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April 11, 2019

25 Things Starbucks Employees Will Never Tell You

A better life is just a click away.

Only 10% Of "Game Of Thrones" Fans Can Get A Perfect Score On This Quiz

It's been almost TWO years since Game of Thrones was on!

Tudo o que você precisa saber antes da 8ª temporada de "Game of Thrones"

Aqui está a sua colinha de onde paramos em Westeros na última temporada!

Sarah Aspler • 2 hours ago

38 Tweets From People Watching "Our Planet" Who Are Not At All Okay

"For the first time in human history, the stability of nature cannot be taken for granted." —David Attenborough

25 Of The Best Light Jackets You Can Get On Amazon

Let's just be thankful we can finally put our winter parkas away. *crosses fingers*

Trump’s Grudge Against Puerto Rico Is Blocking Needed Disaster Aid Across The US

Congress has failed to reach a deal to provide recovery funds for Puerto Rico and several states, due in large part to Trump’s opposition. Now, Congress is taking a two-week break.

An ICE Official Who Said Detention Was "More Like Summer Camp" Will Now Lead The Agency

“It’s hard to imagine what’s tougher than what Nielsen and Vitiello were doing, but assuming there is such a thing, Matt is certainly up to the task," said a former senior ICE official.

5 Refeições para todo mundo fazer em casa

Estas aqui você PRECISA saber fazer!

Which Disney Song Is About You?

"Wish I could be, part of your wooooorld....."

20 Of The Best Bathrobes You Can Get At Walmart

Do you have things to do but don't feel like getting dressed ~just~ yet? This is a post for you!

Attorney Michael Avenatti Has Been Indicted On 36 Federal Charges

The high-profile attorney could face a maximum of 335 years in prison.

Former Obama Administration Lawyer Greg Craig Was Charged With Lying About His Work For Ukraine

A grand jury indicted Craig on two counts of making false statements in connection with work that linked him to Paul Manafort.

Barack Obama Wrote A Letter Paying Tribute To Nipsey Hussle

“He set an example for young people to follow and is a legacy worthy of celebration,” Obama wrote.

David Bernhardt, A Former Oil And Gas Lobbyist, Is Officially Trump’s New Interior Chief

The former oil and gas lobbyist has been acting interior secretary since January, following Ryan Zinke’s resignation.

"Game Of Thrones" Star John Bradley Opened Up About His Struggles With Body Image And His Story Will Absolutely Touch You

"They were looking for exactly me, and it's not just a case of they were going to accept what I considered to be faults about myself, but they're gonna see them as virtues."

Here Are The Never-Before-Seen US Government Damage Reports Made In The WikiLeaks Aftermath

One report concluded that “lives of cooperating Afghans, Iraqis, and other foreign interlocutors have been placed at increased risk” as a result of the leaks.

Are You Ready To Graduate?

Make the perfect soundtrack to your senior year.

A Major Influencer And A Popular Fashion Copycat Account Are Throwing Jabs At Each Other On Instagram Over A Headband

@Ariellecharnas and @Diet_Prada are accusing each other of a litany of things and weaponizing their millions of followers in their ongoing feud.

“Bolsonaro falou com 6 partidos e indicou um tresloucado para a Educação", diz Paulinho da Força

Presidente do Solidariedade disse que reuniões de Bolsonaro com chefes de partidos foram “perda de tempo”.

The Most Iconic Celebrity Courtroom Looks This Year

"The law has always been seen as something people have to be on their best behavior for," one fashion expert said — but Instagram has changed that.

Here’s What Michael’s Return To “Jane The Virgin” Means For Jane And Rafael

“It’s just a devastating situation for all three of them, and it’s devastating because it’s so emotional,” showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told BuzzFeed News. (Warning: Some spoilers ahead!)

This Woman's Dad Wrote Her An Epic Email Telling Her Not To Buy A "Ridiculous" Peloton Bike And Improved Everyone's Finances

"I would implore you not to waste precious after-tax income on this latest attempt to encourage social strivers to show that they live at a more rarified level than the proletariat."

David Dobrik Read Thirst Tweets About Himself Learned What A "Bussy" Is

"I am going to individually DM all of you after this."

40 Spring Dresses That Will Make Your Allergies Seem More Bearable

Eyes? Dry. Nose? Runny. Outfit? On point.

This Teen Made Herself The Most Gorgeous Hand-Painted Graduation Dress

It took a month to make and it was worth it.

Ask A Few Questions And We'll Reveal If You Can Get Spoilers Out Of The "Avengers: Endgame" Cast

Let's see if you can trick Mark Ruffalo into spoiling the movie.

These Banners Backing Jon Snow's Battle Against The Army Of The Dead Are Amazing

"The elders of Beirut support Jon Snow in his war against the White Walkers," one banner hanging in Beirut read.

Just 18 Photos Of Dogs Stuck In Sleeves That You Need To See

Dogs and sleeves, and dogs IN sleeves. What more could you want?

A Survivor Of The Manchester Attack Returned To The Arena To See Shawn Mendes And This Firefighter Went Along For Support

Teenager Amelia Mae Thompson told BuzzFeed News she wanted "to create some more positive memories and try to overcome the negative memories that [she has] from there".

Progressive Groups Ask Congress To Investigate Brett Kavanaugh

More than two dozen groups signed a letter to the House of Representatives urging an investigation into what they characterized as Justice Brett Kavanaugh's "sham confirmation process."

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want To Celebrate The Birth Of Their Baby Privately

"The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family."

Este quiz te dirá si acabarías con Harvey Kinkle o con Nicholas Scratch

Descubre cuál de los dos amores de (la nueva) Sabrina Spellman es tu alma gemela.

Buy Sephora Products To Find Out Which Celebrity You're Most Like

♪ I don't mean to brag, but I be like, throw it in the bag ♪

A Woman Totaled Her Car After Seeing A Spider While Driving

The driver injured her leg as a result. The spider's current whereabouts are unknown.

¿Puedes adivinar la película por la familia?

Tómate un descanso de *tu* familia y toma este test de familias ficticias.

“Game Of Thrones” Star Richard Dormer Said Ned Stark’s Death Changed The TV Landscape Forever

“It set up the idea on the show that nobody is safe,” Dormer told BuzzFeed News.

20 Cosas que eran normales en 1995 y que la generación Z nunca podrá entender

En el pasado, la gente hablaba mucho por teléfono. ¡En serio!

Ariel Winter Got Real About Her Rapid Weight Loss After A Fan Asked Why She's "So Thin"

"I feel better mentally with the change, and it's nice to work out and have your body actually respond."

Women In A Mennonite Colony Were Raped For Years. This New Novel Tackles The Aftermath.

Miriam Toews talks about “keeping that particular agony inside of me” while writing her new novel about abuse in a remote Mennonite colony.

18 Trucos que te salvarán la vida si vas a acampar en Coachella

Los secretos mejores escondidos de gente que ya fue al festival.

Não foi só a direita que achou absurda a condenação do Danilo Gentili à prisão

Não é todo dia que Jair Bolsonaro e Gregório Duvivier concordam com alguma coisa.

21 Genius Coffee Shops That Are Lightyears Ahead Of Everybody Else

Coffee served in cups made from recycled coffee — how meta is that?!

27 Dinge, die in der achten Staffel von „Game of Thrones“ wirklich passieren müssen

Ich bete zu den alten und zu den neuen Göttern, dass meine Wunschliste erhört wird.

Netflix Issued A Warning For Scenes In Its New Documentary That Animal Lovers May Find Upsetting

"This whole docuseries is so heartbreaking," one viewer of the documentary said.

Which Singer Are You?

Yes, Taylor Swift is an option.

Mark Ruffalo Just Revealed How Much Trouble He Got In After Live-Streaming The First 10 Minutes Of "Thor: Ragnarok"

"That was genius! We got more press than we could have possibly paid for!"

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir Has Been Arrested

The former military leader’s resignation comes after four months of escalating pressure from protesters across the country.

I Turned Boxed Mac 'N' Cheese Into 6 Amazing Meals

Hack your way to a delicious, home-cooked meal.

London’s Best Restaurants As Recommended By The Locals Who Live There

There is more to London than just fish and chips and jellied eels.

23 Of The Best Birthday Gifts You Can Get At UncommonGoods Right Now

Finally something they won't want to return!

Tonight's "Bachelor In Paradise" Episode Was A Shitshow, So Obviously Here Are The Best Tweets

Tonight's mood is brought to you by Jules sitting on an inflatable peacock with a margarita in hand.

Morning Update: Black Hole Stuns

Brexit deadline extended, science is so cool, Alexa listens in. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 11.







Choose Some Cuddly Toys And We'll Reveal What % In Love You Are

These furry toys are all in need of a huge squeeze.

Using ~Technology~ We Can Tell You Exactly Which App You Are

You spend way too much time on your phone as it is. You may as well spend a few more minutes taking this quiz to figure out which app you are.

Here's Why Scar's Appearance In The Live-Action "Lion King" Trailer Has The Internet In Meltdown

"They got Scar looking like he eat hot Cheetos in the morning."



ハイブランドvs少数民族 頻発するデザインのパクリ疑惑


59 Things That'll Have Everyone Asking, "Where Did You Get That?"

Gorgeous warm weather dresses, Insta-worthy bathing suits, and so many cute accessories that'll have people stopping you on the street.

Julian Assange Was Arrested In London And US Officials Want Him Brought To America To Face Hacking Charges

The WikiLeaks founder was taken into custody from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he had spent nearly seven years.


今年2月に発売されたグリコの「ポントクック」が最高に便利です! SNSでは「ほぼ毎日使ってる」「更に私のズボラ度が上がります」などと賞賛されています。



「PRODUCE 101」って何? 「I.O.I」「Wanna One」「IZ*ONE」を生んだオーディションが日本上陸


The Election Has Been Called. Here's Everything You Need To Know

We've got five weeks of this, so strap in people.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Endometriosis And Fertility

“I feel like I’m a bit of a ticking time bomb," one woman told BuzzFeed News.

9 Queens Robbed On "RuPaul's Drag Race"

Shante, you deserved to stay.

Which Action Movie Are You?

Lights. Camera. Action.

Geoffrey Rush Has Been Awarded At Least $850,000 In His Defamation Case

"I would've been content to receive a simple apology and a promise to do better, without any of this," his accuser Eryn Jean Norvill said outside court.

14 Things Only Athletes Understand

We did not choose this life. This life chose us.

Make A Bowl Of Cereal And We'll Give You A Movie To Watch

Cereal before milk or milk before cereal?

A Deputy's Son Has Been Arrested In Connection With Fires At Three Black Churches In Louisiana

Authorities said they feared "other crimes were imminent" and immediately obtained warrants to 21-year-old Holden Matthews.

Here's How To Have The Perfect Weekend In Montreal

Welcome to the paradise city of poutine, street art, honey-sweetened bagels, and winding staircases.



The Government Has Paid Hungry Jack's At Least $176,000 To Take Young Interns

176 young Australians interned at Hungry Jack's under a government program that pays as little as $4 an hour.

18 Important Life Lessons We Learned From "Pet Sematary"

If your husband is thinking about reviving the dead....DUMP HIM.

17 Unwritten Rules Of Cooking That Every Veteran Home Chef Knows

Send this to the aspiring cook in your life.

Sorry Gen Z'ers, Only Millennials Can Remember These 10 Dolls' Names

You definitely wanted them as a birthday present.

A Team At Amazon Is Listening To Recordings Captured By Alexa

An Amazon spokesperson said that "an extremely small sample of Alexa voice recordings" is annotated.

Just 22 Non-Phallic Sex Toys Anyone Will Thirst After

If you're looking for the D, you won't find it here — but you will find lots of alternate routes to O-town!

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