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April 9, 2019

What Is The Most Stressful Episode Of TV To Watch?

TBH, every Grey's Anatomy season finale.

18 "Eating Sins" People Have Witnessed That Scarred Them For Life

"My mom puts peanut butter on cold pizza."

Every State Has A Favorite Cocktail — What's Yours?

Is your state a Mimosa, or more like a Long Island Iced Tea?

A Day After Facebook Banned Canadian White Nationalists, Some Found Their Way Back

“Individuals and organizations who spread hate, attack, or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are have no place our services,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

The Disney Princess You Create Will Reveal Your Perfect Job

Say goodbye to Tiana, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and everyone else. There's a new kid on the block.

Which CW Show Do You Belong In?

We all belong somewhere!

A Record Number Of Migrant Families Are Showing Up At The Border Despite Trump's Crackdown On Immigration

Officials said more than 53,000 families trying to cross the southern border were apprehended in March, the highest number since records began.

What Happened When Pete Buttigieg Tore Down Houses In Black And Latino South Bend

"Everyone wants to find a villain," a South Bend politician said of Mayor Pete Buttigieg's housing program. "This is just how economic development happens."

36 Things You're Going To Want For Your Next Trip To Disney World

All it takes is faith, trust, pixie dust, and a few of these items to be fully prepared for a Disney vacation.

10 Of The Hardest "Would You Rather" Questions For "Game Of Thrones" Season 5

Would you rather have the High Sparrow or Olenna Tyrell as your enemy?

Here Are All The Ways The Geoffrey Rush Defamation Verdict Could Play Out

The verdict in the defamation case between the Pirates of the Caribbean star and a Sydney newspaper will be handed down on Thursday.

Suspeito de caçar rinoceronte foi morto por elefantes e comido por leões

Apenas um crânio humano e uma calça que pertenciam a um suposto caçador de rinocerontes foram encontrados depois que um bando de leões devorou seus restos mortais, segundo autoridades da África do Sul.

This "Five Senses" Test Will Tell You Which International City You Belong In

Which international city do you actually belong in? This test will tell.

A Canadian Government Committee Is Investigating Foreign Interference And Espionage

China, Russia, and other countries are running influence and espionage operations in Canada, according to the committee.

23 Villanos de series que amamos y odiamos al mismo tiempo

"Te amo. Te odio. Te odio. Te amo. ¡Ay! Cómo odio amarte..."

19 perguntas sobre "Harry Potter" que eu adoraria fazer à J.K. Rowling

Todo mundo que se lembra de como era ser adolescente há de concordar comigo.

How Much Do You Know About These 10 Types Of Sexual Fetishes?

Do you know what it's called when you get turned on by a specific smell?

If You're Obsessed With "The OA" Part 2, These 19 Tumblr Posts Are For You

"I love The OA, but I cannot begin to explain anything that has ever happened on that show."

16 Shower Heads That'll Make Getting Clean So Much Better

Bathing is super important, so why not have some highly rated shower heads that'll get the job done?

WWF Has Hired A Former Top UN Human Rights Official To Oversee Investigation Into Abuses Exposed By BuzzFeed News

The appointment comes amid mounting criticism from indigenous rights groups of the charity’s response to evidence that anti-poaching forces it funds have tortured and killed people.

As pessoas tiveram que desenhar por que 80 tiros são execução, não engano

E estão criticando bastante o silêncio do presidente Bolsonaro e do ministro Sergio Moro sobre a morte do músico Evaldo dos Santos por militares no Rio.

15 coisas que descobrimos na coletiva de imprensa de "Vingadores: Ultimato"

Grande parte dos atores preferem o Chris Evans de barba!!

A Woman Has Been Charged With A Felony After Several Racist Remarks Were Spray-Painted Around Oklahoma City

According to an affidavit, Allison Johnson told police her intent was "to scare Jewish people, and people of different races, other than white."

We're Finally Getting A "Monsters, Inc." TV Show And This Pixar Fan Is Over The Moon

The premiere of Monsters At Work could not come fast enough!

50 Cent's House Sold For $2.9 Million And I'm Jealous Of Its New Owner

It was originally listed for $18.5 million and sold for less than $3 million.

18 Of The Most WTF Moments From Rom-Coms

These scenes are the total opposite of feel-good...

Lori Loughlin And 15 Other Parents Face New Charges In The College Admissions Scam

The new charges are for money laundering and conspiring to commit fraud.

A 41-Pound Cat — And That Is Not A Typo — Is Up For Adoption

41 pounds of ***CHUNGALICIOUSNESS!!!!!!!!!!!***

NBA's Kyle Korver Wrote A Personal Essay About White Privilege, White Guilt, And White Responsibility, And Every White Person Should Read It, TBQH

"How can I — as a white man, part of this systemic problem — become part of the solution when it comes to racism in my workplace? In my community? In this country?"

New York City Parents Held "Measles Parties" To Infect Unvaccinated Children As Officials Battle An Outbreak

The city's health department declared a public health emergency, saying people could be fined up to $1,000 for disobeying a mandatory vaccination order.

People Can’t Stop Talking About This Iconic Photo From The Protests In Sudan

In her first interview since going viral, the woman in the photo said that when she's not protesting the government, she's a student studying engineering and architecture.

40 fatos que você provavelmente não sabia sobre "Parks and Recreation"

Você já prestou atenção nas fotos do Li'l Sebastian?

27 Storage Options That Aren't Completely Hideous

Staying organized doesn't have to mean replacing all your fun furniture with gray plastic cubes.

The Home Office Says It Will Continue Funding A Charity That Helps People The UK Deported To Jamaica

After annual funding for the National Organisation of Deported Migrants (NODM) in Jamaica was cut, the charity had to let some staff go.

People Left Weakened And Devastated By California's Deadliest Wildfire Keep Dying As Hospitals Remain Overwhelmed

"A lot of people in Paradise lived on a deck of cards, and if you pulled one out, everything collapses," a former nurse at a hospital that burned down said.

YouTube Disabled Comments On Livestreams Of A Congressional Hearing On White Nationalism Because They Were Too Hateful

Tuesday's hearing was meant to examine the rise of white nationalism and white supremacy and the role social media plays in its spread. Then the comments got hijacked.

Google Founders Have Skipped All Of The Company's 2019 Town Hall Meetings

Following leaks and employee revolts, the absences raise questions about the future of transparency at Google.

"The Crown" Just Cast Its Princess Diana

Emma Corrin will play the iconic royal in the show's fourth season.

Los creadores de 'Game of Thrones' escondieron el final del show en un nuevo playlist y ¿QUÉEEEE?

Por lo menos, eso dicen. Y no, no es la misma canción una y otra vez.

This Man’s Aunt Was Jailed Days After He Met With Mike Pompeo Over China’s Muslim Crackdown

Ferkat Jawdat, who lives in Virginia, told BuzzFeed News that China was using his relatives “as hostages.”

Bet You Can't Pass One Of The Hardest Movie Quizzes Ever

This is probably the hardest thing you'll do today.

21 T-Shirts Under $12 That’ll Make Your Closet So Much Better

These shirts will change your closet forever.

21 Cosas que solo los regios que se mudan a la CDMX entenderán

Tipo, ¿cómo que aquí no hay HEB ni Tim Hortons?

Jalisco tiene 125 municipios, ¿puedes mencionar 30 en 3 minutos?

No todo es Guadalajara y lo sabes... ¿o no lo sabes?

11 Side-By-Side Pics Of The "Parks And Rec" Cast In Their First Episode Vs. 2019

It's been exactly 10 years since the first episode aired!

Billie Eilish Opened Up To Ellen About Living With Tourette's Syndrome

“It’s something I’ve lived with my whole life."

This Week On The Inter Webz: How To Catch Up On "Game Of Thrones" In 45 Min Or Less ⚔

Plus: Good animal tweets, must-see TikToks, and the ultimate NY subway quiz.

'Sabrina' de Netflix hizo un pequeño tributo a la 'Sabrina' noventera y no podemos de la emoción

¿Alguien conoce un hechizo para dejar de llorar por tanta nostalgia?

A Judge Won't Order The Justice Department To Speed Up Releasing The Mueller Report

A judge ruled Tuesday that a group that sued for the report failed to show they'd suffer "irreparable harm" if they waited until after Attorney General Bill Barr releases a redacted version of Mueller's report.

A Group For Bataclan Victims' Families And Survivors Says The Tough Guy Entrance Memes Aren't Funny

"These facts and this person do not make Life for Paris laugh. They shouldn’t make anyone laugh."

Which TV Characters Went Through Way Too Much?

Who had the most tragic storylines?

We Can Tell You Which Show You Belong On

Or are you already in The Good Place?

Which "Grey's Anatomy" Song And Character Are You A Perfect Combo Of?

Alexa, play "How to Save a Life" by The Fray.

26 testes de personalidade baseados nas suas séries favoritas

Quem é você em "Game of Thrones"? E em "Friends"?

21 Bathroom Cleaning Products That People Actually Swear By

These products are so fresh and so clean.

Você manja o básico de feminismo?

Com licença, teria um minuto para ouvir a palavra da igualdade?

We Tried To Find 10 BuzzFeed Employees Just Like Cops Did For The Golden State Killer

The Golden State Killer case has triggered a boom in “genetic genealogy” for solving crimes. But how hard is it to find people by sleuthing in their family trees?

¿Cuántos de estos 45 placeres que los ricos nunca conocerán has experimentado?

¿A poco no es hermoso perfumarte con la hoja de un catálogo o multiplicar el champú con agua?

Morning Update: Can't Wait For President Blue Ivy

A judge blocks Trump's asylum seeker policy, new directions on Brexit, Canada's coming election. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 9.

Leute, wir haben Sandwich-Toaster unser ganzes Leben lang falsch benutzt

Das bringt Sandwich-Toast auf ein ganz neues Level.

21 Wall Storage Ideas For When You Have No More Room

Stop tripping all over the stuff that's found its way to your floor :(.

19 Of The Funniest Tweets From The "Bachelor In Paradise" Premiere

I'm already exhausted and that was just the first episode.

Taylor Swift Just Donated $113,000 To An Organisation That Fights Anti-LGBT Laws In Tennessee

"She sees our struggle in Tennessee and continues to add her voice with so many good people ... who are speaking out for love in the face of fear."

【対訳付き】犬が公園で「何か」を拾い食い… そしたら大変なことになったんだけど!


This Story About Chris Hemsworth Sneaking His Daughter Onto A Roller-Coaster Proves Why Height Restrictions Matter

Chris had to save his daughter from FALLING OUT OF HER SEAT after he used bars of chocolate to sneak her onto a roller-coaster.



上半身裸のセルフィーが流出し解雇された女性教師 「自然なままの私」


Emmanuel Macron Doesn’t Want Brexit Delayed Beyond December 2019 At The Latest

The French president also wants checkpoints every three months to ensure the UK is not disrupting EU business, according to European diplomats privately briefed on his thinking.

日産・ゴーン元会長がカメラに訴えた4つのポイント 「無実」「陰謀」「愛」...


【画像】思ってたんと違う!? これが新紙幣&新硬貨だ!!


Emilia Clarke Revealed That Part Of Her Brain "Died" From Two Aneurysms

"With the second one, there was a bit of my brain that actually died."

15 Grooming Before And After Photos That'll Make You Want To Change Up Your Look

Serve fresh looks that would make Jonathan Van Ness flip out, henny!



Here Are Some Fun Swedish Sayings You Should Start Using

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.

YouTuberが配信中におにぎりを喉に詰まらせ意識不明? 注意喚起も




おてんばな猫が食パンに残した証拠 飼い主さんは思わず「現行犯逮捕」




Play "F#%k, Marry, Kill" And We'll Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Belong To

Kill Bellatrix, marry Arthur, and... well, you know... with Voldemort?

Are You Mary-Kate Or Ashley Olsen?

Either way, you're a Michelle.

Is This A Real Australian Phrase Or Did I Just Make It Up?

Flat out like a koala in season? Sounds about Australian.

A Contraception Method Endorsed By The Church Is Getting Reproductive Health Funding

The prime minister last month said the issue of abortion did not "unite Australians".

Play The Lottery And Find Out If You'll Win

Will you be the next millionaire?

「必ず、減らす、止めるが目標です」 ステロイドの塗り薬は、安全?危険? (前編)

アトピー性皮膚炎の治療で、親御さんが不安に感じてしまうのがステロイド外用薬。大事なお薬であることは間違いないのですが、アレルギー専門医の堀向健太先生も「好きではない」と言うのです。どういうことなのでしょうか? 青鹿ユウさんのわかりやすいイラストとともにお届けします。

We Know Which Of These Less Popular "Riverdale" Characters You Are

Who cares about Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica anyway?



32 Under-$20 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Kitchen Way Better

Practical, cute, and awesome kitchen upgrades all on a budget. Thanks, Walmart!

Make Nine Important Food Decisions And We'll Tell You Where You Belong

When you're here, you're family. Unless you're off eating your weight in cheesecake.

There Are Only 4 Types Of People In The World — Which One Are You?

Forget every personality quiz you've ever taken before. THIS one has everything you need to know.

Trump Bumped His ICE Director From A Border Visit. Instead, He Appeared With An ICE Official Who Led Effort To Split The Agency.

Emails obtained by BuzzFeed News show the ICE agent led an effort last year to break up the agency as it faced intense criticism for carrying out Trump's immigration policy.

22 Times "Family Feud" Contestants Were Completely And 100% Accurate

And Steve Harvey was in awe of their genius.

The "Egg Boy" Received A Police Caution Over Fraser Anning Incident

Victoria Police said the far-right Australian senator acted in "self-defence" when striking the teenager who broke an egg on his head.

A Woman Fined For Her Anti-Abortion Protests Is Trying To Overturn Safe Access Zones Around Clinics

"Whatever happens, no one can ever stop any of us from praying to end abortion," Kathy Clubb wrote on Instagram ahead of the verdict.

29 Ways To Make Spring Suck Less

Don't @ me, but spring is the worst season of them all.

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