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    Updated on Apr 2, 2019. Posted on Apr 2, 2019

    26 Horror Movie Plot Twists That'll Actually Make Your Jaw Drop

    This post is literally ONLY spoilers.

    We recently asked members of our BuzzFeed Community what horror movie plot twist absolutely BLEW THEIR MIND, and their answers did not disappoint! But BEWARE, there are MANY spoilers ahead:

    1. Cabin in the Woods (2012)


    "It starts out as a normal horror movie then, all of a sudden, you realize it’s all some kind of game and the main character unleashes all of the monsters used in the game on the game controllers."


    2. Don't Hang Up (2016)

    Vertical Entertainment

    "I really recommend it. It has the absolute best plot line and, I'd have to say, the best plot twist. Basically, the person on the phone ended up being the husband of the woman involved in the prank of the beginning of the movie."


    3. Sleepy Hollow ()

    Paramount Pictures

    "I was so surprised when Lady Van Tassel was the one revealed to be controlling the Horseman, especially since she hadn't been present throughout the movie. Just goes to prove it's always who you least expect."


    4. Goodnight Mommy (2008)

    RADIUS-TWC Dimension Films

    "It turns out that one of the twins has been dead the whole time. I saw the twist coming from a mile away but, TBH, that didn't stop it from being horrifying."


    5. Us (2019)

    Universal Pictures

    "The ending of this movie is so incredible. Jordan Peele, being the talented man that he is, left MANY clues throughout the set up, but the twist is still so unnerving. Basically it ends up that, when the main character got lost as a little girl, she was kidnapped and forced to switch places with her doppelgänger, so the REAL main character was actually stuck underground the whole time. Not much scares me, but I left the theater feeling so creeped out and briefly considered just never leaving my house again."


    6. You're Next (2011)


    "We find out that the main character's boyfriend staged the home invasion in order to kill off his whole family and get the inheritance."


    7. The Craft (1996)

    Columbia Pictures

    "I love how Nancy becomes the villain. She's creepy the entire time, but we don't get the actual evil side if her until the last act of the movie. Its funny how Nancy is the one who introduced Sarah to witchcraft and Sarah ends up defeating her in one of the most underrated final battles of all time."


    8. The Boy (2016)


    "The moment when you find out that it’s actually a REAL LIFE HUMAN behind everything. I did not suspect that! My thoughts went from 'Big whoop, ghosts again' to 'Damn, I need to check my damn basement!'"


    9. Terrifier (2017)

    Dread Central Presents

    "It wasn't the scariest movie, but when you find out that the survivor is really a PTSD murderer, it threw me for a loop."


    10. The Others (2001)

    Warner Sogefilms

    "The main characters are DEAD THE WHOLE TIME. They WERE the others! Great movie!"


    11. The Uninvited (2009)

    DreamWorks Pictures

    "When it turns out Anna’s sister Alex was actually dead the whole time and that she was just hallucinating since she left the psychiatric institution in the beginning."


    12. Skeleton Key (2004)

    Universal Pictures

    "The fact that she was a non-believer and started to investigate and learn about the whole voodoo thing, which eventually made her a believer and hence subjected her to its power. That was mind-blowing on a lot of levels."


    13. The Orphanage (2007)

    Warner Bros. Pictures de España

    "Definitely the ending of this one when the main character realizes she caused her sons death months ago and he has been dead the whole time she was searching for him."


    14. The Thing (1982)

    Universal Pictures

    "When they try to use the defibrillator to start that one guys pulse and the guy reaches down and HIS CHEST OPENS UP. I mean it when I say that shook me to the freaking core!"


    15. Pet Sematary (1982)

    Paramount Pictures

    "I know this is an oldie, but when baby Gage is killed out of nowhere by that truck. He was so cute and unsuspecting, my heart sank when the truck hit him. Then you saw his little shoe thrown in the air, I was sobbing! Still breaks my heart, and shows how in the blink of an eye your world can change."


    16. The Visit (2015)

    Universal Pictures

    "This movie absolutely THREW me! I was expecting like aliens or possession, but damn. It ends up that the grandparents the kids are visiting ARE NOT their grandparents, but people who've killed their grandparents and broken out of an institution. Truly, one of the best twists I've seen."


    17. Orphan (2009)

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "The whole movie theater was so confused when the young girl was coming on to the dad, but then you get the bombshell after she's rejected. Basically, it ends up that the young girl is actually an older woman with a disease that makes her look like a child. I still shudder at the scene when she is wiping off her makeup angrily in the mirror."


    18. Insidious (2010)


    "When you find out the dad at the end of the movie was possessed by the woman in black and killed Elaine, and the wife finds out by looking at the photograph."


    19. Secret Window (2004)

    Columbia Pictures

    "This isn't exactly a horror movie per say, but the ending of this thriller threw me all the way off. Basically, you find out that the man stalking Johnny Depp's character wasn't real and that it was just him going mad because his wife had an affair and left him."


    20. Silence of the Lambs (1991)

    Orion Pictures

    "When you find out that Hannibal Lector is still alive and out there hunting people...just so creepy."


    21. Would You Rather (2012)

    IFC Films

    "You find out the main character's brother killed himself all so that she wouldn't have to pay his medical bills...after she's already killed a guy to win the horror game money to pay his medical bills."


    22. The Mist (2007)

    MGM Distribution Co.

    "At the end, the last of the survivors decide to kill themselves instead of facing the monsters, leaving David alone because they run out of bullets. But, when David exits his car, he sees that armed forces have taken back control. So the survivors, including David's son, all died for no reason."


    23. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

    Paramount Pictures

    "The audience thinks John Goodman is crazy and has been faking an invasion the whole time in order to keep the lead actor captive in his bunker; however, it turns out that, even though he really is crazy, the invasion was real just the same."


    24. Wish Upon (2017)

    Broad Green Pictures

    "The ending of this blew my mind. After the lead character makes her last wish to make everything go back to normal, she kisses the guy and, when she crosses the road, she suddenly gets HIT BY A CAR."


    25. The Descent (2005)

    Pathé Distribution

    "It depends on what ending you get though. The (better) ending shows the main character, triumphantly escaping from the tunnels and the cave monsters. After a moment, it then flashes back to her still in the cave, having imagined her miraculous escape. You hear the cave creatures drawing closer to her and then the screen fades to black."

    Monika Porch

    26. Saw (2004)


    "This one really got me. I remember that music kicking in as the body that had been laying in that room for HOURS slowly got to his feet to reveal he was the mastermind the whole time — I still remember I said out loud, 'This is beautiful.' It was such a jaw-dropping experience."

    Kelsey Rubenking

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    Some entries have been edited for length or clarity.

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