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    15 Reasons To Get Pregnant Like Right Now, Right Now

    Living your best pregnant life.

    1. Pregnancy body pillows — seriously, there is nothing more comfortable.

    yourdoodsal / Via

    2. Ridiculously luscious hair that is basically Instagram-ready every second of the day.

    gen_eeee / Via

    Enjoy it while it lasts, though — postpartum hair loss will bring you back down to earth.

    3. Eating like there's no tomorrow...or later today, even.

    honestlymommy / Via

    4. Those amazing, comfortable, FORGIVING maternity clothes that you can wear forever — and totally should.

    5. Becoming basically an Olympic-level napper.

    quinnlaroux / Via

    Pregnant women totally get the gold.

    6. And having a built-in tray table isn't exactly the worst — not gonna lie:

    hey_keri_anne / Via

    7. The fun of posting adorable belly pics to social media.

    kimbagall / Via

    Bonus points if you do a graphic of a random food that's the same size as your baby.

    8. Feeling the baby kick inside you and knowing you're the only one who can.

    diamelenn / Via

    9. Not having a period for a really long time — even longer sometimes, if you breastfeed.

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    10. Getting the best parking spots at your favorite stores.

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    11. Glowing. Just freakin' glowing, y'all.

    clareandfaith / Via

    12. And having the best boobs of your life for nine whole months.

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    13. Buying every baby item you can get your hands on, necessary or not.

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    14. Everyone around you being more than willing to help a pregnant damsel in distress.

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    15. And being able to use pregnancy as an excuse for, well, anything you damn well want.

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    Rest up, Momma — in a few short months you'll no longer be able to say, "I can't do the dishes, I'm pregnant."