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April 2, 2019

OMG, Please Just Tell Me How You Pronounce These Foods Because IDK Anymore

I was today years old when I found out how to say some of these foods.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Formed An Unlikely Alliance With Nancy Pelosi. Now It's Facing Its First Real Test.

Pelosi has so far forged strong relationships with the new progressives in her caucus, but that relationship could soon be tested in a battle between the insurgents and the establishment.

Here's Why Pro Chefs Are Obsessed With Instant Flour

With a bright blue bottle that looks straight out of the ’60s, Wondra flour is easy to overlook, but savvy cooks know better than to judge an ingredient by its packaging.

A Judge Ordered Evidence Be Hidden From The Public During An Officer’s Trial For Killing An Innocent Woman. It’s Being Slammed As “Unconstitutional.”

The Minnesota judge’s order came during the highly publicized trial of a former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian woman. “The public has a right to know what’s going on in the courtroom,” critics said.

Are You A True Pizza Lover?

The cheesiest quiz ever.

The Hardest "Would You Rather: Cheese Edition" You'll Ever Play

Not to be dramatic, but you'll probably cry.

Solo una persona súper callada ha vivido 34 de estas 42 situaciones

Alguien callado, tímido e inocente se va a reconocer mucho en este quiz.

What % Single Are You?

I guess you can be kinda single, right?

Here's What JoJo Siwa's House Actually Looks Like

Get ready to feel poor and hungry (for candy).

"Diz a Bíblia que a arrogância precede a ruína", avisa líder evangélico sobre Bolsonaro

O alerta é do deputado Silas Câmara (PRB-AM), presidente da frente parlamentar evangélica, que reúne 112 congressistas.

Republicans Are Trying To Kill An LGBT Bill In Congress By Arguing It Hurts Women

“Women, lesbians, and families become the collateral damage.”

Pete Buttigieg Is Not The First Openly Gay, Major Party Presidential Candidate. This Guy Was.

Fred Karger, who ran for the Republican nomination in 2012, has spent the past two months correcting the record.

5 Books We Were Obsessed With Last Month

Some of our recent favorites, as reviewed in the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.

This Is What Small Businesses Look Like Around The World

Photographer Vladimir Antaki’s new book The Guardians explores the unique and curious spaces where passion becomes business.

Patagonia Is Refusing To Sell Its Iconic Power Vests To Some Financial Firms

Sorry, Wall Street. The vest purveyor of choice for tech and finance bros now is prioritizing bulk orders of corporate swag to mission-driven companies.

25 Products Your Skin Will Absolutely Thank You For

No my beautiful glowing skin, thank YOU.

Donald Trump Faced Many Misconduct Allegations. His Backers Are Now Branding Joe Biden As “Creepy.”

Trump’s supporters on cable, Twitter, and a new digital ad are branding Biden as “creepy” to neutralize the Democrat they think could hurt his reelection chances.

Lupita Nyong'o's New Book Has A Gorgeous Cover And Teaches Kids About Colorism, So 'Scuse Me While I Max Out My Card

"I wrote Sulwe to encourage children (and everyone really!) to love the skin they are in and see the beauty that radiates from within."

Este influencer da extrema-direita nos EUA teve de engolir a própria teoria da conspiração

Primeiro, Alex Jones difundiu que massacre em escola dos EUA foi encenado por opositores de armas; agora, processado por pais de estudantes que morreram, ele alegou que sofreu de um "tipo de psicose" e que não se lembra direito do que disse.

Tell Us Your Questions You Want Answered From CNCO

What do you want to ask the boys?

“The Hills” Reboot On MTV Will Premiere In June And Get Ready For Audrina And Justin Bobby To Reunite

“I don’t even know where to start,” Audrina says in a new preview.

Police Have Arrested A Suspect In Nipsey Hussle's Murder

A suspect in the killing was taken into custody in the Los Angeles County town of Bellflower Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

After Being Bullied As A Kid, Celine Dion Is The New Face Of L'oreal At 51 Years Old

Grammy-winning singer Celine Dion gets real about her confidence issues as a kid and why she was shocked to be a face L'Oréal Paris at 51 years old.

Lauren Conrad Just Announced She's Pregnant Again

From The Hills to daycare bills.

Theresa May Says She Wants Another Brexit Extension And To Enter Talks With Jeremy Corbyn

"I've always been clear that we could make a success of no deal in the long term, but leaving with a deal is the best solution," May said.

Dr. Phil Posted A Picture Without His Mustache And It's Deeply Disturbing

I'm not upset with you, Dr. Phil, just disappointed.

¿Qué tanto sabes de fetiches sexuales?

¿Sabes cómo se le llama a prenderse con el olor de las flores o de la... ropa sucia? D:

¿Qué tanto te quieres a ti mismo?

Este quiz te dirá si tienes una buena relación contigo mismo, o tal vez necesitas prestarte más atención.

33 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Banana Republic, Sur La Table, Nordstrom, and more!

Qual mascote brasileiro das casas de Harry Potter é você?

Será que você está mais para Lacraste ou Smilinguido?

"Avengers: Endgame" Just Dropped A New Trailer That Shows Several Emotional Reunions

"It's not about how much we lost, it's about how much we have left."

Two Secretive Campaigns Using Facebook To Push A Hard Brexit Are Facing Scrutiny By MPs

Britain's Future and We Are the 52% have spent heavily on Facebook ads. Now senior MP Damian Collins has told BuzzFeed News that a new subcommittee investigating disinformation will look into their activity.

Verbringe einen Tag als Hund und finde heraus, welche Hunderasse du sein würdest

Aber pinkel bitte nicht auf den Teppich, während du das Quiz machst.

Todo mundo é um combo de um herói da DC e outro da Marvel, qual é você?

Com grandes poderes, vem... BATMAN! NA NA NA NA

Gigi Hadid’s Attorney Wants The Instagram Paparazzi Photo Drama Thrown Out Of Court

“It is one thing for paparazzi to exploit Ms. Hadid’s fame and image for their own profit, but it is quite another to bring a meritless copyright case in an effort to shake her down.”

Matcha Milk Jelly Cake

Matcha Milk Jelly Cake

Aprecie toda a beleza deste pudim no palito

Tão fácil de fazer... tão difícil de resistir...

Anna Faris Opened Up About Her Current Relationship With Chris Pratt And Whether She'll Ever Get Married Again

“It is very difficult, of course, to be completely separate from somebody that you’ve spent so much emotional investment with.”

As pessoas estão duvidando da eficácia do boicote dos bolsonaristas à Cinemark

Eduardo Bolsonaro protestou contra a rede de salas de cinema, que disse que se equivocou ao exibir filme favorável ao golpe de 1964. Mas nas redes sociais tem gente lembrando que Avengers: Endgame estréia daqui a pouco...

Here’s The Moment North West Asked Kim Kardashian Why She’s Famous — And Her Hilarious Response

“Mommy has so many talents I can’t even begin to name them.”

Courtney Stodden Knows Exactly What Happened

At 16, Stodden married a 51-year-old man and became the punchline to a creepy tabloid joke. Now, at 24, she’s ready to rewrite her own story — and get a divorce.

Tom Watson Said YouTube’s Restrictions On Tommy Robinson’s Videos Don’t Go Far Enough

YouTube removed comments, likes, and livestreaming from Robinson’s channel after consulting third-party extremism experts.

21 Things To Help You Maintain Healthy Nails

Keep your nails long and healthy with these amazing products that actually work!

Morning Update: Hard Brexit, Dark Money

The influence of dark money on Brexit, remembering Nipsey Hussle, the best worst April Fools’. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, April 2.

The Breakfast Foods You Choose Will Reveal If You're A Millennial Or A Gen Z'er

Mom always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day!

Ariana Grande Opened Up About Her Sexuality And The Internet Is Basically In Meltdown

"Sexuality is fluid and no one has to 'come out' as anything if they don’t want to."

20 Products That'll Teach You A Thing Or Two About Skincare

"Ohhhh" — you, finally realizing there are products out there that will basically clean your skin for you!



In eigener Sache: Wir gehen gerichtlich gegen die KfW vor, weil sie uns Unterlagen zum WWF nicht geben will

Recherchen von BuzzFeed News deckten schlimmste Menschenrechtsverbrechen auf. Jetzt wollen wir wissen, ob dafür auch deutsche Steuermittel benutzt wurden.

Here's Why Justin Bieber's Fake Pregnancy Announcement Has Caused A Huge Backlash

"Let's hope you never have to go through infertility or the loss of a pregnancy."

What Shockingly Dark Rom-Com Moment Really Stayed With You?

What rom-coms made you cry for all the wrong reasons?

銃乱射事件に向けた訓練中に「処刑スタイル」で撃たれた教師たち 背中にはあざやみみず腫れが…




The Baraboo Nazi Prom Photo Shocked The World. The City’s Response Shocked Its Residents.

The intentions behind the Nazi salute photograph seen around the world were hardly as sinister as they first appeared. But in Trump and Twitter’s America, as one small Midwestern town discovered, image is everything.

41 Ways To Actually Waste Less Of Basically Everything

Replace a bunch of disposable plastic, cut down on your utility and clothing bills, and make your food last SO much longer.

Buy An Entire New Outfit At Urban Outfitters And We'll Guess Your Age

PSA: Being older than 18 doesn't equate dying.



それって本当に「フェイクニュース」ですか? NPOが公表したファクトチェックのガイドライン、その狙いは


Only The Sharpest Minds Can Name The Objects In These Close-Up Photos

Is it a bowling ball? A head of cabbage? A marble?

無印良品のホテルが銀座にオープン! すごいところを1分で解説します

無印良品のホテルMUJI HOTELの国内一号店が銀座にオープンします。MUJI HOTEL GINZA の客室の特徴や料金、おすすめのポイントをまとめました。

Please Enjoy These 15 Random Things We Found In This Year’s Budget

There was way more stuff about ants than I think any of us anticipated.

Scott Morrison Said Reopening Christmas Island Would Cost $1.4 Billion, But It Absolutely Won’t

The government plans to spend $185 million on reopening Christmas Island detention centre... and then closing it again.

The Government Says Youth Suicide Is A National Priority. Here’s What It’s Planning To Do About It

“It is a national tragedy that we lose so many people to suicide and that so many people live a life of quiet desperation.”





Women Are Crossing The Border To Take Two Pills In A State With Better Abortion Access

There is “no good reason” why Australian women have such limited access to medical abortions, researchers said.





令和はファイナルファンタジーの音色? 作曲ソフトに打ち込んだらあのメロディーが…


Can You Guess The Katherine Heigl Movie From The Screenshot?

Talk about an abundance of Katherines!

YouTube Is Placing Sweeping New Restrictions On Tommy Robinson’s Channel — But It’s Not Banning Him

The video platform is removing the far-right activist’s videos from search results and stopping his livestreaming.

19 People Were Injured In A Stampede After Panic Erupted At A Nipsey Hussle Vigil

The chaotic scene occurred late Monday in Los Angeles as police identified a suspect in the rapper's death.

A Man Has Been Found Guilty Of Murdering NYC Jogger Karina Vetrano

Authorities had linked Chanel Lewis to the 30-year-old New York woman's murder by DNA.

Can We Guess Whether You're A Southerner Based On Your Responses To These Questions?

Nashville hot chicken, Flannery O'Connor, submarines: these are just a few things the South has given us. Are you from the South? Answer these simple questions and we'll hazard a guess.

Would You See Or Skip These Marvel Origin Stories?

They all had to start somewhere.





「男らしさの呪い」がみんなを苦しめている 深澤真紀さん、松本俊彦さん薬物報道を斬る(4)


19 People Who Have Officially Given Up

Houston, we've lost control.

"We Cannot Be A Minority": There Must Be People With Disability Heading Royal Commission, Senator Says

"It should not have taken the accidental election of a disabled person through section 44 of the constitution to actually get this thing through."

Only 35% Of Americans Can Pass This Antonym Vocabulary Test

Let's see how much range there really is to your vocabulary.

25 Cheap Things To Treat Yourself To Right Now

LOL-worthy enamel pins, matte nail polish, mini plants, and more under-$25 delights you deserve to own right this second.

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