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    19 Ridiculous Eats From Coachella This Year

    "If they think I’m paying $20 for one of these...they’re absolutely right."

    Every April, Coachella hosts some of the most popular musical acts in the world. In recent years, the festival has also transformed into a massive showcase of the ✨trendiest Instagram foods.✨

    They might not be Michelin-starred eats, but they're def eye-catching (and they'll def cost you a bunch of monies, let's be real). But if you can't eat a Fruity Pebbles–covered churro dipped in a sundae while wearing a wilting flower crown at Coachella, then when and where can you?!

    Without further ado, here are the 19 best foods from Coachella 2019.

    1. These ice cream cones topped with, yup, french fries:

    2. Or these colorful cones that are just as much eye candy as they are dessert:

    3. These churro sundaes (because one dessert per serving is not enough):

    4. These loaded asada burritos:

    5. This frozen wine cocktail with your face printed on it, because why not:

    6. This classic slice of pie that proves pizza is ~timeless~:

    Alix Traeger / BuzzFeed

    🍽: Spicy Pie

    7. This monster cheeseburger:

    @ocburgermonster / Via

    8. Or this mother of ALL monster cheeseburgers:


    9. These loaded french fries:

    @laexplored / Via

    🍽: Me So Hungry

    10. This Dole whip float that's a childhood dream come true:


    11. These loaded chicken tenders smothered in the creamiest sauce:

    @hangrychicksnyc / Via

    🍽: Fuku

    12. These colorful açaí bowls:

    @hangrychicksnyc / Via

    13. This monster lobster roll:

    @hangry_sisters / Via

    14. The prettiest matcha drink of all time:

    15. These disco tots that are the ideal combo of crispy and gooey:

    @theofficialinnerfatkid / Via

    16. This fried chicken party:

    17. These pork katsu and egg salad sandwiches that are the fanciest festival sandwiches you'll ever have:


    🍽: Konbi

    18. This salmon and kelp noodle poke bowl:

    Food Steez

    19. And finally, these extra-crispy, extra-large fried chicken sandwiches: