubra qual combinação esquisita de personagens de "Harry Potter" é você

Este é definitivamente o teste mais estranho que você já viu!

El próximo episodio de "Game of Thrones" se ve perrísimo

No estamos preparados ni física ni mentalmente para esto.

19 Thoughts That Sum Up How Dumb Jon Snow Was On "GoT" Last Night

You clearly know absolutely nothing, Jon Snow.

8 Teorías de fans sobre el Rey de la Noche en "Game Of Thrones"

¿Es Bran Stark? ¿Un Targaryen secreto? ¿Alguien o algo más?

35 Things You Can Wear To Watch The Kentucky Derby

Grab a mint julep — it's time to splurge!

Banning Social Media In The Wake Of The Sri Lanka Attacks Doesn’t Make Much Sense

Some commentators have praised the Sri Lankan government's decision to temporarily shut down social media — but people in the country say Facebook is being centered in a discussion of violence with far more complex causes.

30 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Aerie, Lelo, Sur La Table, and more!

Online Vs. Real Life Shopping Challenge: Thrift Stores

We're on the hunt for a cute brunch outfit, will online shopping or in-store shopping win?

19 Weird Rules People Actually Had To Follow While Growing Up

"When we ate fast food, everyone HAD to give their bottom buns to Dad..."

Tem corintiano querendo que o Major Olímpio devolva a medalha de campeão

Mas o senador já avisou que não vai devolver coisa nenhuma e disse que a medalha foi um presente — de um corintiano.

A Woman In Coachella Was Arrested After She Was Seen On Camera Tossing 7 Puppies In A Dumpster

Riverside County Animal Services told BuzzFeed News that had a man not discovered the 3-day-old puppies within a 15-minute window, they would not have survived.

What If All Of "Avengers: Infinity War" Was A Time Loop Started By Doctor Strange?

Basically, I think it's possible Doctor Strange was Groundhog Day–ing the whole movie and didn't tell anyone.

50 Practical Products Under $20 You'll Really And Truly Use All The Time

You'll get so much more than what you paid for!

14 Celebrities Who Gave Their Voices To Nature And Environmental Documentaries

Let their soothing voices teach you all the ways the world is burning. JK, but only kinda!

India’s Top Judge Dismissed Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Himself. Now Lawyers Are Rallying For His Accuser.

Legal organizations throw their support behind a woman who has accused the head of India’s Supreme Court of sexual harassment.

Samsung Just Delayed The Launch Of Its $2,000 Folding Phone After Its Screen Kept Breaking

After the screens on several Galaxy Fold review units started failing, Samsung said it is taking "measures to strengthen the display protection."

How A Popular Women's Website Became A Pay-To-Play Nightmare

“It's kind of entertaining what a horrible shitshow it's turned into," a former editor of the Frisky told BuzzFeed News.

Tell Us Your Fan Questions For K-Pop Group TXT!

♫ When I met you, I became a puppy ♫ —"Cat and Dog" foreshadowing this interview

14 Nurses Who Do More Than Just Play Cards

They're not playing Go Fish.

We Can All Agree That Arya Stark Is Actually A Lesbian, Right?

I don't care what happened last night; I know the truth.

18 Celebrity Tweets About "Game Of Thrones" From This Week

"My Game of Thrones review: Even my cat is a mess."

A Post About China's "996" Workweek Went Viral On GitHub. Now Microsoft Employees Want To Protect It From Censorship.

A viral GitHub project that discusses the grueling demands on Chinese tech workers could be a target for state censorship.

Maisie Williams Revealed What It Was Like Filming Arya's Scene With Gendry

Little Arya Stark is all grown up. (Warning: Spoilers!)

Julian Assange Was Arrested. So Why Is Chelsea Manning Still In Jail?

Manning has been in jail since early March for refusing to testify before a grand jury about Assange and WikiLeaks.

These 6 Questions Will Reveal Which "Gossip Girl" Character You Really Belong With

"Just because we can't be together doesn't mean I don't love you."

24 Jokes For Anyone Who Loves The Planet

For anyone who loves nature, recycling, and Mother Earth.

21 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get At Walmart

Mom will love ALL of these items.

Inside The San Diego Church Where ICE And Border Patrol Bring Pregnant Women

For years, ICE and Border Patrol dropped off pregnant women at Christ Ministry Center. Now, as a record number of families are overwhelming the border, the church is overcrowded and being shut down.

The Interesting Details You Might Have Missed In "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 2

All the juicy details you might have missed. Warning: contains spoilers.

The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Employers Can Discriminate Against LGBT Employees

The court will look at whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prevents discrimination “on the basis of sex,” applies to LGBT individuals.

A oitava temporada de "Game of Thrones" finalmente colocou as mulheres no lugar delas


Is Hiking With Face Masks The New Normal?

People move to the Pacific Northwest to be near incredible natural beauty. But each year, wildfires and rising temperatures are making it harder to go outside.

Seth Moulton Says He Would Use Diplomacy To Fight Off An Alien Invasion As President

"You always have to start with diplomacy," the newly announced presidential candidate said.

¿Qué actor/actriz hizo mejor el papel?

De todos los Batman que ha habido, ¿cuál es tu favorito?

Así han cambiado 21 personajes de "Game Of Thrones" desde su primer episodio

El invierno llegó y se fue varias veces desde entonces...

Aprenda a fazer bibimbap de frango

O frango ao shoyu com legumes ao estilo coreano!

Este quiz de "sí o no" te dirá qué carta de la Lotería te representa

Tal vez piensas que eres el valiente, pero te pareces más al diablo.

Sorry, generación Z, solo un millennial recuerda los nombres de estas muñecas

Definitivamente las querías como regalo de cumpleaños.

23 Things From The Grommet That Make Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

Unique finds and cool gadgets to show how much you love her.

What's The Most Game-Changing Fast-Food Hack You've Ever Come Up With?

Taking your meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

Gender Dysphoria Isn’t A “Social Contagion,” According To A New Study

A Brown researcher slams the 2018 study — from a different researcher at Brown — which found teenagers were identifying as trans due to “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.”

Trump Is Suing House Democrats To Stop A Subpoena To His Accountant

This is the first lawsuit Trump has filed to block Democrats from exercising their subpoena power to look into his business affairs.

69 Dinge, die ich während „Game of Thrones“ Staffel 8 Folge 2 gebrüllt habe

Arya Stark von Winterfell, Player Nummer 1 in ganz Westeros 😎

Tormund Was The Funniest Part Of "Game Of Thrones" This Week And These Memes Prove It

If anything happens to Tormund I will riot. Warning: contains spoilers.

Here And Now: These Maps Show How Climate Change Has Already Transformed The Earth

Our planet is in the grip of rapid climate change. Explore how your city has already changed.

Something Good Happened On "Game Of Thrones" And Fans Are Emotional

I will never be over this. Warning: contains spoilers.

「地元の常識」にちょっと言わせて! #地元に届けこの思い

地元で生活していて不自由だと感じることはありますか? BuzzFeed Japanのアンケートによって、性的マイノリティの人たちが接する「周りの目」の実態が見えてきました。

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Cancel Student Loan Debt For Millions Of Americans

Warren’s plan would completely cancel the student loans for 75% of Americans with debt, according to her campaign.



32 Amazing Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get At Nordstrom

She'll love the gift...and you'll love that you don't have to pay for shipping.

15 coisas que eu gostaria que tivessem me dito antes de eu morar com meu namorado

Bem-vindo à aula de paciência, divisão de contas e cocô compartilhado.

Morning Update: Horror In Sri Lanka

The death toll reaches 290, Beto O'Rourke loses top adviser, India's child abuse problem.



Seth Moulton Is Running For President

In an ever-growing field, Moulton is the second House Democrat who once tried to push out Pelosi to now run for president.



スリランカ政府がSNSをブロック 爆発事件の調査が落ち着くまで有効の見通し


15 Hilarious Bosses Who Should Probably Have Their Phones Taken Away

"I'm sitting in your chair and accidentally passed gas on purpose."



31 DD+ Sports Bras That Can Actually Support Big Boobs

Support, comfort, AND sweat control?! We might actually make it to the gym...

逮捕されないのは「上級国民だから」なのか? 池袋と神戸の暴走事故、違いがネットで物議。その背景は






Are You Arichella Or Beychella?

Arichella or Beychella?







69 Things I Screamed At My TV During This Week's "Game Of Thrones"

Did y'all know this was the 69th episode of the series? Wink wink.

17 Memes del segundo capítulo de 'Game of Thrones' más calientes que ~esa~ escena

La tensión entre Sansa y Dany es MUY diferente a la de Gendry y Arya.

Here Are The Best And Funniest "Game Of Thrones" Tumblr Jokes From Season 8, Episode 2

"If the series doesn’t end with Missandei and Grey Worm on a beach together happy and in love then I’m suing HBO."

16 Tweets para acompañar ESA escena entre Arya y Gendry

Ellos se robaron cada segundo de este episodio.

48 Pensamientos que tuve en el episodio 2 de la última temporada de "Game of Thrones"

Ese triángulo amoroso entre Jaime, Tormund y Brienne es TODO.

求めたのは亡き人との出会い直し 悲しみを「愛しみ」に変える物語を紡ぐ


We Can Guess With 99.9% Accuracy Which Condiment You Hate The Most

There's a reason mayo and toilets share the same color.

35 Products We'll Literally Never Stop Trying To Convince You To Buy

We see your comments about how we feature the same products all the time, but THERE IS A REASON WHY AND WE WON'T STOP!

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