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    Antoni Revealed Which Foods The Fab Five Would Be And Jonathan Was Seriously Offended By His Choices

    "I feel like you don't even know me!"

    In celebration of the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix, we challenged the Fab Five — minus Bobby, who was in China — to our Surprise Staring Contest with unsuspecting BuzzFeeders:

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    Honestly, it was a fun, gay ol' time...

    ...UNTIL one BuzzFeeder asked Antoni which foods the other Fab Five members would be and the food expert dubbed Jonathan as "the limited-edition Doritos Taco Bell Gordita situation"....................................

    Jonathan's face says it all.

    Tan immediately chimed in to share his opposition on the statement...

    ...quickly followed by the hair guru who WAS not having ANY OF THAT, sweetie.

    Antoni ended up redacting his defamatory statement and gave Jonathan a new food: a turnover from McDonald's in Japan.

    IMO, if Jonathan were a food, he'd be a gorgeous and refreshing fruit pizza with cream cheese frosting and a perfectly golden, stunning crust.

    Can't get enough of these guys? Make sure to catch Season 3 of Queer Eye (as if you haven't already), now streaming on Netflix!